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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: RM, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of DP Amateurs:

Sometimes when I get fast food, I feel like having more than just a cheeseburger. Hell, who am I kidding? I am a fat porn addict, I always feel like having more than a cheeseburger. So I'll go for a double cheeseburger. And its always better when its a double. You know what is also better when it's double? Penetration! Thats right, I like it when can fill both holes and still have some room for more. DP is short for double penetration, and today's site will feature some double penetration performed by amateurs, so of course the site is entitled DP Amateurs.

DP Amateurs is a hybird picture/video site with a focus on double penetration. For those of you unaware, DP is usually one in the puss and one in the butt. Sometimes people will go two in the puss or two in the butt, but that doesn't really happen here from the videos I downloaded. Anyway, I've been getting into DP lately and I really don't know why. Guess its just a new infatuation, and luckily DP Amateurs came along at the right time for me!

When you sign into DP Amateurs, you are given a page where the latest sets are highlighted with five thumbnails. There are four small thumbs along with one big one. On the left side there is a toolbar, which takes you to the video specific page and picture specific page. Which is funny, because they are exactly the same pages with the word "video" and "gallery" interchanged for each girl. The site design here is simple yet at the same time effective. I had no problems with any of the site design elements here. In fact, I loved its simplicity of design and ease of use. So this site design is pretty good.

For a change, let's talk about pictures first. When you go to the pictures page, you get a page with one thumbnail of each girl. You move to the girls page, which has a little story on the side and then again you select photos. And when you finally get to the thumbs, you get a well organized gallery which is a little old school, but old school in a good way as its simple and easy to use. The full size pictures are 540x720 and the pictures are pretty good. I wasn't expecting too much here, and while this isn't a professional pictures site by any means, they get the job done and look pretty decent.

The videos here on DP Amateurs have the same page setup as outlined above. When you get to the videos, you have the option of download Real or WMV files, in High or Low. These come in full video only. I know, its not much for options, but it still isn't horrible. The files are smaller and download pretty quick. The files are not uniquely named but it's not a huge deal here since there are only full videos, making it much less of a pain in the butt. Technically, this isn't the best organized site I've seen as far as videos. What really burns my ass is the lack of thumbnails for the videos. You basically download on one thumbnail, you might not get the best idea of the girls from this. But otherwise, this is just what it is: not horrible, but I think I've seen way better technical aspects elsewhere.

The quality here follows the same lines. The high quality video is only 379k. Now that is usually a medium quality for most sites. And here its their best. That sucks, especially since the theme is so cool and would work well with a better quality. So you're definately not getting the best quality here, unfortunately. If you full screen the videos, you get some major pixelation. The videos are ok, but only on the small screen. I know this can be a major turn off for most of you!

The girls on DP Amateurs are pretty good looking girls. I would definately chance having my balls slap another guys balls to get a shot at doing one of these girls. Err, pretend I didn't say that. I didn't go for all of the girls here, but the ones I did go for I really liked a lot. The action here is explained in the title. One girl, two guys, two holes filled. Need a say more? Every set has DP and it is done well. The theme is followed perfectly, and if you like DP you will definately not be disappointed here.

The site is part of the West Coast Gangbangs network. This includes: West Coast Gangbangs, Amateur Creampies, Creampie X, Elizabeth Del Mar, Sloppy Facial Cumshots, and DP Amateurs as well as her Sweet Face. Great deal if you ask me.

I bring that up first because the webmasters are honest when it comes to updates. They admit this is a startup site and they are trying to get more girls to do DP and be on the site. But it's not updated weekly. For that, you have to look at the West Coast Gangbangs site. For right now they have 13 sets, which is a pretty decent number. It'd be better if the quality was higher, so right now the quality/quantity balance is a little off. But even as such, the network is good and this might still be worth a look.


Even though it has a lot of flaws, I really liked this site. Maybe my DP fetish, but I like the attitude of the webmasters, the price is nice, and the action is pretty good. I'd definately recommend this despite the lower rating, based on the network and just the fact that I like the site a lot even though its technical aspects don't give it a huge score!


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