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Review of Down With Sex:

Down With Sex. I wish I knew some girls that were down with sex. All the girls I meet are down with being friends. Well, I guess that concept would be a little lost in the world of porno. Imagine the video: first, Joe takes Linda to a movie. Then they go into the car. Oh wait, they are going to dinner! Then Linda goes home and calls her scumbag ex boyfriend to come over for a roll in the hay. Sound like I have a concept? Nah, probably not. A little too realistic for people. Reality porn is all the craze right now, but watching a porn where the guys don't get any may be a little TOO realistic for all of us!

Down With Sex is a reality site with a focus on women who are down with sex. They like sex, they enjoy it, and they want to show it on camera. Well, I could think of a better theme, but my lobotomy is just kicking in. Seriously, its kind of weak as a theme.. its more like a catchy name for some regular porn. And thats what it is here. With no real theme to speak of, the theme becomes just having a steady stream of good porn on the site. Successful? Read on.

When you first sign onto Down With Sex, you are given a network summary site. The latest update of each network site is shown, listed vertically with lots of thumbnails. Kind of a cool way to present the material. From here you select your Down With Sex site and move on. The actual Down With Sex site is simple and to the point. There are five sets per page. Each set is given eight good action thumbnails. These thumbnails are not the best in showing what each girl looks like, but they are very effective in getting across the action of the set. I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too. Or something. Anyway, otherwise, this is a very clean site setup with no BS, easy navigation and easy downloading. Nothing to complain about here, just a nice easy site.

The focus of Down With Sex is the videos, by far. The videos come in both WMV and MPG format. They are all segmented, and the segments are in high quality. There are no other quality choices, but if there must be one quality, high is the way to go. The videos are segmented. The segments are not really by time. Rather, I think they tried to make every video around eight segments long. I'm a big fan of having a uniform number of segments. However, I think 3 or 4 is a lot better number than 8. I guess they are trying to please the dialup crowd here, but I dunno. The one good thing about this is the blazing fast transfers. The videos download extremely quickly. So you won't be on the site pointing and clicking all night, even with the relatively large amount of segments.

The high quality WMVs here are 532k. This is a pretty decent number. It's standard for most reality sites, maybe a little on the low side. The quality here reflects that. It's not good, it's not bad.. its... standard. In some cases, you get an absolutely gorgeous picture. In others, you get some pixels and bluriness. I think it depends on the action. You can still full screen these videos, just not perfectly. I wish they could have a 700-something quality option here, that would just make the videos even better. As it remains, though, the videos are great quality, run smoothly, and look very nice.

The pictures on Down With Sex are a downer. They are vidcaps, poorly taken. Theres way too many pictures in a gallery. The pixels from the vidcaps are evident in almost every picture. The thumbnails are tiny and ugly. Theres pretty much nothing good to the pictures section, except for maybe the fact that with a reality video site, you don't really need to go to it. Just stay away unless you like to cause yourself pain.

The girls here were pretty amazing. I must say I was very impressed with some of them, especially Audrey Hollander and Jordan Styles. If either one of you are reading, or found this by doing a web search of yourself, you are hot! With that said, however, a few of the girls were also, well, I wouldn't give them such special treatment. Thats only a couple of them though. Kind of like a big mixture here, seeing as how theres no special theme. One thing about the girls, they do enjoy their sex. The action here is meant to prove that. These girls take it like crazy, they take it hard, and they take it often. Theres lots of anal, some double penetration, all kinds of crazy things to show that these girls truly are down with sex.

At the time of review, there was a total of 9 sets of content. Not a bad number, but with no timestamps or update schedules, there really is no idea of when the next update is coming. Luckily theres a nice network here which will give you lots to keep you occupied with and definately be worth the price of a monthly admission!

The network here includes: Down With Sex, Semen Sippers, Hot Chocolate Whores, Hate Plow, Teens Tell All, Cream In Every Hole, Healthy Asses, and Extreme Sphincters. The network comes straight from the same people who brought you the meatholes network, which has been reviewed here extensively. As such, you also get a stripped down version of ten sites from the network. These are now being offered as leased sites, but you can actually download the content. Overall, it makes the network extremely worthy!


Really good site, decent theme which I kinda lambasted earlier but it did turn out pretty cool. Some nice girls, good content, and decent quality. Definately worth a look, and I enjoyed these videos quite a bit.

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90 Day - $59.94

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