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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
$99.95/180 days

Review of Five Guy Creampie:

Some things just rhyme well together. So well together they could make a song. When I saw the name of todays website, I thought hey, that could be one helluva song! The name of the site is 5 Guy Creampie, and it just has the rhyming flow that I think is really cool. I am not a great lyricist or anything, but let me give the song a shot. 5 Guy Creampie, shoot it in her cooch and not in her eye! Hey that actually worked pretty good didn't it? I agree. Maybe I should include a rhyme with every review introduction. Does anybody know what rhymes with rimjob?

5 Guy Creampie is a site focused on both creampies and gangbangs. I mean, come on, that is pretty evident in the name. The most impressive thing here is that each set includes five guys, they go that far to make sure the name of the site is accurate. How about that for sticking to a theme? 5 Guy Creampie is a straightforward site, mixing elements of both video sites and reality sites. The theme is very reality-esque and focused, but the rest of the setup and the videos flow more like they were coming from a video site. The theme is pretty fresh, I love these combination themes. This is a combo of gangbangs and creampies, which I like because it has broader appeal while also having a unique tinge to it! So thumbs up on the theme!

When you first sign into 5 Guy Creampie, you are given a members page with a ton of content listed up front. It works like this, they throw a good 15-20 sets here on the front page. For each set, there is a little, weaker thumbnail, as well as links to download the video, the preview, or to see more details. When you move into the details page, you get more thumbnails and a little description as well. I liked this site setup a lot, because you can easily download the videos from the front page in a snap, or you can take your time and look through thumbnails and then make your decision. It works out for everyone! Well, I said this site was straightforward and I wasn't messing around. Theres not much to it of note other than what I just mentioned. Hell, even the bonus sites aren't listed perfectly, which is kind of a negative, but I'd rather focus on the cool way everything flowed like a river and was easy to navigate through.

The videos are the bigger focus here on 5 Guy Creampie. The videos all come in full video WMV format only. Now that might scare some and it might bother some. It might scare some who are accustomed to having full video only sites have weak bitrates to accomodate the slower connections. That isn't true here, they are definately aiming their content at the broadband crowd. And that might bother the dialup crowd. But in these days of porn, I feel no remorse for the dialup user. Sure, options would be nicer. But if there is only going to be one option, I think good quality WMV is the way to go. The thumbnails here could use a little work, even on the details page they are kinda small and blocky. But with decent file sizes, its not a problem to just go through and download everything and then pick out what you like later.

The quality here is pretty damn good. As I mentioned before, it's very unlike a site that only offers full video files to have a good quality. Usually they are like 300k or something. Here you get a 874k quality, which is better than a lot of sites have for their best quality videos. And somehow all of the file sizes tend to stay near or well below the 100mb mark, which makes downloading pretty easy. A snap, I'd say. So you really can't argue with much of anything here with the videos.

The pictures section is weird. Instead of having traditional thumbnail galleries, they are done in slideshows. This is weird because it's just not something you always see, its very unqiue. It's also kind of a pain in the ass. I like going through thumbnails better. And if you go through the details page, there are more thumbnails, but you still have to go through the slideshow, the thumbs are just for every tenth picture or so. You will probably just find yourself downloading the zip files that are available to you to check out the pictures. The actual quality is pretty good, but nothing too amazing. Just a regular picture quality really.

The girls on 5 Guy Creampie are all pretty decent looking models. Most of them look like they could be in porn, but in a site like 5 Guy Creampie you don't really expect the most amateur girls in the world. But to their credit, they do have a unique range of girls. The action here isn't quite how they make it out to be. It's not like a gigantic gangbang and at the end all the guys shoot inside the girl. It starts off that way, but by the end of the video theres only one or two guys left to do the cumshot. It's still a good concept, but just not executed as you would expect given the name. This entire network has a focus on feet, and you get that a bit in some of these videos as well. These guys are all about the feets and it shows!

At the time of review, there were a total of 49 video sets and 5 picture sets. They are independent of each other, ie, theres no videos to go with the picture sets and no pictures to go with the video sets. That being said, I would join the site as a video fan, but maybe not as a picture fan. The site is updated weekly, with timestamps included on the page. This was a very devout and faithful update schedule! As a network fan, I would definately enjoy what they were giving us as well.

The network here includes the sites Chica Boom, Barefoot Confidential, 5 Guy Cream Pie, 10 Man Cum Slam, Black Jelly, Piss Palace, and Kick Ass Grab Bag. All of the sites have a comparable amount of quantity and quality. They are all pretty good sites, and are very comparable to this site. I liked this network, it had nothing too outstanding but it was constantly updated and had a lot of slightly different themes, which was very cool!


This is a good site with a lot of content, a fresh theme, and a nice outlook. It's updated weekly and has a good network behind it. Definately recommended as a unique and cool site to check out on this network! In the end it's just all of the sites that work as a whole the domain names are still up and the members areas still contain the content from all sites but also everything else they produce which is indeed nice stuff.


$29.95 / 30 days
$59.95 / 90 days

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