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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$39.95/60 days
$54.95/90 days
$74.95/180 days

Review of Butt Divers:

Theres a lot of funny terms for sexual websites and also sexual positions. I just learned about the eiffel tower myself. That is when you and a friend decide to work a girl over together. You get her down on all fours with one of you in her mouth and the other going at it doggy style. From this position you give one another a mighty, two-handed high five, making the entire structure resemble the Eiffel tower. Now thats awesome. Well, there is no Eiffel Towering here... but there is some Butt Diving!

Butt Diving is a video site with a focus on anal sex. I know, theres tons of anal sites out there, and tons of sites that aren't anal sites that do have anal on them. So the anal theme is sort of just an excuse to have a theme. I mean, anal lovers will love it, but the websites fans won't be limited to only anal fanatics. Anyway, its a theme that is one of the most popular in both web and video pornography. But that just means that its also really good. So does Butt Diving stand up to the rest of those anal sites out there? We shall see.

When you first start Butt Diving, you are given a page that lists all of the bonus content for the site, as well as some of the original material. Unfortunately, the original material is limited to one smaller thumbnail and not a great one at that. But it gets worse. The site design here was very shabby, for the simple fact that I couldn't get around the site! After I got all I wanted from the front page, and I clicked on the link for the second page, it sent me to a different site on the network! I didn't notice at first, until I saw that the video I was downloading was already on my computer! So basically, the one page of content is all your getting here. Upon further review, you can use the Top 10 Girls link or the Select a Scene link to get to all of the content. But what a bunch of crap, I'm not going through all that trouble to see content I already paid for! On top of that all, some of the material appears to be recycled content from the Jizzbomb website.

The videos here come in the WMV format, in three different qualities- low, medium, and high. The videos are segmented into three minute segments. Most of the movies are toned down to about 20 minutes or less, so you're only downloading about six segments per set. This is just on the line between acceptable and annoying to me. I think a full video download would be nice, just to keep things tidy. But things are pretty tidy around here, with uniquely named videos, decent thumbnailling, good video size, and a pretty swift download on top of it all. It all works out nicely and gives you a nice video package you will like working through. The only drawback to the design I'd say is the fact that when you select a segment to download, you get a popup window with another link to download the movie. Just one extra click, but do that six times per set, and 30 odd sets.. it gets to be a pain. But thats just a minor complaint, everything else here is very very good.

And that includes the video quality. Butt Divers features one of the best video qualities I've ever seen on a site. At high quality, the videos are 1400k. That is, as the site advertises, pretty damn close to dvd quality. And wow, do they look awesome. Completely clear and beautiful in both the small screen and the full screen. The videographers here are from an actual studio porn company that produces porn, so you can imagine the camerawork being extremely professionally done. And for the quality, the file sizes really are quite managable. I think the fact that they kept the scenes relatively short really helps this. I like that though. The videos are pretty no-nonsense, and straight to the point. Nothing wrong with that in my eyes.

Dive into the pictures section! The pictures here are actually pretty awesome for a video site. The pictures are taken right from the video sets I do believe, but from what I can tell, they aren't vidcaps. Instead, they are very high quality photos. The pics are 526 x 800 pixels and clear as hell. The gallery is set up very nicely, with lots of in-gallery controls that I like. I can't say a ton of you will come here for the pictures section, but when you get it it really is pretty nice!

The girls here on Butt Divers are pretty good looking girls. What you get is what you would expect if you went to the store and bought a generic porn DVD off the shelf, those types of girls. Not exactly the most realistic stuff here, but it makes for really good wank material. I just wanted to say wank material, I apologize. The action here of course focuses on anal. Thats not all the site focuses on, but it's a pretty big focus. The action here is primarily one guy and one girl, with some occsional variances. Theres nothing more than your typical, solid porn action with a little anal thrown in.

At the time of review, there was a total of 39 girls available from the Select a Scene dropdown menu. Only 12 were listed on the front page, with the weird site design I described above. As I mentioned before, the descriptions for some of these girls seem to be from the site Jizzbomb. So it leaves me with a little bit questionability of the 100% exclusiveness here. But its still a nice number of girls, and worth looking into fo' sho'!

With your membership At Butt Divers, you also receive access to the following sites: Papaloads, Nachos Killer Pussy, The Four Finger Club, Mr Biggz, and Blonde Bangers. The quality and showmanship on all these sites is basically the same.. which is one word: awesome. Definately worth checking out and enjoying a lot!


A great site with some stunning quality and some obvious flaws. Maybe not the best of this network, but definately a site worth looking into in addition to the network sites!


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