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Review of Big and Plump:

Well now isn't this going to be a review that's going to take me all day!
When you buy access to this site you actually get access to 47 sites
all together. All the sites have their own exclusive content so there
is a lot for me to go through. The site you are looking for is shortly
reviewed here, simply scroll down to find it in bold writing, also you
might as well read about all the other sites you get access to when you
buy access, enjoy.
loads of amateurs here, it's very frequently updated and the quality is good. Plus a lot of the models offer some video feeds of themselves. It's all in Real Video format but nice quality depending on the speed you choose. Despite the fact that the videos are on other servers it's clear that it's karas' exclusive material.
Asians doing it till you drop, the quality is medium and below, and only partially exclusive content, a lot of it is shared material. Video feeds with some Asian girls here too.
That's right you get another Asian site. It's the same as the other one really this one just looks a bit more pleasant to look at, and maybe quality IS a bit higher here.
"large girls do it better" is the motto of this page. As with the other sites you get tons of pictures and video feeds. It doesn't stand out from the rest at all it's just big girls/women.
This was a nice diversion, focusing mostly on beautiful centerfolds in erotic shoots. It seemed more organized here with some nice indexing of the girls and I spent more time here than I did on any of the others in average. Also A lot of the pictures here was VERY high quality which made it stand out from other of the niche sites.
Yep! It's "teenagers" running around in skirts and with pom-poms. The exclusive material is in shortage and quality is above medium, didn't spend much time here I'm afraid.
Lots of redheads of course, but nothing suggested to me that any of the redhead shoots were exclusive, they could be, but they didn't boast it. Nice medium site like the rest.
Some of you out there might appreciate this. This toon site is actually rather nice considering you get access to 46 other sites in the deal. There are manga toons here, but also a lot of other styles. The erotic content here could be a subject of much debate though.
Well string me up and call me Pinocchio. The number of fetishes represented on this site is too numerous to mention, but it's a lot. There is much quantity and medium quality. It's all good.
Just like the redheads site, all pictures have been looked through and only the ones with a brunette in them made the cut. Tons of pictures and medium quality. Otherwise it's all the same.
If you get tired of looking at just one girl all the time you go to this part of the sites. Here you get couples lesbians in doubles triples and above having fun, quality doesn't stand out as usual but lots of it all.

- This review is always in development. As you can see we have looked at 11 of the 47 sites so far, and you should begin to see a pattern. We have done an overall rating based on the 11 sites we have looked at so far, and although the price for 1 month is $39.95 we recon it's very good buy. The also have a 3 day trial for $2.95 which you might want to try out first, if so remember to cancel your membership if you do not wish to stay a member. A membership to these sites is recommended.

Other sites you get access to:
Hidden Eyes
International Bikini
Just for Ladies
Major Melons
My Kinky Wife
Perfect Toes
Pregnant Babes
Silky Blondes
Smut Erotica
Windy City
Chicks Adult Dreams
Hot Little Package
Teen Steam
Totally Teens
Blowing Loads
Kara's Playground
Oral Addiction
Redhot Pornstars
Tight Anal Sluts
Trannies Online
X Rated Live
Ebony Fantasy
Fort Booty
Just Asian Teens
Latina Kiss
Mixed Flavor
Petite Latinas
Lesbian Pink
Wet Lesbians
Classic Mature


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