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Review of Crissy

There are literally millions of different types of girls. You can categorize them in different types of ways. Personally, and especially when I am looking at porn, I usually classify them in four different ways. One is the regular porn star. This girl looks and acts like a porn star. Then there is the reality porn star. This girl doesn't look as much like a porn star as the regular porn star, she has some regular looks to her. But in the end, she is a porn star through and through. There is the amateur, the regular girl next door just taking pictures of herself for fun. There are very few true amateurs out there. And finally, there is the classy lady. Usually found on the classier websites, but sometimes you can find a classy women who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty! Today I found one, with Crissy Moran.

Crissy Moran is a single model site with a big focus on Crissy. As you might expect, there is a whole lot of Crissy here. As far as being a single model site, the theme is cool but it's really not an expanded single model site. Basically, you can check out pictures and videos of Crissy, but it doesn't have the levels of interactivity that a lot of the other single model sites have. So it's good to check out pictures of a hot girl, but if you want that interactivity, you might have to look elsewhere.

When you sign onto Crissy's site, you get a members page that seems to be more focused on the network than on Crissy herself. It shows the latest updates to the network, and that includes Crissy sometimes, but it is not Crissy exclusive. You then move to the videos and pictures section of each individual girl. The pictures section is not thumbnailled well, while the video side is a little better. But the site design could be a bit better here, and it doesn't help that theres not much content- which makes it look a little flat.

The pictures here are definately the focus and the bulkier section of the site. The main pictures page only has one smaller thumbnail of her, and then you click to get to the gallery page. This doesn't bother me as much on single model sites, but have one littler thumbnail can be a pain sometimes. The pictures in big form are 600x800, and they do look really good and showcase Crissy well. I would like to take this point to say that as a single model site, they do really good on the pictures. Crissy has a different look to her in every set, and it's never boring. That is a problem that a lot of single model sites have, they are missing a lot of variety and that leads to a lackluster overall experience. Not here. They did a good job with that, and with great photography as well, the pictures are a winner!

There are not many videos here on Crissy Moran's site right now. But with the videos that are there, I can say.. well.. bleh. These videos are quality videos, 822K and they look really good. What kills me with them is the lighting and the camerawork. It just doesn't look clear and it looks way off. I'm not sure how amateur Crissy's site is, but it was pretty annoying watching damn good quality with weaker camerawork. They full screen really nicely, and theres no pixelation. The technical, computer work was done really well, but the camerawork needs some work. With a focus on the pictures, I hope that they can still work on the videos and end up looking like the quality of Rachel Aziani (network site) videos instead of this. We'll have to take a wait and see approach.

Crissy Moran is a brown haired girl, very classy and very hot. I liked her a lot, but check out the preview to see if you do too. Of course, your enjoyment of the site will be severely limited if you don't like her. The action here is primarily solo action, but it's not softcore by any means. You get hardcore action but with just Crissy and nobody else involved, for the most part. There are a few sets with other actresses but it's mainly solo, and the videos are all solo right now.

At the time of review, Crissy Moran had 19 picture sets and 2 video sets. I know, thats not a lot of content at all. But I must say that with Rachel Aziani's site on board, as well as a few other sites, the network is definately worth a peek. The updates are often, and always listed on the front page of almost every network site. I also have to say that this network has finally got it right with the girls- before they seemed to have a lot of good looking girls, but nothing that really fit in with the flagship site of Rachel Aziani. I think with Crissy Moran, they found a good fit. Both her and Rachel are very classy, very hot, and comparable. The network is good, but I think this site is the best fit for a network which just seemed to be thrown together girls to make Rachel's site a better deal (which it doesn't need, it's already great) This site seems to just fit, and I think with time it may grow into being another awesome site, just like Rachels and that would make this network a double killer deal. Speaking of the network, allow me to introduce you to the network!

This network includes the sites of Rachel Aziani, Tawny Roberts, Mandi Rose Fanelli, Crissy Moran, as well as the multiple model sites of Hotties Heaven, Squirterz, and Banging The Bi Way (Male Male Female bi sex.) Overall, it's a great network. The focus is placed squarely on Rachel Aziani's site, but the other network sites are all pretty good and add a lot to the network. All in all, I think its a great deal!


Crissy Moran is a good site as part of the network. If it was a standalone site, I'd say it needs more beef. But right now what I see is a site that is a huge prospect- this can be really good with some time, some content, and some tweaking. I'm excited to see what happens with it. It's a good part of a great package.


$24.95 for 30 Days


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