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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.85/3 days, rebills at $39.98
$29.99/30 days

Review of Pimp for a Day:

Yo yo yo! Who wouldn't like to be a pizzimp for a day? I'm talking major pimping! Big pimpin! Well, I know I wouldn't. Let me tell you why. I think pimps are some of the biggest degenerate scumbags on the earth. For some reason, society (mine at least) has given them a positive light. People carry around stickers that say pimp, calling yourself a pimp is a cool thing. These degenerate shitbags go around beating girls and treating them like absolute garbage. Even the good ones see their girls as products, not human beings. So I dont like pimps!

What I do like is good porn. And you get a helping of that with Pimp 4 A Day. This site is a reality site with a focus on big pimpin'. Our lady host goes out, looks for a guy to be her pimp for the day. It's kind of like a combination of the girls hunting guys theme, but darkened up for those who like black sex. Because this is an all black site. No interracial here, strictly black dudes. In doing this, it makes the theme unique and very cool.. but at the same time might throw off some porn fans who don't like their sex 100% chocolate.

The site design of Pimp 4 A Day is pretty easy to understand and navigate through. When you sign on to the main page, the latest set has three bigger thumbnails. These are not huge, they are more long than anything, so long I hesitate to call them thumbnails. Underneath the latest set is a batch of older sets. These ones only have one thumbnail each, and it's considerably smaller than the latest set. Then on the side you have an easy listing of all the bonus sites. One thing I liked was that you can get into the bonus sites without re-entering your username and password. That made network navigation awesome! Overall, I'd say this is a pretty solid, unspectacular design. The thumbnails could be better, but overall it's a good design.

The videos are the focus here on Pimp 4 A Day. The videos come in different forms. You can download either WMV or MOV files. You actually stream the movies first, and then you are given the option to download them. It works out ok but it is an unneccesary extra step. You can get either segmented portions or the entire video. Actually, the videos are split in three parts- pickup, oral, and fucking. For each part there is a full video. So in reality, theres no real full full video option.. even if you get full videos, theres three different segments for each girl. The file sizes are all relatively small, about 40MB per full video. This makes downloading a breeze, but when you see smaller file sizes you have to be suspect of the quality.

The quality here is a little suspect. The videos are only 300K. I must say that for 300k, these are decent looking videos. But they still have the pixelation you would expect at full screen. Not a good quality really, but for what it is, it's not bad. I think if you are a hardcore quality freak, you will be turned way off by this. But if a few pixels never scared you, this might be something to look into. My personal view is that the videos and themes are so good, I can put up with the slightly lackluster quality.

The pictures here on Pimp 4 A Day are awesome. I say that because with such low video quality, I wasn't expecting much. But the qualities are just flip flopped from normal reality sites. The pictures were taken independently of the videos, but they do feature the same actors. I couldn't get you a pixel size, sorry. But I will say that the pictures are pretty high quality and definately worth a look see for all picture fans. Not extensive enough to warrant a membership based only on the pictures, but still a good pictures section.

The main girl on the site is "Miss Tammy" and she is a black woman who searches down all these pimps for the day. She is a black woman, and she searches only black men. Sometimes theres another girl there for the set. Anyway, these girls don't have the perfect bodies. They are good looking, don't get me wrong, but they are a little more amateur looking than you would expect from a reality site. The action here is basically as it goes in its breakdown section, pickup, oral, and fucking. The action can run long. Each section is pretty significant, so the movies here are very long when you take the three combined. That is cool, even though I prefer shorter, more concise movies, I think here with the theme, the longer movies work.

At the time of review, there were a total of 14 sets of content. There is no real good meter on how often the site is updated, if it is at all. But there is an awesome network package that will keep you occupied even if this is a dead site, which I can't tell you either way.

With your membership to Pimp 4 A Day, you get access to lots of sites. Their reality package includes: Tranny Trouble, Man Hunter, Suck Me Bitch, Gay Hitchhiker, Pimp 4 a Day, Latina Sex, Fresh Teens, Average Ho, Naughty Therapy, Super Twink, Video Seekers, Sugar Mamas, Foot Erotica, Her 1st Anal, Solo Girls, and Squirting Chicks. Now that may seem like a lot of sites. And it is. Now, I have not checked through every site to get the lowdown. But from what I've seen, these are all legit reality sites with a decent amount of content, just like this one. I can't vouch for the exclusivity, but nothing struck me as offensively unexclusive. So in the end you have a pretty damn good deal here, and theres even more bonus sites which are weaker but still might be good for a wack or two!


Pimp 4 A Day is a good site with its quality being the only thing that holds it down a lot. It's a cool concept with lots of good action, but ultimately it just becomes one in a network of good sites with untapped potential.


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