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Review of Her Pretty Face:

Some guys like tits. Some guys like asses. Some guys like feet. And some guys like legs. I'm sure there is some dude out there that likes ears. But no matter what kind of guy you are, you can really appreciate a girl with a pretty face. I mean, you might like all of the above body parts, but the face is really a grand slam. It's the only one you have to make an excuse for when you are explaining a girl to your buddies. "Yeah, she might be a little busted in the face, but look at that ass!" You never hear anyone say, "Her ass might be really fat, but look at that face!" Well, not often at least. What I'm trying to say is one of the most important parts of a girls body is one of the most ignored in porn, her pretty face!

Her Pretty Face is a site with a focus on really pretty girls. Now, I know most sites should have that focus. I mean, most people don't want to see porn with uglies. Even when you get into themes like mature and bbws, you still want your women to look halfway decent. But there are very few sites out there that make that their sole feature. Well, Her Pretty Face is one of them. This is sort of a hybrid site, it's got both pictures and videos and both are featured equally. It looks like a killer site, so let's get to it!

When you first sign onto Her Pretty Face, you are given an update page which pretty much runs down the latest updates, gives you a thumbnail here and there as well as a description and a date of every update. The sidebar is where you will go to the different sections of the site, including Pics, Videos, Bonuses, as well as member submitted pics and some sex stories. The site is set up in a simplistic yet easy to use manner. I did have a few problems with the setup of some of the video pages, but I think that was more the browser I am using more than anything else. Otherwise, this was a clean, simple, yet completely effective web design. Just the way I like it!

I'll talk about the videos first since they are my favorite part! When you go to the videos section, you are given one thumbnail of each girl that is relatively large. From there, you click into her personal page, then select videos, then you can download either the full video in Real or in WMV. You have two quality options, DSL/Cable and 56k. The older videos have segments only. On some videos, you have a broadband type quality. Now this is weird, they say its only available for four weeks and then it's pay per view. I don't understand, but it wasn't available most of the time anyway so we'll just pretend like thats not there! I know the lack of segments in the new videos might suck for dialup users, but the pictures section is really good as well so not all is lost if you are a dialup user trying to see some pretty faces.

Now the quality here isn't exactly the greatest. The DSL/Cable quality weights in at about 400k. Now, thats not perfect. In fact it's pretty weak at points. This is one of the biggest downfalls of the site. There is that high quality I was talking about. But that just isn't available on many videos. So for the most part, we'll say the quality is an issue. Now what you get is some pixelated and weaker movies. At the small screen they are ok, but raise them up and the quality is very evident. Quality freaks won't be thrilled. But I am not one of those, and while I would like a better quality, I can deal with what I get here. At least the file sizes are relatively small!

The pictures here are also done very well. The pictures are the same girls as the videos, but when you go to the pictures section you are given a different type of indexing. There are not as many girls per page, its split up way more. The galleries are pretty old school in having the page numbers in text on top and bottom and the thumbnails in the middle. The pictures are 600 x 800 pixels and they are pretty decent quality, but again these pictures aren't perfect high resolution pictures either.

With a name like Her Pretty Face, you better believe the girls need to be hot. And boy oh boy. I can say that this is one of the best compilations of pretty girls I've ever seen. Just absolutely beautiful girls that just fit the site perfectly. The girls aren't too porny looking, they look more natural than that. And some are just really cute, not maybe hot but just really really cute. The action here is basically one on one, regular sex action. Theres not much to the sex that is good or original, but theres quite a few good angles and camera shots here, for what its worth.

At the time of review, there were a total of 69 sets of content. Hah, get it, 69? That is a pretty big number, and you also get bonus sites along with your membership here. You get access to Sloppy Facial Cumshots, West Coat Gangbangs and Amateur Creampies. This is one of those chain bonus sites as well, when you sign onto one of the other ones you get even more bonus sites! More bonus sites means more good videos and pictures for us!

The site is updated weekly. The pictures and video updates are rotated, so you get new pics every two weeks and new videos every two weeks. This is a weird way of doing it but if it works for them, it works for me. And it obviously works for them looking at the amount of content already posted! Good bonus sites and good amounts of content, I'd say this is a deal, especially at the lowered price!


Good site, whose quality holds it from greatness. Up the video quality a bit, and this is a real winner. As it is, you get a great site with good content and a nice network. Not perfect, but still a good buy, especially if you aren't a true quality freak and the price is decent.


$15.95 - 1 Month Membership-recurring

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