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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, Other

Prices: $9.95/7 days, rebills at $24.95
$24.95/30 days
$55.95/90 days

Review of Wild Dolls:

I admit, I still go to the toy store on a weekly basis. I collect action figures- and don't you dare call them dolls! That is the cardinal rule of any guy over the age of 18 who still goes and buys toys every week when the shipment truck comes in at the local toy store. Never call them dolls, never call them toys. They are collectible action figures, dammit! Well, there are some kinds of dolls I wouldn't be ashamed to admit I own.. and that is the type of Wild Dolls featured here on the website Wild Dolls!

Wild Dolls is a hybrid site with a focus on both pictures and videos. And right now I will start off the bat and say that it reminded me a lot of a leased site. It's not really bad content, but maybe not something I would pay for. There is no real focus here, it just seems like a bunch of thrown together content from various porns already released on video. It's all categorized nicely and works together good. But it just really isn't something I would consider buying.

When you sign onto Wild Dolls, you are given a members page which is basically just a portal. From this portal you can check out the videos, pictures, and some extra stuff. Both the pictures and the video sections look a lot like leased sites and are just done, not bad but they just look like leased sites. The setup is very primitive. The videos are just indexed by text links for the most part. And the pictures section isn't too much better.

So lets talk about the videos. The videos come in several parts, MOV files. You select a category first, and then you are given a listing of videos. Some of these videos are segments from clip to clip, but they are not good at indicating that. It might say #1 #2 #3 but you really have to read the whole description to get the point. So when you pick a video, you have the choice to watch it in the browser, open it in quicktime, or add it to your favorites. When you check them out, the file sizes are small and the videos are decent quality- but nothing to really write home about.

Onto the pictures, you sign into the pictures site and then you are given a large amount of thumbnails. You can then move on and check out each set. The pictures are 723 x 1090 pixels and they look pretty decent. They really vary, and I'm not sure what else to say about them. They are good pictures, but again, they just don't have the ooomph that I expect from a regular porn site.

The girls and action are quite a mixed bag. I really can't say much but generalize because there is so much variance. Much like you'd expect from a leased type site, actually.

Again the site looks like a lot of leased material, even if its not. Theres not a whole lot for me to say about it. I'm sorry this review kinda sucks, but the site doesn't have a whole lot of anything. It's like reviewing a leased site, which just isn't easy to do. It's decent enough material, but this is the type of stuff I'd like to look at while downloading stuff from a good video site, not joining a site for it.


Theres lots of content, but this isn't quite what I want from a website. It's kinda bland and boring, and just runs like a leased site you have to pay for. Sorry, just not for me this time around!


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