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Review of TS Bird Mountain:

I have to say that performers often have unusual names and the transsexual star of TS Bird Mountain has one that is particularly strange. I suppose that she might have been inspired by her height of over six feet even though she is certainly tall and slender rather than having mountainous girth. I am sure that she is one bird that a lot of blokes would love to scale.  

Bird is quite happy to bring us all her XXX action on TSBirdMountain and is still sort of pinching herself, because she was sort of a reclusive nerd living in Virginia and now she's starting to have fans following her on Twitter and contacting her through social media. After appearing on some other tranny porn sites, she's finally got one of her own.

There are nine videos and the better of the two MP4s offered gives you high-def playback whether you stream or download them. Most come in a single full-length file, but one is split into a couple of clips. Then you also have the chance to check out 16 sets of high-res pics and you can download them all in Zip files.

You will be treated to a mix of solo...

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Rating: 59/100

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Review of Teen Gina:

Teen Gina is the official site of pornstar Gina Gerson and if you're not familiar with her then let me tell you that she is simply adorable. She's just a slip of a girl and she's got that whole innocent ingénue thing going with her big, wide brown eyes and quivering pink lips. However, this sweet nymph turns out to be more of a horny nympho who's really not so innocent in the end. 

You won't see her with a bunch of random partners on TeenGina, but instead she appears with either a male pornstar they refer to as her boyfriend...

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Rating: 74/100

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Review of How To Kiss A Girl:

Not everyone can pick up the nuances of tongue-kissing a hot chick, though. And on How To Kiss A Girl, you'll come across some of the sexiest babes who get a first-hand lesson on how to kiss, caress and lick other hotties!

There are 367 videos in this collection. They can be streamed in an embedded player and downloaded as Windows Media or MP4 files, often both. The MP4 option is usually your best bet, since it offers Full HD playback. Most of these lesbian-themed movies are nonexclusive, but about 10% of them can't be seen elsewhere. 

While the girl-on-girl movies are...

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Rating: 77/100

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Review of Black Ice Pass:

Have you ever heard of Black Ice Studios? If you haven't and you have a craving for ebony hardcore porn, then you're going to want to get your Black Ice Pass. It has plenty of beautiful black chicks and hung dark-skinned dudes who like to engage in intense banging.

BlackIcePass hasn't updated since 2011, but it's still got quite a bit of content. Currently, there are 1,306 videos and 841 photo sets. Finding all the vids is as simple as clicking on the "scenes" link.

Finding the pictures is almost as easy, though it might not be that obvious at first....

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Rating: 77/100

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Review of Tranny Star Network:

A hot chick with a dick is always a special treat, bringing you the best of both worlds. What more could you want than a lady who can fuck you up the ass? Actually, you will also see females sharing the job of filling those tight tranny holes by strapping on big dildos, giving you loads of wild and raunchy threesomes, including MFT, TTM and MMT hookups. 

In all, you'll find 302 videos on TrannyStarNetwork. The formats vary, but you can count on great-quality playback from one of the options. You'll usually find MP4s that can streamed in an embedded player...

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