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Review of Puffy Network Mobile:

Three sites make up this mobile network called Puffy Network and they all focus on different niches. The first is puffy pussies (with the help of pussy pumps). The second is pissing girls and the last is babes who like to suck (and fuck). 

So what makes a network "puffy," you ask? Well, I don't know. What I do know is that the sitename probably came from one of the sites that makes up the network, Wet And Puffy. On it babes use pumps to puff up their vagina lips before using their fingers and various toys to fuck both their sweet holes.

The other two sites that complete PuffyNetworkMobile are Wet And Pissy and We Like To Suck. They both seem pretty self-explanatory, no? With Wet And Pissy not only do the chicks do a lot of pissing, but they also fuck themselves and many also give their urine a taste, either from a glass or, as I saw in one scene, right off the floor. On We Like To Suck the chicks give head and many also get fucked.

As for the site itself, it looks good. They obviously spent some time on the design and it pays off. Where I...

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Rating: 85/100

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Review of Puffy Network:

The beauties on Puffy Network like variety, so start off your experience with chicks using pumps to puff up their clits and lips and then head on over to the pissing babes and watch them wet their pants and the floor as well as masturbate. Finally you can watch babes who love sucking dick and fucking before getting a mouthful of warm and sticky man juice. 

One of the sites in this network is Wet And Puffy, where you'll find gorgeous babes use pussy pumps and the like in order to puff up their beautiful pink petals. I'm not sure if...

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Rating: 72/100

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Review of We Like To Suck:

Busty babes and small-breasted cuties alike all have one thing in common on We Like Suck and that's a shared passion for giving the wettest, sloppiest blowjobs you can imagine. These chicks love to gulp down cock more than anything else in the world and they do it with gusto, swallowing that hot cum down their throat or taking a facial. They freely flash their juggs and take it in all their holes too. 

Like the sitename suggests, the focus of every scene on WeLikeToSuck is blowjobs, but that doesn't mean you'll only see cock sucking going on. The chicks strip...

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Rating: 64/100

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Review of TS Bird Mountain:

I have to say that performers often have unusual names and the transsexual star of TS Bird Mountain has one that is particularly strange. I suppose that she might have been inspired by her height of over six feet even though she is certainly tall and slender rather than having mountainous girth. I am sure that she is one bird that a lot of blokes would love to scale.  

Bird is quite happy to bring us all her XXX action on TSBirdMountain and is still sort of pinching herself, because she was sort of a reclusive nerd living in Virginia...

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Rating: 59/100

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Review of Teen Gina:

Teen Gina is the official site of pornstar Gina Gerson and if you're not familiar with her then let me tell you that she is simply adorable. She's just a slip of a girl and she's got that whole innocent ingénue thing going with her big, wide brown eyes and quivering pink lips. However, this sweet nymph turns out to be more of a horny nympho who's really not so innocent in the end. 

You won't see her with a bunch of random partners on TeenGina, but instead she appears with either a male pornstar they refer to as her boyfriend...

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