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Review of Fake Agent UK:

The British guy behind Fake Agent UK has got a great scam going. He poses as a phony casting agent for porn and tricks girls who want to break into the adult industry to fuck him. He records his intimate encounters with his would-be clients and posts them online, so in a way, he is helping the ladies get what they want.

The first thing you need to know about FakeAgentUK is that it's a pretty small site. There are a mere 16 videos, so it could definitely use some more content. I suspect that the website is relatively new, though I can't confirm that, because none of the videos are dated.

You see what I presume are the five newest videos when you first sign in. The rest of the site's vids can be found by clicking your way through a few pages worth of content. You can also use the website's "search by model" option to find scenes that star specific girls. There aren't any photo galleries, so these preview images are the closest thing you get to actual pictures.

The scenes typically start with a girl coming in to the fake casting agent's office. She sits down, answers questions, disrobes...

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Rating: 67/100

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Review of Club Laly:

I'll be honest with you - I had no idea who the star of Club Laly was until I did a little research. Then I found out this French hottie was an ex-police officer and reality star. Thankfully, she's turned to porn full time and this allows us to watch her show off her amazing body and get fucked in different positions. While she might not be a cop anymore, I'm assuming she still knows how to show guys whose boss, especially when it comes to hardcore sex!

ClubLaly is a good-looking site for a good-looking girl and navigating around is...

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Rating: 77/100

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Review of Bi Maxx:

You know the saying that two heads are better than one? Well when you're bisexual, like two sexes is way more appealing than liking just one. You have your pick of the litter from two genders. On Bi Maxx we watch as bisexual studs use their orientation to their advantage.

Every scene on BiMaxx definitely has a strong wildcard factor - you never know what you're going to get! In once scene we'll watch as two hunks take turns getting head from a hot babe. Then the babe will get up and one of the hunks will get on his knees...

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Rating: 70/100

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Review of Massage Rooms:

After watching the footage on Massage Rooms, I want a massage, but I want a one from one of these people. Not only is the sex sensual and creative, but the massaging looks sensational.

The site  says that "they capture real orgasms and the natural beauty of the female form." All true, in my opinion. The women are slender and attractive and the men aren't too shabby either! All the touching, fondling and sex is very erotic.

Not only was I impressed with the action, but the site is very easy to navigate, with clear sections, and they give you three HD...

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Rating: 84/100

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Review of Mile High Media:

If you count yourself among those with a passion for different kinds of porn, Mile High Media might just be the website for you. It brings you teens, MILFs, grannies, chicks of different ethnicities, masturbation, lesbian sex, hardcore pussy pounding, group sex, bisexual threesomes and much, much more.

MileHighMedia has its own content, but most of what it offers comes from other websites from the same network, namely Doghouse Digital, Reality Junkies, Sweet Sinner and Sweetheart Video. If you're familiar with these sites, you know that they all have a fair bit of content. With all their material gathered together and...

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