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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, Windows

Prices: $1.00/1 day, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$49.95/90 days

Review of Tawny Roberts:

Single model sites can be fun. Single model sites can be funny. And most of all, single model sites can be great. Todays site is a single model site which you will learn about, and see which category it does fit into. Tawny Roberts is a blonde girl with her own website. Yeah, like theres not a million of those around, right? Well, let's see if she can manage to seperate herself from the rest!

Tawny Roberts is a single model site with a single model lite attitude. While the site is focused around Tawny, there isn't a whole lot about Tawny on the site. Thus the lame ass introduction! In fact, theres not much you learn about Tawny at all except that she is blonde and she has her own website. Oh, and she digs chicks sometimes. So when a single model site fails in the one aspect of showing off the single model in many different ways, one must hope that the way the model is showed off is very effective. Therefore, there better be some great pictures and movies here for the site to be worth a look!

When you first sign onto the membership site of Tawny Roberts, you are given a page that first has a little introduction "written" by Tawny. After that, you have some buttons that direct you to different areas of the sites, none too important other than the photos and the videos links. Then below that are recent updates, and future updates. It's kind of like a filler front page which doesn't give you very much content but leads you in the right direction. The subpages are set up pretty nicely as well, nothing too great but the site setup isn't really a problem here!

I'd say most of the focus here is put on the pictures. The pictures page has one thumbnail per set with a little description of the action as well. Normally I'd slag this, and say "more thumbnails." But on this single model site, thats not as big of a concern. And the description actually goes volumes in telling you what is going on as well, so the setup here is good. Once you get to the galleries, you are given a 25 thumbnail preview page of the big pictures. Each gallery has many preview pages, giving you lots of pictures per set. The pictures are thumbnailled great and have a nice sense of style to them. The pictures themselves look fabulous. They are very crisp and clear. They are 533 x 780 pixels. There is only the one picture size/quality, but it's pretty decent. I'd say that the pictures here are good if not slightly above par.

Now we move on to the videos. The videos only come in one format, WMV and only as a full movie. You can stream them by clicking on the video but theres also a link to download the thing. That is cool. The videos here are relatively small in size, all clocking in around the 40-50MB mark except for a few. The video section has one big thumbnail and four smaller thumbnails per set. This works out really well, and the thumbnails really get across the essence of the videos. The videos are 688K and are really good quality. They look really good when full screened, and it was kind of surprising given the more traditional nature of this site!

Tawny Roberts is a pretty blonde. I know, thats not saying much about her.. but she's not really my thing, so I'm not going to sit and praise her all night long. Instead, I will leave it up to you to decide if you like her or not. The action on the site is all across the board, with a fair amount of single model action but also with more lesbian/boy girl sex scenes than a regular single model site will usually have. Anything wrong with that? No. I actually encourage it. Thats the action you get here!

Tawny Roberts offers you two major bonus sites: Hotties Heaven and Busty Rachel Aziani. We've reviewed both, and Rachel's site stands out as awesome so its definately worth the price of admission on Rachels site alone. The updates come every few days as well, so you get a lot of constant updating here. At the time of review, there were nineteen photo sets and seven photo sets. Considering they just started, this is a pretty good site content so far, lets hope they keep it up!


This is a nice single model site where I really can't complain about anything. My only problem with the site is that it had no realy ooomph to it, it was sort of all just there. Still, worth it for the good content and also the excellent bonus material!


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