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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $14.95/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
Special: $49.95/180 days (Reg. $99.95)
Limited Trial: $1.10/2 days, rebills at $29.95

Review of Lesbo Trick:

Not every girl has had a lesbian experience. Nowadays it seems that almost every female you run into has had some kind of fish-licking experience in their background. Personally, I don't really want to date a girl like that. For some reason it irks me out. I don't know why, but I can't picture a loved one with her face in another girls muff. I might be a weird guy like that, but in all my weirdness I can bring you good porn. As much as I don't want my girl tuna diving, I will definately watch it on video.

Lesbo Trick is a true reality site, with the theme of girls getting other girls to have their first lesbian experience on camera. On top of that, the girls are convinced that this is a "model search" and that they are auditioning. Thats like a combo of two reality themes in one. And while I'm usually not a fan of these kinds of themes, I must say it works really well here. Since its girls on girls, the theme seems more believable. I mean, I'd be right out the door if I was a girl and going on a model interview and a guys wang came out. But with another girl, you really have more of a believability factor. So I thought that was cool. Overall, I thought the theme was well executed, relatively fresh, and overall it was really cool.

When you first sign onto Lesbo Trick, you are given a somewhat spammy main page with a lot of links on the side and the top. However, while the site does look spammy, the actual site content is very easy to find, its smack dab in the center where it should be. The content is listed by user rating, so you can go from the what people liked the best to what they liked the least. Kind of a cool way to set this up. The site also is very focused on the theme, which I always like. Overall, underneath a weak site design is a pretty damn good one. I wish I could complain more about it, because I hate leased links all over the place, but it is done well here. At first sight it's "eww" but in all reality, its not bad at all.

The videos are definately the focus here at Lesbo Trick. And being the focus, they are pretty good. The video files are streaming-only, but there are ways to download the streams if you know what you are doing. I try to keep the tutorial out of reviews, but ask away on the board if you need help. The videos come in both segments and full video. There are three quality options, Low (150k), Medium (340k), and High (512k.) These are all WMVs, and thats all you can get here. The streams run extremely fast, I was very pleased with how fast they start and stream with little buffering. The original size of the videos is very small, but you can adjust that and it's not really a big deal.

The quality of the videos here on Lesbo Trick was also very high. Even though the best quality is 512k, these movies looked great for that bitrate. You can full screen them and have a very good experience, with very little loss of quality. I'm not sure how they did it, but I'd like them to pass their tips onto other websites that can't get their 500k movies looking this good! Very very nice. And with the relatively smaller bitrate, you can download/stream these videos pretty fast. The videos do run a little long; 30-40 minutes. But with all the setup and action, it makes it very exciting and theres never really any lulls in the action.

The pictures on Lesbo Trick are high quality, camera shot pictures. Absolutely awesome. Usually, almost always, on sites like this, you get crap vidcaps. Not here, there is a very very good pictures section with great, clear, awesome looking pictures. In addition to awesome videos, I don't know where this site goes wrong! One thing about the pictures, the theme doesn't lend itself to pictures very well.. so you might miss a little theme in the pictures, but you still have some hot lesbo action pictures!

The girls on this site were pretty hot. A lot of the "hosts," the girls who were pursuing the unknowing lesbovirgins, were reused throughout the videos. That is fine though, as they are very hot. The victims were also very very yummy, leading to some awesome, hot sex. The girls were all younger and white, so theres not much variety, it all worked out nicely though. The action is great, and thats mainly because of the theme. It really lends itself nice to the videos, and made them really hot. I really liked how they moved slowly in some of the videos, sending out the bait... reeling it in.. just awesome! High points for everything in this area.

There were quite a few sets of content here at Lesbo Trick. At time of review, there were 20 sets. There was no timestamping, but the latest updates are scheduled on the front page so you know when theres more. Theres also a cool network along with Lesbo Trick that is really good.

Lesbo Trick is part of a network that they say contains 50+ Bonus Sites. Well, the majority of those bonus sites are leased material. But after doing some weeding, we pulled out some of the exclusive sites, and they include Pornstar Tryouts, Milf Sex Exposed, Jerk That Cock, Cum Covered Glasses, All Interracial, Screw My Sexy Wife, Teen Blow Job Auditions, and Lesbo Trick. Pretty cool network, and there is also all those other leased sites to keep you busy as well. All in all, a good experience and a good network even if its a little spamy.


Awesome site. The only thing I would change is the site setup, and that would just be a few tweaks. The leased site links bother me, and downloadable videos would be easier. But as it is, its still really good and awesome. So check it out for sure, and the sweet network thats included!


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