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Review of Anal Conquest:

Conquests are a form of conquering, a certain territory or piece of land. Well, there is a piece of a woman that people are always trying to conquer. And that is the anus. It seems like guys are always trying to find a way to stick it in the butt. And girls aren't always the most receptive to that idea. Why? Well, ask one of us. If someone came up to you and asked, hey can I stick a huge ass pole up your ass and push it in and out for a few minutes? I'd be like.. hmmm.. nope.. Wouldn't you? So its somewhat understandable. That is why us men need to go on Anal Conquests. We need to work on conquering the territory, and when we finally do, the conquest is complete.. and we feel like there is nothing more to accomplish in our lives.

Anal Conquest is a video site with a focus on anal sex. As a theme, I like the name, and anal isn't exactly a new theme, but they follow it pretty well. Every set has anal and is anal focused. But it's still a video site, its like going out and buying a porn video with a focus on anal. The only difference is, if you go to the video store, it will be a lot more painless than having to deal with the awful site setup here with anal conquest.

When you first sign onto Anal Conquest, you are given a very messy, spam-like members page. The only good thing about the site design is that the actual site content is shown right in the middle of the site and is easy to get to. But thats about it. There are leased links all over the place, and there are ads all over the place. When you first sign on, you get a popup as well. I just don't understand why they did the site like this. Actually, I know why they did. Because the actual content is pretty weak, so they try to keep people members by using the leased sites. And the site content isn't even weak, it's just not as good as the leased stuff. But I digress, lets get into the actual sites content.

The videos here come in the MPG format. The videos here also come in only one speed/quality option. That is very weak in my opinion. Sure, the videos aren't all that bad. But the fact that there is only one way to do it is pretty weak. On top of this, they are only available as streaming videos. Well, the biggest problem with the technical issues of the site is definately the server speed. This server is slow, slow, SLOW! Words cannot express. So you might get a good two or three seconds of video before buffering begins. Absolutely ridiculous. The only out is to download the videos through a program that downloads streams. And if you do that, then it will take forever to download because of the slow, inconsistent speed. Either way, it sucks, and it sucks a lot. These are OK videos as I will get into, but it is just very hard to get them.

The video quality is pretty good. The videos here appear to be from actual porn videos, but I cannot confirm or deny that. I'm not sure where they come from, but the quality is pretty good. You can full screen them and not get too pissed off. The quality changes from video to video, but I found on Anal Conquest they all were pretty modern looking and pretty good. Well, one of the biggest problems is that theres just not a lot of sets either. Only six sets, not much of anything. Each set allows you to view the full video, or little segments. It doesn't really matter because the server is so slow its almost impossible to view either ones.

There are no pictures on Anal Conquest. While that was somewhat of a disappointment, I can see why they would do this. I mean, why put up second rate pictures or vidcaps when most people will skip over them anyway? Thats my reasoning at least, and I bet that is their reasoning too. On the other sites, the sets loaded so slow that pictures weren't really worth anything anyways, so I'm not going to shed too many tears about it.

The girls on Anal Conquest are quite good. They are hot looking girls, with nice looking bodies. They definately look like they are porn stars, but it still works out nicely. The action is very good anal action, something to be proud of since they followed the theme very nicely. At the end of the day, you will be wishing you could see these videos in a better form.

Let me tell you the truth of this site. It's got six sets of content, weak. You can barely get that little content, weak. The webmasters offer you awesomeness with a really cheap trial. But if you dont cancel immediately, they hit you with an absolutely ridiculous fee for a full month membership. They bank on you to check out the leased sites and forget that you are a trial member. Does it work? Well, I don't know, but they won't trick us pornlivers!


Not worth your time. Avoid!


1 Day Trial- $1.99
1 Month Membership -- $39.95

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