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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
$89.50/365 days

Review of Busty Christy:

I have a mathmatical formula for you. No, not a + b = c or anything like that. Instead, I have one a little more realistic, a little more fun. It's called the boob formula. And it goes a little something like this. Already cute girl + really big boobs = completely irresistible girl! Thats how it works for me at least. It's like the big boobs make the girl even cuter. I've seen girls that weren't anything special, but with gigantic racks, that I've just wanted to put my hands all over. And the funny thing is, I'm not even really a boob man. I mean, my thoughts are that they are there. Big, small, medium, they are there, I will service them as needed, but it doesn't matter. But then when a girl like Busty Christy rolls up on my screen, I'm all over it!

Busty Christy is one of those single model sites that while the focus is on one girl, it's more like a video site with Christy as the host. It is a member of the Brain Pass network, which if you are familiar with, most of the girls on the network are like that. The focus here is primarily lesbian sex. Busty Christy does not get with any guys in any of the videos, they either focus on her with a girl or with herself. And as with a lot of the Brainpass network, the content is mainly from inhouse actresses. As an example, Christine Young has her own page on Brainpass, but she has two sets here with Christy.

The page design here is pretty good. The front page shows the two latest picture and video updates. There is a well organized topbar and bottom bar that give you excellent site navigation. Each section is very well organized, and the layout here is just very successful. It is sleek and modern looking while still being extremely user friendly. The only thing I did not like is the fact that in the "friends" section, this is pretty much linking with an affiliate code so that the webmasters can make some more money. I really don't like that. It's just a form of advertising, even if its not as spammy. Your members paid good money for your site, don't dedicate an entire section of it to making more money off of them. But other than that minor hiccup, the site design here is great.

The video section is the bigger focus here on Busty Christy. And options you have! You can download the videos in high speed WMV (228k), WMV (750k), and MPG (650). There is also low speed options as well. Lots of options that should help you target exactly what you want and need from the site. The videos are all segmented, with no full video options available. The segments are five minutes long for the most part, but the way they set it up is they have an intro segment without much action that is a little shorter usually. While the segment lengths are of a good size for me, what I really do not like is that the downloads get queued usually after getting two. That makes for a longer download experience, and I'm not sure if its just me or not, but that is the way it works on my system. Not going to take anything off for that, but its still an annoyance. Another minor annoyance is the file naming system. I usually slag on sites for not uniquely naming their videos. Maybe I'm asking too much, but with Brain Pass' weird naming system, it's hard to figure out what is what when you have a bunch of them on your system. Especially if your porn directory is sectioned by time modified instead of name. Like I said, its a very minor annoyance in an otherwise sound technical department.

The quality of the videos is very good. I downloaded the highest quality, which gave you 750K quality in WMV. Hey, these videos look great! They full screened very nicely, flowed well, and didn't give me any problems whatsoever. The thumbnailling for the videos was excellent, giving you a great idea of what you had coming to you in watching the videos. The downloads went pretty fast on my computer, and I just really can't complain about too much in this department.

The pictures on Busty Christy are excellent as well. These pictures are all professionally shot sets, completely seperate from the videos. That is cool, because after you get all the videos, you still have the pictures for something unique. And even better, the pictures are gorgeous looking. They are 600 x 800 pixels and they look really good. It is so refreshing to see pictures like this in a video driven site. This will really please picture fans, the only downside is that the number of sets is a little low, but still very significant.

Busty Christy is a very attractive looking girl. Look at the pictures to check her out, but needless to say, she is very good looking. And she has big natural boobies. The rest of the girls here are about the same, girls from the Brain Pass network, some are really hot, some I don't like as much, but I think that Busty Christy is among the tops of them, so you will at least like one actress in the set, but probably both. She also has a very nice body, this is a woman I'd definately like to meet in real life! But she appears to not like cock, so I guess I am SOL. The action here is mainly lesbian stuff, with a little solo action thrown in. For the pictures, it's all solo stuff. Cool, hot stuff. Some of the action is pretty sexy, like Christy and Christine Young going at it in a bathroom, and Christy and one of her friends going at it in a glass elevator. Stuff like that makes the action a little more interesting than your typical, hey lets go at it in my bed.

At the time of review, there were a total of 16 video sets and 12 picture sets. While thats not enough content to knock the socks off your ass, it is a healthy number that will be improved upon over time. I say that because the network is updated daily almost, and even though I don't see any Christy updates, they don't seem like the type of people to leave a site dead for long. And this network is awesome, worth the pice of admission alone.

The Brain Pass network includes the following sites: Peter North, Lex Steele, Christine Young, Shelby Bell, Doghouse Digital, Melissa Doll, Real Squirt, Sweet Amy Lee, I Want Latina, Silverstone Video, and Hardcore Fiesta. These are all awesome sites with tons of video content, this is an awesome network which is continually updated and seems to get a new site every few months, which makes it even more tasty!


Great site on a great network. Say no more, join up today and have fun! I'd even say to go for the 90 day because of the great deal and constant updates!


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