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Review of Ten Man Cum Slam:

Damn, it's the 10 Man Cum Slam! It kinda sounds like a wrestling event, but we all know its not. But imagine if it was. I mean, it would be so cool if we could put a chick in the middle of a wrestling ring. Put ten other guys in there, and just have them fill her with cum. I would bet the stands would be filled. Hey, I'd be there holding up a sign for my favorite cummer. They could have nicknames, like Heavy Load Luke and Empty Balls Bill. Sometimes, I think I am a genius. I would definately attend something like this. But thats not what this site is about, at the same time, I would still attend the website 10 Man Cum Slam as well!

10 Man Cum Slam is all about oral and cumshots. It's a straightforward site with a focus on videos. These guys cut through all of the bullshit and just give us quality content. By straightforward, I mean theres absolutely no bullshit. Just here are the sets, download them and have fun with them. Theres no amateur dweeb trying to be a movie star, theres no crappy setups where they try to convince the girl to do something for ten minutes. However, the theme is more polished and massaged than a regular video site as well. Therefore, its straightforward!

When you first sign into 10 Man Cum Slam, you are given a members page that gets right to the point. The sets are listed right on the front page with very little introduction or anything. Theres a ton of sets listed on the first page, at least 15-20. For each set, you get a little thumbnail. This is kinda crappy, and not really a good way to see the girl or the action. Then there are links, to either download the video or see the slideshow, depending on what the set is. And then there is a link to a details page, which takes you to a more traditional set page with more thumbnails and a little description. Now this details page isn't perfect, I would still work on thumbnail quality quite a bit. But overall its a really cool concept. I like being able to download movies right from the front page and then go through them later, so it worked out really good for me. I know there are people out there who like to check out thumbnails and descriptions before making a decision, and this is good for them as well!

The big focus here is definately on the videos. The videos are all full length, good quality WMV files. There is no partitioning of the videos, it's either full or nothing. There are small preview videos that are 3 or 4 MB, but other than that it's just full movies. As I mentioned, you can download these right off the front page. The files are decently sized, but very few over 100mb. That means that you can blow through downloading the content rather quickly, and have lots of porn on your computer in a relatively short amount of time. And that is why I love this setup. It might not be the most modern, but I just love the speed. I'm a busy man (yeah right) and I like to get my porn as fast as possible! And when I can do that and still get a killer quality, I am a happy man.

So let's talk quality here. The videos are all over 800k in quality and they just look really good. They are almost perfect on the small screen and still very good when you bring the video up to full screen. Just an absolutely good quality that I wish could be brought to all sites like this. It's not perfect, but to me its perfect because I can manage the file sizes and still have some good videos to watch. Speaking of which, I do have some minor issues with the camerawork. And I wish I could pinpoint exactly what it is, but some of the videos that come out of here just look like they could use a little tweaking. I'm not sure what it is, and for that I am a bad reviewer, but as a good reviewer I must speak my mind and this is my mind. I wouldn't discourage anybody against the site for this, just something I thought should be mentioned.

The picture sets on 10 Man are pretty good as well. I would say these pictures are about average. The picture sets are completely different from the video sets, in that if there is a video set, there are no pictures and vice versa. Talk about standalone! The pictures here are pretty clear and good looking, although they are not of the quality you get from sites which have mainly picture focus. They are not really thumbnailled in galleries here either, it's all done in slideshow format. I didn't care for that design feature, but luckily you can download zip files of each set as well!

The girls on 10 Man Cum Slam are all very attractive looking girls from different, diverse backgrounds. I must say that one of the faults I'm finding in this network is that certain girls are reused ad naseum. This is a minor fault, and while the girls are pretty hot, sometimes a little overexposure is too much too. And I'm not just talking about across the network, I'm talking about the same girl showing up for multiple sets on the same sites. It can get a little old after a while. At least when its on different sites, the themes are different and they can play very different. Here, it's like, oh look, Jessy is getting 10 cumshots again! And that leads me to talk about the action. The focus here is on oral and on cumshots. While there is sex, the big focus is on cumming. This isn't quite a bukkake site, there are no major instances of faces drenched. But it is very cum heavy, and cum fetishists (raises his hand) are likely to enjoy the site.

At the time of review, there were a total of 50 video sets and 2 picture sets. They are independent of each other, ie, theres no videos to go with the picture sets and no pictures to go with the video sets. That being said, I would join the site as a video fan, but maybe not as a picture fan. The site is updated weekly, with timestamps included on the page. This was a very devout and faithful update schedule! As a network fan, I would definately enjoy what they were giving us as well.

The network here includes the sites Chica Boom, Barefoot Confidential, 5 Guy Cream Pie, 10 Man Cum Slam, Black Jelly, Piss Palace, and Kick Ass Grab Bag. All of the sites have a comparable amount of quantity and quality. They are all pretty good sites, and are very comparable to this site. I liked this network, it had nothing too outstanding but it was constantly updated and had a lot of slightly different themes, which was very cool!


The 10 Man Cum Slam comes off as a great success. It does have a few minor faults, and overall the site just doesn't have that dazzle that some of our higher rated sites have. But this site comes across well, has a great update schedule and can give you lots of porn in a very little amount of time. Definately recommended!
In the end it's just all of the sites that work as a whole the domain names are still up and the members areas still contain the content from all sites but also everything else they produce which is indeed nice stuff.


$29.95 / 30 days
$59.95 / 90 days

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