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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$39.95/60 days
$54.95/90 days
$74.95/180 days

Review of Mr Biggz:

You just have to respect the black man. Why? Well, because not only can he be smooth like a babies ass, but at the same time he still works towards that one goal: getting himself some tail. If you watch a really good black playa in action, you'll be in awe. It's just amazing how he can manage to work it so good. Well, welcome to the realm of a playa. Mr Biggz here is not only smooth on the talking, but he can bring on the loving when it's time. White girls beware, you won't be able to avoid the wrath of the mighty Mr. Biggz.

Mr Biggz is a reality website with a focus on interracial sex. Mr Biggz is an extremely black man, who plows through white women on this site. It's a little different than some interracial sites in that the focus is on Mr Biggz specifically, and not a majority of different black actors. That keeps things a little consistent, and very good in my point of view. Even though interracial sex is not an uncommon theme in porn, it is given an ever so slight twist here, which makes it a little fresh, but at the same time still very good and hot.

When you first sign onto Mr Biggz, you are given a well organized but very jam packed front page. The middle of the page features the content, which is good. On the sidebar there is the main exclusive network sites. Down on the bottom they have the leased sites as well as a little spam, not too much. While it is jam packed, the content is displayed very nicely and all these links I'm talking about is kept to mainly text links. So the only real complaint ends up being that the thumbnailling could be a bit better. It's not bad as it is, but one smaller thumbnail of each girl randomly could be replaced by some better ones. Still, the movies are segmented, which means that you can see even more thumbnails before you actually download anything.

The videos are definately the focus here. The videos come in full video format in Real Video form, or in segmented WMV chunks- Low, Medium, or High. The segments are static, all lasting 3 minutes each. In some cases they will extend the final clip, so that the finale will not be cut off mid cumshot or anything like that. Although the clips are prevalent, the three minute segments combined with most clips staying under 20 minutes, the videos here are very easy to download and work through. The videos also download pretty quickly from the server. Each segment is thumbnailled, which gives you a relatively good idea of what you are getting into, before you actually get into it. All around, this is a technically sound site, I wish the full videos would be WMV format as well, but thats life.

The quality here at Mr Biggz is just, well, wow. The high quality videos are perfect. Or about as close to perfect as can get. The quality here is a huge, huge 1400k. Now that may lead to some slower downloads, with the videos being close to 40 MB per three minute segment, but it also leads to some absolutely beautiful quality. It looks almost flawless, even at full screen. The videos are relatively short and BS-less so that helps the download times immensely. With a quality level almost double of what most sites have as their high quality, Mr Biggz scores big in the quality department.

Theres also a pictures section here. I'm not sure if these are vidcaps or not, but they sure as shit don't look it. The pictures are 528 x 800 pixels and they are amazing. They look really crisp and clear, and while the action looks like the same stuff from the videos, it looks like the pictures were independently shot. I love the pictures here, high quality stuff again all around.

The girls on Mr Biggz look like porn stars. They look like hot porn stars, but you are getting porn stars all the way. And speaking of porn stars, the action here plays out a lot like you are watching a porn video. That is probably because the producers of this site are an adult video company, using the site to branch out into the internet realm with some exclusive stuff. It's mostly interracial stuff, although there is one black girl buried deeper in the fold. It's also mainly one on one stuff, with Mr Biggz and his white conquest. Theres a healthy amount of asian girls, not a ton but more than normal, for those of you who like the black on asian pairing.

At the time of review, Mr Biggz had a total of 27 sets. That would make the site alone a great buy. There is no time stamp or update schedule that I could see, and if I don't see it you wont either. But hey, not only do you get an extensive leased package, you also get a network of some good sites.

With your membership At Mr Biggz, you also receive access to the following sites: Papaloads, Nachos Killer Pussy, The Four Finger Club, Butt Divers, and Blonde Bangers. The quality and showmanship on all these sites is basically the same.. which is one word: awesome. Definately worth checking out and enjoying a lot!


A stunning quality video with good picures as well, there are a few weak ads but for the most part this is just awesome in the interracial realm! It's nothing groundbreaking but the quality here is just too good to pass up!


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