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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, Windows

Prices: $29.99/30 days
$89.94/180 days
$119.40/365 days

Review of Club Flashers:

Show us your tits indeed. Who could think that four little words could stir up such an impact in the world. It has been a trend lately, with the girls gone wild videos and all. Amateur girls, usually in a pretty drunken state, have been flashing guys their boobies the world over. And now it's not even something that is special. It used to be, you got a tit flash, your world was turned inside out for the rest of the night. Now, it's become so common it's like ending the night with your head in the toilet; you know its going to happen, you just don't know when. And with that popularity comes websites dedicated to flashing boobies. Club Flashers is one of those very websites.

Club Flashers is a website with both videos and pictures. It's kind of like a reality site without the reality theme to it. It's kind of like a traditional site, without the tradition. It's really hard to explain it. I guess the best way I can really categorize it is saying that its just a porn site. The focus is more on the videos, but the videos aren't so ROAR that they are in your face and I wouldn't call it a video site. Anyway, the theme here is college girls getting drunk and getting wild, throwing their tits all over the place, eating some bush and playing with themselves. Not bad for a party, right? Well, let's see how it is for a website!

When you first enter Club Flashers, you are given a really ugly members page. I don't like it at all. The top part is a typical topbar for those borderline spam webpages that have some content, but are mainly leased sites. Then there are text links to the ten latest updates. Then theres an ugly folder looking thing with "todays updates" which half of the leased site thumbnails didn't load. Theres also a text link to their video store. Then theres a banner for some girls site. Then theres a calender thing with some of the leased sites. And finally we get to the sites content, each set given one small, kinda crappy thumbnail. Then theres the bonus sites, and finally theres more ads. Basically, throw this whole site design away and do something else. It sucks, it's very ad-friendly, and very user unfriendly.

The videos are the big thing here on Club Flashers. The videos come in the WMV format. You can check out three quality options, 100K, 300K, and 56K. The one thing I like is when you highlight a clip, it shows you a preview in a little mini video window they have for you. That was kind cool. What was not cool was the segmenting of these videos. Some of them have up to 20 segments, with most having 10-12. It was weird, there was some with just four and then some with a bunch more. But the segmentation was annoying for the most part, and with no full video options, you just had to deal with it. And deal with it you must. The thumbnailling here isn't great when downloading, but like I said the cool mini video window kind of makes up for it a little. Sure, its not even a good thumbnail, but it is better than nothing. The downloading speed is great, even though you have to download a ton of little segments which is very annoying. File sizes aren't huge either. But that can always lead to questionable quality.

Let's talk quality for a while. As I said before, the highest quality here is 300K. That is usually the medium quality option for most good video websites. The quality lacks quite a bit. On the small screen it's ok, but a little pixelation. When you full screen the videos, not only do you get more pixelation, but some bluriness, and overall distortion. It's not terrible, and I did like the videos enough that I could set aside some of the quality issues. But for anybody who likes clean crisp clear pictures, this is NOT the site for you. If you like the theme and can deal with a decent to poor quality picture, maybe you should read on.

The pictures here are vidcaps taken right from the videos. As so, they're really not all that bad. The vidcaps I saw were surprisingly crisp and clean. However, I did notice they were vidcaps when I saw a little pixelation here and there. I wouldn't recommend this site to picture fans, but it definately has some better pictures than a lot of the sites out there that use vidcaps. And this is where I least expected it, so I'll give credit where credit is due.

The girls on Club Flashers all look like your typical college type flasher girls. I really liked some of them because they did have that wholesome, amateur look to them. The action on Club Flashers is primarily flashing and showing stuff. But there are quite a few lesbian scenes as well, as well as ass shaking, dancing, and also some nice masturbation series. The scenes really range, there are some that are done girls gone wild style, basically take the camera out searching for tits. Others are done in a more traditional porn way, and almost run like a reality site. It's a mixture for sure! I would also like to point out that the videos are not exclusive in any way. They are all taken from pre-existing porno, and that is evident since they put the names of the pornos in the file names! I'm not sure if this content exists elsewhere on the net, but it is something to take into consideration.

At the time of review, Club Flashers had a total of 182 sets of content here. Now that is just a big number. Sure, the quality isn't perfect.. but that is just a huge number that cannot be ignored. The segments are somewhat managable as well, so thats not a big problem. You also get a ton of bonus sites (as well as leased sites) with your membership here.

This network includes sites such as, Hooking For Rent, Girl Fun, Club Flashers, Cum Eating Job, Big Tit Adventures, Big Butt Backdoor Babes, Two Fast Two Furious, Anal Show, Wild Wett, as well as two Buttman sites. I'm guessing it's an all unexclusive network, but still it's a network and should be looked at as a whole package as well as just an individual site.


Lots of content, but with weak quality and weak site design. I enjoyed the videos here, and it is interesting for a one day trial thing if you can stand the weaker content and the junky site design. Not much more to say really, I had some fun here but I just can't recommend it.


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