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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.97/3 days, rebills at $39.97
$29.97/30 days
$59.97/90 days

Review of Gag on My Cock:

Another day, another violent blowjob site. It seems like we have had tons of these recently. And it's no wonder why, it's a popular concept. It just seems as if we haven't touched it as much in the past as we have been lately. Cock gagging is a part of violent blowjob where the guy throws his dick so far and deep into the girls mouth that she starts to gag. Not bad, huh? Some people are really into this type of porn. And Gag on My Cock is another site that caters to fans of this kind of porn!

Gag On My Cock is a reality-type site. The theme here is girls gagging on cocks in the blowjob process. While the theme here is somewhat violent, this site doesn't get nearly as bad as some of the other ones out there. On a scale of one to ten, I'd give it about a four. It's really not too ultra violent, so people who aren't into the whole violence aspect might enjoy this site a little better than others. There isn't much else to the theme, other than the gagging aspect.

The site design of Gag On My Cock isn't very good, in my opinion. First things first. Theres about forty sets of content on the site. They jam all forty onto the one members page, which is a big jamming considering that theres seven thumbnails per girl. It just bogs down the page way too much in my opinion and its something that needs to be corrected, by splitting the page into many different pages, or maybe using a setup similar to Handjob Models, a sister site to Gag On My Cock. Another problem I encountered with the site setup was dead links. On at least four occassions, when I went to download a video, it sent me a 404 error. Now one is acceptable, two is iffy, but four all together is bad in my opinion. And the video sizes listed on the front page are all way off. More on that later. But all around, the design here is messy and filled with mistakes.

The videos here come in the WMV format. Each movie runs 45-60 MB each and can be downloaded as a full video or in segments. Some of the videos have the segment option but not the full video option. It just gives the site a sort of thrown together look to it. The thumbnails are a pretty good representation of the video sets, and you will know what you want to download. It's just a matter of whether you can actually download it or not and whether you will be satisfied with the results. One major thing hinders your possible satisfation with the results.

The videos here on Gag On My Cock require getting a DRM license to view them. The password on this site is not quite the same as your user name. Instead, it is a password that the owners list on the site. I'm not sure if/when they change that password, but theoretically you could keep the password past your membership date. But at the same time, you're not going to remember these passwords forever, and when you go back and try to watch these videos in a year from now, you will need that password. That is on top of the big hassle it already is to put in a username and a password every time you open up a video. And this is all depending on whether or not you will even want to keep and burn these movies, which we will get into next.

The quality here on Gag On My Cock is suspect. It's just not the highest quality videos you could ever imagine. The file sizes only run from 40-60 MB, so that should give you an idea right there. These look ok at small screen, but anything bigger than that is just a weak quality outlook. I wish the videos were better- but they really just aren't.

The site also has some pictures on it. The pictures are actually quite good, they look like they were taken independently of the videos. I'm not sure if they are vidcaps or not. The galleries themselves look very primitive in design. Like a really, really old thumbnail gallery. They still look good, but they navigate like the early 90's. Which just isn't good.

The girls here are pretty attractive looking. One of the sites strengths comes from its girl quality. Don't take my word for it though- check them out yourself with the previews. The action here does include gagging blowjobs, but there is also a full scene of sex in many of the movies. Therefore, its not really just the bj's.. but they are just an aspect to the full movie.

The site is updated on an irregular schedule, like most of the sites on this network. At the time of review, there was a total of 43 scenes on the site. This is the flagship of the network, I'd say, and as such is probably updated the most and given the most attention. The rest of the network is an okay mixture of different kinds of sites which seem to meld into one genre.

A membership here nets you a ton of sites: Gag School, Gag On My Cock, Leaking Liquids, Jerk Me Now, Just Creampie, Asian Massage, Jizz On Glasses, Look At Me Bitch, Daily Fresh Movies, Suck My Dick Now, and Teens Turn Whores. This is a big deal, with lots of good sites with good content. And with almost daily updates, it's an impressive deal and definately worth it!


A beefy site with nice girls. What could be wrong? Well, there is the DRM issue. No good! There is also the quality issue. Who would try passing these stinkers on Kazaa anyway? The network, as a whole, is less than a lot of individual sites. At the same time, some of the sites will have an appeal to certain people. Those sites will help make this worth the money, but it's just not really a top notch site as a whole.


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