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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of Teen Topanga:

Topanga is a city in California, USA. It's zipcode is 90290, pretty close to a pretty famous television show from a few years back! It's about 18.2 square miles in Los Angeles county. And for the piece of useless information I was looking for most: topanga loosely means "above." Why would I want such knowledge, you ask? Well, because I am reviewing a site for a teen named Topanga, and I needed something witty to share with you all. And let me tell you something, someday I would like to have Topanga above me!

Teen Topanga is a single model teen site. Topanga is a pretty attractive girl from the outside, which might lure you into the site. As far as the theme of the site, this is a single model site with a focus on Topanga. As far as single model sites go, the theme here is pretty weak. This is pretty much a collection of pictures and videos of a very hot teenage girl. Now, that is very cool to most people. But as a single model site, I like having a little more functionability to it. I like live shows, emailing the model, journals, all that kind of crap. So while the theme is definately based on a unique girl, I think the fact that its a single model site with low extras is somewhat weak.

When you first sign into Teen Topanga, you are given a pretty decent members page. On the top is a little Topanga intro, with a timetable of the latest updates and what they were. Then there are some of Topangas cute friends, teens with their own sites that you do not get access too, but have to buy on your own. And then we get into the content listings, with a thumbnail each, a little icon that tells whether its a picture or a video, and a description thats only a couple of words. The thumbnails are pretty effective in showing off the set, well, all you really need to see is what she is wearing and doing because you already know what she looks like. That might make it a bit easier. Overall, this site design was really not all that bad. Its very clean and easy to navigate. The updates are clearly dated and in a good order. Just not much to complain about here, good job by the webmasters.

The focus on Teen Topanga right now is probably the pictures. The pictures feature Topanga in a various outfit or location in each different shoot. As far as single model sites go, Topanga does a good job in keeping everything fresh while still being herself every time. There isn't a lot of variety in the action either, that makes it even rougher. But it does work out pretty good for Topanga. Each gallery has beautiful thumbnails, easy navigation, and a good design. There aren't too many pictures per set, the number is just right. It really is a technical masterpiece here.

The pictures are 922 x 1229 pixels and they look really good. They are ultra clear and crisp. Definately, these are pictures you will want to save to your hard drive. The pictures have good variety and are definately worth spending some time with. One downside is that the pictures are named after common digital camera files, such as DSC#####. This is a pain because its not unique for one. And if you have family, someone might peek at the file and think it's a picture of your dog when it's really a picture of a very hot teenage girl. I know its not a big deal, but I think one extra step by the webmasters equals a lot easier time for the members. But I wouldn't really change anything else about these pictures.

Onto the videos. When you select a video from the main menu, a popup window appears. This gives you the option of MPEG at 768k, WMV at 768K, WMV at 384k, and a full MPG movie. The other options were segments. Well, you know I went with the full movie. The quality here was OK but nothing too too great. Some odd pixelation and bluriness leads me to believe the webmasters have work to be done on the transfers, because 768k should look pretty good at full screen. Still, these are pretty good videos. One issue is again the naming issue, they are not uniquely named and therefore are harder to download. Otherwise, these videos are an awesome complement to the pictures, and it works out really nicely.

Topanga is a pretty attractive teen. Now Topanga is definately a younger girl. In a lot of the glamour shots and pre action shots, she looks very young and innocent. When things get dirtier in most of the sets, she looks dirtier. I think she has the ability to look and act young even if she is above the legal age. But when the posing ends, she looks about 19-22. She is still very attractive. The action here is primarily solo stuff of Topanga alone. There is one lesbian set, but thats about it. The site can be hardcore, but the majority of the pictures are with Topanga clothed and posing. The videos can be a little more hardcore. Hardcore fans won't be totally turned away, but I think softcore fans will enjoy this site a lot too!

At the time of review, Teen Topanga had a total of 26 picture sets and 13 videos. This is a pretty decent amount of content. However, the site is just getting on its legs. With updates more than once a week, you are also getting a constant addition of content. By the time you read this the content will probably have doubled! There are a few bonus leased sites that are decent, but your membership is mainly here at Topanga.


If you like the girl, the site is very good. It is updated a lot and has a good quality. With little interactivity, you might be a little disappointed, but I still think this is a pretty solid site!


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