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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.76/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
Limited Trial: $1.95/3 days, rebills at $24.95
Limited Trial: $4.95/7 days, rebills at $24.95
$95.40/365 days

Review of Latin Adultery:

Some say adultery is cool. Well, I'll agree that when I'm watching a porn that simulates adultery, then hey that is some sexy shit. But when it happens to you in real life, it's not so sexy. In fact it can be downright terrible. I'm a firm believer that couples need to work out their problems, instead of just turning to someone else, or even worse, just turning their back on their loved when they are needed the most. That hurts the most, and it can really fuck up a person. Even latin people. I draw us back to the subject of the day, latin adultery.

Latin Adultery is a reality site with a focus on desperate latina housewives, turning their backs on their men and searching for sex with someone else. Usually this someone else is a white guy, so this site has a semi interracial tinge to it, like most latina sites do. As far as themes go, the adultery one is one that doesn't really ring through the entire site. Sure, it's there, but its not too prevalent except for in the opening. The best part about the theme for me is that it allows some of my favorite types of fantasies, like the hungry construction worker getting a lot more than a sandwich! All in all, it's cool stuff, and a good theme, even though its not a very prevalent one.

When you first sign onto Latin Adultery, you are given.. banners. Yes, the folks here seem to have inverted web page design. The banners are on the top and the content is below it. When you get to the content, which is all listed on the front page. Each set is given a semi decent sized thumbnail for you to click on. When you go into a sets page, you are given one bigger thumbnail and four more smaller ones, as well as all the relevant links. Underneath the content there is some scrolling text, and then of course the awesome bonus content. As a site design, I'd rate this somewhat high. It's not the best I've ever seen, but it is easy to use, and very clean. Not much to complain about here, just sit back and enjoy the content.

The videos are the focus on Latin Adultery. You have some options when it comes to the videos. You can download the full movie in 56k, 512k, or MPEG format. The other two are WMVs. There are also segmented clips if that is your bag. This is pretty much the epitome of extremes when it comes to quality, and I like it. The 56k is pretty weak but good for those on slow connections. The 512k is a good midrange quality, perfect for those who want to download everything but don't want to fill up ten cds doing it. And MPEG is great for the extreme quality freak in all of us. Whats even better is you can mix and match. If you really like one girl, go for the MPEG but if another one is ok and not great- 512 it up boyee! The videos download relatively fast and smoothly- the 512s hang in the 70-110mb range, while the MPGs can be well over 200mb but also worth it!

Time to talk quality. As you might have guessed, the MPGs here are awesome. You can full screen them with very little loss of quality. The 512k videos aren't shabby either. So it's just a personal preference that you have, near perfect or slightly flawed. Either way you won't be disappointed. And what really rocks is that you have that choice. Most webmasters make it for you. This way you can decide what fits your needs better. The videos also flow well and look good color-wise. This is some very professional looking videowork and it needs to be seriously praised. Basically, this is a prototype of what you'd like from almost every video section of every site.. the only minor flaw is that there is a little lack of thumbnails, but that is so minor, I can't even really feel good about putting it in here.

The pictures on Latin Adultery are a little different bag. Not quite so good in the pictures department, are they. These are vidcaps, and pretty poorly shot ones. Cousins Blurry and Pixelated visit the pictures section here. It does have a clickable slideshow, so if you are sick of one pic you click on it and get the next one. But I can't see too many people doing that with this quality picture. Overall, it's not a great pictures section at all, but it doesn't have to be.

The girls on Latin Adultery are pretty hot latinas. I've always said latinas are a mixed bag. Well here theres definately some very hot ones. And the ones on here that aren't 100% gorgeous are still hot because they have nice bodies. Like Sophie for instance, not exactly beautiful but I found myself watching that video a few times because I liked her body and overall she just had a sexiness to her. There does seem to be a big tit theme going on here, not sure if that is by design or just a coincidence. The action here is pretty cut and dried porn action, nothing too kinky or hardcore. As already noted, if you consider white guys with latina girls, then you could call this an interracial site. Its hot action, varied enough to keep you satisfied.

At the time of review, 18 hot latinas cheated on their husband. This is already a great number, and the site has only been around for a few months. As time goes on, it will definately get better and better because there are weekly updates that are very faithful. And the entire network is full of weekly updates, so there is that support where you KNOW that there will be updates for a very long time.

The network you get here is the awesome Naughty America network. This is one of the best video networks out there, and the fact that they are still adding new sites makes it even better. The sites you get with your membership are My Sisters Hot Friend, Latin Adultry, Dirty Latina Maids, Fast Times at Nau, Bookwork Bitches, My Friends Hot Mom, My First Sex Teacher, Naughty Office, SoCalCoeds, Filthy Fucking Coeds, and theres also two other sites available with a seperate membership. These sites are updated very often and are very very good, each doing awesome justice to its theme. The best part? The pricing of $24.95 is actually cheaper than a lot of sites out there with less content and quality!


A slam dunk! An original theme that sets up the page and the action well, awesome quality, nice options, good price, and a stunning network. I'd like to note that things come in twos at this network alot. And as such, there are two latina sites... there is also Dirty Latina Maids, which is a good site with 49 sets... so you can double your latina excitement here at Naughty America. An absolute must for Latina fans, i'd say a must for just about everyone!


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