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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $14.95/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
Special: $49.95/180 days (Reg. $99.95)
Limited Trial: $1.10/2 days, rebills at $29.95

Review of Booty Studio:

Lights, Camera, Action! Roll em! Welcome to Booty Studio, where you can see the best booty giving the best booty in the land. Make sure the camera is on, because you're going to definately want to record this one! This studio is not like most studios out there. Booty Studio is a studio where you can find the finest black hos with the best brothas out there. And that makes this a studio worth visiting!

Booty Studio is a modern day semi reality site with a focus on black sex. The girls here are ebony girls, black girls if you will. The whole theme of the site is watching them have sex with black men. There is no interracial here, just a plain focus on the darker things in life. When I visited here, I was the whitest thing on this site! This is an actress theme, therefore the action can be pretty much anything, the site is about who is doing the action not what they are doing.

When you first sign onto Booty Studio, you are given a page that had the top rated video featured on the top with a few thumbnails. Underneath that, each set is listed. Each girl has one thumbnail, which shows her face off nicely but doesn't give you any ideas about the action, links to their video and picture section, and then the rating that the girl has. The galleries are listed in order of their rated score. So you can pretty much start with the best and work your way down to some dog-ugly ladies! The bonus sites are featured on the sidebar, along with some leased/unoriginal content that you may want to check out. These are all along the lines of the ebony theme as well. The site really looks like one of those junky spam sites with nothing good to it.. but there is some beef here. And the fact that the stupid "buy stuff now" and leased site links are nicely tucked away into the depths of the site instead of cluttering the front page make me very happy. So overall, this is a good site design that could have gone very bad.

The focus of Booty Studio would be the videos. The videos are streaming only, but if you know the tricks of the trade, you will be able to download these videos no problem. The videos are segmented but there is also a full video option, which is really nice. Each segment has a little thumbnail, and selecting to view the videos is down with radio buttons. This could be a little better, because with the radio buttons sometimes you forget to click on what you want and get the default. The videos have three qualities, Low Medium and High. The bitrates are, in order, 150k, 340k, and 512k. That gives you a nice variety of options, and even the lowest quality is still not horrible compared to what you normally get on video sites for low quality. The streams ran relatively smoothly for me, I had no complaints in this regard. The only problem is that you have to make the screen bigger since on the site the window the stream runs in is tiny. Otherwise, everything runs smoothly. I really have no complaints about the setup of the video sites.

The quality of the videos here is pretty good. The highest quality is 512k, which is a good quality but it's not quite super high quality either. The small screen videos look really good. There is more pixelation when you bring the movies to full screen, but overall the quality is still pretty passable. The movies are pretty clear and run really smoothly. They didn't go for the super DVD quality here, but I think these are some pretty passable reality movies, definately worth the price of admission!

Onto the pictures here at Booty Studio. The pictures are actually high quality pictures taken independently of the videos. The girls are the same for the picture and video sets, and sometimes even wearing the same things. But the two were show independently and that is just awesome. The pictures look great here. The pictures are 533 x 800 pixels and are thumbnailled well and look great. Overall, three cheers for this! Hip hip hooray!

The girls on Booty Studio are black girls. They run the gamut from being some of the hottest girls I've seen, to some dogs that need to be put back in their house! But for the most part they are all pretty damn good looking, and a very big attraction to the ebony fan. The action here is twofold; the videos focus more on sex and the whole boy/girl thing. The pictures focus more on the solo female and only have a small focus on the sex. Overall, it makes a nice mixture and makes both the pictures and the videos worth checking out.

Booty Studio boasts some bonus sites too. They say that they have 50+ bonus sites, but anyone who is into porn know that usually means leased content. You do get access to Rap Video Auditions and Ebony Dymes, two more hot black chick sites. I think those are the only two true bonus sites, but I may be wrong. It'd be nice if Booty Studio could seperate the good bonuses from the bad bonuses for those of us who know!

At the time of review, Booty Studio had 19 sets of content. That is actually a nice number and pretty respectable. They didn't talk about how often they update, so i can't pass that information along. And with the bonus sites, you should have plenty of black loving with Booty Studio!


Booty Studio looks like a spam site, but there is actually some awesome content inside. Big props for having awesome pictures alongside awesome videos. This is definately worth a look, and with a nice trial option, I'd recommend it for all ebony lovers!


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