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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: DivX, Windows

Prices: $14.95/30 days

Review of One Girl a Day:

How nice would it be to have a girl a day? Thats what I wonder sometimes. I work in an environment where you see lots of women. And sometimes I just wish I could pick one to take home with me each day, have my fun, and then send them on their way. Now I'm way too much of a romantic to ever do that for real, but sometimes we have these evil ideas in our heads that we just can't make go away. I like the evil ideas, and I like the fact that I have now found a porn site which may fulfill those evil wishes and still allow me to be the romantic that I am. That site is One Girl a Day and it is the focus of today's review.

One Girl A Day is a site that is updated daily with a new set. Now this concept might strike familiar. There was a site called One By Day which was very similar. These sites have ties, I never was a member of the latter so i can't say how close the ties are, but some of the older pictures and videos are watermarked with the 1byDay moniker. Anyway, the focus here is adding a beautiful girl every day.. some girls are repeating, but they are usually all pretty attractive. It really is quite a good deal, and the webmasters keep up with it and have been keeping up with it since 2001, so the theme really works, even though the theme is all about the update schedule.

When you first sign onto One Girl A Day, you are given the girl of the day first. Then there is a calender below that. The calender has a picture of each girl for the day of the month. This includes upcoming girls. It's just a little thumbnail, but if you mouse over the thumbnail, it becomes a bigger picture. You can move the calender back and forth and check out all of the content this way. Or you can go to a models index. It's entirely up to you. Either way you do it, this site design is awesome. It looks beautiful and it runs great. The thumbnails are great, and when you get to a models page, there is a tabbing system that actually works really good as well. Very professional and good looking site design here, they get nothing but my best in this regard!

I'm a video guy, so I'll talk about our videos here first. When you get to a girls video section, you have the choice of checking out the videos in segments, WMV AVI or MOV, or you can check out the full thing in WMV. I went with the full thing, as I usually do! But I did like the choices as far as options go, even though it was only format choices as opposed to quality options. But with such a big archive, I wouldn't expect them to have super huge high quality stuff either. The videos downloaded very fast. They are named with a weird file naming system, but at least the file names were unique. Can't ask for too much now can I? The thumbnails for the videos were done in very good taste. I liked them a lot. They showed the content of the videos very well, and were very effective. The video files were relatively long, but with pretty small file sizes, so you had a quick and easy download!

Onto the quality of the videos. These videos, the full ones I downloaded, were done at 408K. This is a decent but not great quality. If the site was simply a video site I'd probably slag them quite a bit on this. But seeing as how it's equally videos and pictures, and it's updated daily, I am going to cut them a little slack. The videos are not near perfect quality. In fact, they are quite "off." They look ok in the small screen, but you're not going to want to full screen these bad boys. They come in pretty pixelated at full screen. So this is not the ideal site for quality freaks, but if you aren't afraid of a few pixels or a small screen, then maybe you will enlist in the One Girl a Day army!

The pictures here are pretty awesome. This is where the quality really is on this site. As such, when you see a girls thumbnail index, you can select either Small, Medium, or Large size quality for each picture. The large weighs in at a hefty 1616x1053. This is the type of site that picture fans drool over. The pics are all independently shot and absolutely gorgeous. The thumbnailling is great, the pictures look professional, and this is just an awesome pictures section. I would actually recommend this more as a picture site than a video site, even though I am a video guy!

The girls on One Girl A Day are very pretty girls. They have the porn magazine look to them. Maybe that is because the pictures look so professional, but the girls for the most part just look like the type of cover girls you see on skin mags. Nothing wrong with that, it might lose a few amateur points but they gain a ton of points for consistently having beautiful women! The action here is mainly solo stuff with just the girl being featured. This by no means a softcore site. The girls are not afraid to get nasty with themselves. Every Friday, they have a hardcore set with a guy and a girl. So that should give you a good idea of the action and the girls!

Well, as far as updates go, it's updated daily. Obviously you just can't beat this update schedule. And content, well, there has been a daily update every day since January 2001. That will put us with about 1600 sets by my count. Just, awesome. There is one bonus site, entitled VIP Room. I couldn't get into it, but it looks like it is basically a collection of streams and leased sites.


One Girl A Day, sounds good to me. These guys give you more than just one girl a day. They give you one quality girl a day, presented in a no bullshit fashion and with plenty of archives for you to get lost in. This is just a great deal, especially if you like pictures, as I think the videos are good, but the pictures are really the shining point of One Girl A Day.


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