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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $14.95/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
Special: $49.95/180 days (Reg. $99.95)
Limited Trial: $1.10/2 days, rebills at $29.95

Review of Cum Covered Glasses:

A lot of the population wears glasses. There was a time when glasses were completely uncool. This happened to correspond with the time that I actually got glasses! Try to get laid with four eyes back then was almost impossible. But within recent years, there has been a revolution. Glasses have become cool again, surprisingly, and it really works out for us glass wearers! And chicks with glasses have also become very popular and nice to look at again. So look at them we shall, on Cum Covered Glasses, where girls with glasses get some nice facials, and will probably need to break out their Lens Cloth afterward!

Cum Covered Glasses is a site with a focus on girls wearing glasses getting sexed and then getting facials. Now, I thought it was customary to remove your glasses before you get into it hardcore. Well, I guess not. Instead, you're supposed to wear them and get them nice and dirty. I'll have to bring that up with the next girl I meet with glasses! The theme here, while somewhat fresh, has been done before and been done on a grander scale. That doesn't make this site neccesarily bad, but it does need a little more "ooomph" to the theme for me to really say its a good theme. As it is, you can throw glasses on any girl and make this theme work, so it is easy to execute and this is good for fans of glasses!

When you first sign onto Cum Covered Glasses, you are given a members page with a lot of crap going on. There are links on the top, banners and links on the side, links on the bottom, and the actual content in the center. I'm not the biggest fan of this design. The sites content is displayed well, but I think the crap needs to be cut. It just makes the site look so second rate. And the site isn't bad, but the look could be greatly improved. Each girl is given one small thumbnail on the main page, which gives you a good idea of what the girl looks like but it doesn't show much more. The girls are lined up from the user ratings, so I guess you start with the best and work your way down to the worst. That is according to the public view only of course.

The videos are definately the focus here. Even as such, they are streaming only videos. While there are ways to download the videos, it just adds an extra hassle that is not really worth being added. The videos come in three formats, low medium and high. The bitrates are 150, 340, and 512k respectively. The videos are available in clips or in one full movie file. Good options here, but the biggest option of downloading is missing, which is a little disheartening. No fun there. Each video runs for a decent amount of time, most of them near the 20 minute mark. They run smoothly and if you do try to download them, they download fast. Nice technical aspects to the site, but do the videos look good?

The answer is a resounding yes. For 512k videos, these are very very nice. I was actually shocked at how good the videos looked. I've seen lots of videos in this quality, but somehow these just happened to look a little better. I don't know how, but hey, I'm not one to complain about good looking porn, and I'm not going to start now. Good job on these. The videos were kind of a mixed bag. Some of the action was stuff I've seen before, even though they call it exclusive. Other stuff I haven't seen, but I did want to note that some scenes were very unfamiliar to me. But still, they ran well and looked great- probably better than on that other site!

The pictures on Cum Covered Glasses were also pretty good. Actually I'd consider them a mixed bag. The pictures that I found to be unexclusive were vidcaps. They were very good for being vidcaps, but you can't fool me on that! The ones I thought were exclusive had originally shot pictures that I found to be very good. I liked them a lot. I wouldn't join the site for the pictures, but they are definately a nice little addition to the site!

The girls on CCG were a mixed bag as well. They have a few dog ugly girls, which I think was the more unoriginal content. What they were thinking, I dunno. Throw some glasses on a model, don't get a few of these messes on a porn site. Other girls, while very hot without the glasses, just didn't fit well with the glasses. I think a little more judgement could have been used here. The action is your normal porn fare, nothing new or exciting until the end. At the end these girls get loads of cum on their glasses. You don't see that every day, and that fits the theme here nicely and they do indeed stick to it so they must receive some praise for that as well.

At the time of review, there were a total of 18 sets of content here on site. As I mentioned before, it looks like a split of original and unoriginal content from my seat. It also looks like they don't have any planned updates or timestamps for this site, which makes it harder for me to recommend. At least you get a semi-decent network and LOTS of leased sites with a membership here!

Cum Covered Glasses is part of a network that they say contains 50+ Bonus Sites. Well, the majority of those bonus sites are leased material. But after doing some weeding, we pulled out some of the more exclusive sites, and they include Pornstar Tryouts, Milf Sex Exposed, Jerk That Cock, Cum Covered Glasses, All Interracial, Screw My Sexy Wife, Teen Blow Job Auditions, and Lesbo Trick. Pretty cool network, and there is also all those other leased sites to keep you busy as well. All in all, a good experience and a good network even if its a little spamy.


Theres nothing fundamentally wrong with the site, except for no downloads and repeat content. However, it's just not the best site on this network, being heavily outshined by others. As it is, it's recommended but for the network and not just the individual site.


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