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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $14.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95), rebills at $29.95
Limited Trial: $2.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$68.95/90 days
$95.40/365 days

Review of Dog House Digital:

Man, I'm in the doghouse with my girl again. You see, I missed her birthday. Why? Well, I was at home downloading movies from Doghouse Digital. So in a funny way, the doghouse put me in the doghouse. Of course, whats a birthday when you find a cool porn site and an awesome addition to a great network? I mean, birthdays come once a year.. good porn sites come once in a lifetime! So therefore, read on and see if Doghouse Digital sounds good enough to put YOU in the doghouse!

Doghouse Digital is a website with the focus on the videos. The videos are not exclusive videos, they all come from the Doghouse Digital company which runs out of Canada. As such, you can get all of these videos pretty easily on DVD. But with that said, they are exclusive to this site on the net, which is good. With the fact that they are professionally made porn movies comes the fact that they may not appeal to everyone. There is nothing amateur here, no real theme, just a nice collection of good movies.

The site design of Doghouse Digital is pretty good, if you know where you are going. The front page can be a little confusing at first, with lots of different things being thrown at you at once. But once you get the hang of things, its a breeze to navigate. The site is sectioned off well and easy to undersand once you get past the somewhat cluttered front page. The updates are marked vividly, and all around the site design is good!

The primary focus of Doghouse Digital is the videos. The videos come in the WMV or MPG format in both high and low qualities. The highest quality available is 700K. There are MPGs for those of you who prefer those, at 650K quality. Theres a total of six quality options that you can choose. That is a huge awesome array of choices, and theres only one more choice I would have liked to have. And that would be to be able to download these movies in full form. There are only segments here. The segmentation is not very bad, however. They seperate the movies into five minute segments, which is very nice for segmentation I think. The videos also downloaded quickly but I ran across the same thing I always run across with the brainpass sites, only being able to download one segment at a time. It probably saves them money and keeps the server fast, but if you pay for this service you should be able to have multiple DL's going!

The video quality on Doghouse Digital was great. When I first played the movies, I was thoroughly impressed. Upon further review, I found that the picture was a bit pixelated, surprising considering the quality was so high. The videos were by no means bad or annoying or anything like that, but that kind of threw me off. Still, you get a great quality movie here. They also ran and flowed really well, and the videos just looked good. You can full screen them and be very happy, as I alluded to before, they're not perfect, but damn they look good anyway!

The girls on Doghouse Digital are pretty damn hot. As you would expect, these are porn stars. But the girls here don't quite fit the normal porn star mold. They look more like hot, hot, hot ass amateur girls. Girls like Shelby Belle and Christine Young, both Brainpass mainstays and having great sites of their own, appear here on Doghouse Digital. The action is varied and all over the board, but I will name the different video series there are here so you can get a better idea of what the site has. Born for Porn, Bubble Cum, Girly Gang Bang, Black Bros and White Hos, Eat My Feet, Chew On My Spew, Girls In Gear, Rear Ended, College Dropouts, and Goody Goody Cum Drops are the video series featured here. That should give you an idea of some of the action and some of the girls involved.

The Brainpass network is updated daily, and this site is part of that network. The site itself is updated about once a week from my estimates, which makes this a very good value. The network as a whole is awesome. It includes Peter North, Christine Young, Melissa Doll, Real Squirt, Sweet Amy Lee, Silverstone Video, Shelby Bell, Hardcore Fiesta and I Want Latina. Wow, that was a handful! Great network all around, and while the action isn't exclusive on most of the sites, it's high quality video that is great with awesome girls. That makes up for a lot and makes the network way worth it!


Another awesome site in a great network of sites. This network is a great alternative to boring reality sites, you can get a ton of videos and lots of content with very little BS. The only downfalls are that they try to pimp their non-web merchandise a little too much, and the video downloading is kinda weird, on my system at least. Still, just a great value for all to be had!


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