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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $9.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95), rebills at $29.95
$59.95/90 days

Review of Lori Anderson:

Want to read all about my sex life? If you did, this page would be completely blank. Because if I had any type of sex life worth talking about, why would I be sitting here writing about porn all day? Actually, thats not true. I can do my thang and still want to look at some internet porn afterwards. Porn is not just for getting off for me, its more of a lifestyle I have adapted. But for right now, my sex life is what you are seeing right here, going through porn sites and trying to pilfer as much content as possible. If this is your sex life too, you might want to look into someone with a more interesting sex life, and check out the webpage My Sex Life.

My Sex Life is a webpage which focuses on the sex life of Lori, who is the main focus of the site. I like the actual idea of the site even though it is just a single model site when you boil it all down. Why? Well, it's a cool concept for a site. Instead of focusing on a single person, it is focused on their sex life. Not bad, and kind of unique for a single model site. I would like to see this setup more than a regular single model site. It just has a fresh look and idea to it, and it works out pretty good. Hell, I had to search all around for this girls name. So that will give you a good idea how the focus is lifted from her and just onto the content in general.

When you first sign onto My Sex Life, you are given a page which is cool in setup. The side looks like a notebook and it takes you to each section of the site. The actual page is more of an introduction, with not a lot of content loaded there. Sure, theres a few update thumbnails but not much more. In fact, the main page seems to be more focused on selling some of Lori's additional services more than anything. Yes, she has a store, congratulations. What a waste of space. You basically can skip anything printed on the front page and just use the sidebar for navigation. The sets here are seperated by category of action. That is fine, but its a little weird because the photo sets and the video sets aren't seperated like they are on most sites.

Let's talk pictures first. The pictures and the videos seem to share a focus. But the pictures are beefier and better so we will speak on them. Well, the pictures here are either very awesome quality digital shots or vidcaps which are also done very tastefully. Most of the video sets have the vidcaps, while the original picture sets just have the pictures. These are some beautiful, beautiful pictures. I couldn't pull up a picture size for you, but these are big, beautiful pictures. I know I've said it before. But I'll make a bold statement and say that these are some of the best pictures I've seen on the web. The size, the color quality, and the overall crispness are second to none. Just an awesome quality.

But I seem to have gotten ahead of myself. Before we move on, lets talk about the galleries. You select your fetish, and then you get eight sets per page with one thumbnail and the relevant links, be it video or pictures, or both. Theres always pictures actually, but not always movies. This is a nice little setup, and since you know Lori, the lack of thumbnailling doesn't come into play.

Now lets get onto videos. The videos are all segmented into little small bits. Most of the video files aren't bigger than 15 MB. They are all WMVs and they are not meant to be the best video files in the world. They are meant to supplement the awesome pictures, and they do that well. The videos look great on the small screen, but when you bring them up to full screen you can see a little loss in quality. I can't slam the videos too much, because its obvious that they were meant to play second fiddle to the pictures. Even some of the video sets have a high quality picture set to go along with it. The videos section is sort of like a time trip to a few years ago, the segmented, small porn of those days. It's pretty much what you'd expect from a pictures heavy site that also has videos.

Lori is a hot girl. She is very skinny, very cute in the face, and very hairy in the arms. What? Yeah, I dunno whats up with that, but that is one thing I do not like in my women! I'm not sure why, but that is also an underlying theme here and the focus on one of the bonus sites. To give you an idea of the action, here are the sections of the site: Softcore, Girl-Girl, Hardcore, Glamour Photos, Toys, Fetish, Handjobs and Blowjobs. While some sections have more content than others, there isn't really a focus on any particular section and all of the sections have a decent amount of content.

At the time of review, there were a total of well over 130 sets of content. It's hard to calculate how much of that is video because they are all lumped together. Lots of pictures and really a decent amount of videos as well. I don't think you will be disappointed quantity wise. The site is updated regularly as well, so when you finally make it through all the old content, you can count on new sets coming up and biting you on the ass! There are no real bonus sites to speak of. There are bonus sections based on her armhair, wet and messy, and girls that squirt. There are also some bonus girls here, member submitted pics, a journal, three live shows a week, and smaller things like a bio and bloopers. As I've said, it is done very well with the options!


My Sex Life is bad, but this site is good! An overall nice presentation of a single model concept, I could do without the contant shilling and I could use some seperation of pic and video. Other than that, this is a solid site that can cater to anyone who likes Lori.. so check her out.


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