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Review of My Porn Interview:

Remember your first job interview? You were so nervous. You had no idea what to expect. You're sitting in the chair, with sweat literally pouring off your body. Very few people get hired off of the first interview. But now, here, we're talking about sex interviews! The girls walk in, expecting to be interviewed for a modelling agency. Within fifteen minutes, they are buck naked with an old guys wang in their mouth. What exactly are they modelling, sluttiness? Anyway, I'm willing to bet that most of these girls are being hired on their first modelling interview!

My Porn Interview is a reality site which is focused around the "setup" version of reality videos. The theme is more focused on meeting the girls and seeing a little mild foreplay than the videos going all the way. It's a little different for a porn site concept- but it can work well if it's executed well. And the theme here is done really well. It's not a theme for everyone, but it does work out really well here.

When you first sign onto My Porn Interview, you get a decent members page. There is one thumbnail of the latest update, and some more thumbnails of members favorite sets. On the side, you get options to go to different areas of the sites. The options are a little different. But they mainly lead to leased sites and customer support areas. The only two you'll be interested in are the videos and the pictures. The front page is nicely organized, but it's not as easy to download them as you can. The rest of the page is organized just as well, nothing sparkling or over the top about the website. It's just a decent web design here.

The focus of My Porn Interview is the videos by far. The videos come in either WMV or MPG format. There are two quality options- dialup and DSL/Cable. The videos are segmented, but you can also download the full video as well. That is cool, I really like having that full video option on webpages. It makes everything a lot easier to download, and gives me more time to pursue other things online instead of pointing and clicking on porn websites! Technically, the site is very good at describing the techincal aspects; time, video lenghts, number of pictures, number of clips. The thumbnails for the videos are very very good, you can get a great idea of what the girls look like and whether you will want to download the videos or not. Technically, the site is very sound, giving you very little BS when it comes to downloading and saving the pictures.

At the high quality, full video download, the WMV quality is 696k. That is pretty good, and these videos are pretty good quality. When you full screen them, there is a little pixelation and loss of quality. But when the screen is expanded and almost full, you get a good picture. These are not perfect. But they are good videos, I would expect a little better considering the bitrate, but it's still not terrible. The one big complaint I have about these videos are the big watermark that the webmasters put on the videos. It's just a little too big and "there" for me. I have no problems with watermarks on videos, but when the sites name is huge in white at the bottom of every single video, it can be a problem. I understand they are trying to prevent their videos from being taken by someone else, or from getitng out on P2P networks, but I really am against punishing their paying members for these actions.

The pictures here on My Porn Interview are actually really good, high resolution pictures. They come in 680 x 1024 pixels and are really awesome. The pictures are from the same action as the videos, but they are still very very awesome. They are clear, the galleries are thumbnailled well, and everything works out very nicely. I'm a big fan of the pictures here. Not only does this site have great videos, but they put out some nice pictures as well. I'm very impressed.

The girls on My Porn Interview are wonderful. I really thought that these were some great girls. Lately I've been saying this a lot, but theres just some beautiful girls on this site. The girls tend to be a little bit younger. They are all very good looking younger girls. They are all white girls, except for one black girl. The same guy is in every video, and he's a little older. It works out nicely. The action here, as I've alluded to before, is weird. Some of the videos are more normal than others. There is definately a big focus on the interview. But then when the action cuts in, it depends. There are some scenes when no action cuts in. There are others where there is just oral. And then theres some with the full shebang. It works out really nicely, its a little different, but its very cool.

At the time of review, there was a total of 15 sets of content. The site claims to have weekly updates, but with no timestamps or anything of the sort, there is absolutely no way to prove that matter. MPI is a member of a porn network. Included in this network is My Porn Interview, 1st Lesbian Experience, Candi From The Block, Handjob Porno, and Real MILF Sex. This is a good network with some relatively original themes.


A decent amount of content, good videos and awesome pictures. This is a good site, nicely organized and it gives you what you want. A great combination and one I will be going back to for a while!


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