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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/1 day
$39.97/30 days

Review of Girl Fun:

Girl Fun. Sometimes it's nice to have a little bit of girl fun. Move away from all of the guys for a while. Let's have some fun and check out some girls having fun. You know, dick can be kind of nasty sometimes. As guys, sitting around and watching porn with dick all over it can be a little damaging. I mean, it's fine in medium to high doses! But sometimes you just have to get rid of all the dick in your diet. And bring on the Girl Fun! That is exactly what we will do with this site, Girl Fun.

Girl Fun is a video site with a focus on lesbian sex. The focus is squarely on lesbian sex, with no other real focus. You know, how sometimes the focus is on something like fat midget lesbians who have red hair and black toenail polish. Nope, nothing as specific here. Instead you get a very non specific lesbian sex. Thats fine though, it just keeps you guessing a little bit. Nothing wrong with guessing a little bit! Well, lets begin with looking at the site design a little bit.

When you first sign onto Girl Fun, you are given a very messy members page. First and most annoyingly of all, there are ads all over the place. Near the top, near the middle, near the bottom. You don't sign up for memberships to get ads. The second biggest problem is that the leased site content sort of takes over the sites content. It has a much bigger presence on the front page than the sites content does. Kinda weak. And the sites content is not presented very well. The thumbnails are weak and even kinda distorted and pixelated. Thumbs aren't supposed to be like that! I've got to say that I was just completely disappointed with the sites design. It seemed extremely weak, and it just isn't very user friendly. With that said, there are plenty of sites with bad design that are still good sites.

The videos here on Girl Fun are primarily WMV videos, downloadable in three different quality files. The qualities are 56k, 100k, and 300k. There are some videos that also offer a 700K quality. There are others that are still MPGs and only MPGs, and segmented very heavily. With such a mish-mash of file styles, its hard to really generalize about everything. I will mainly talk about the WMVs since they occur a lot more on this site. Anyway, the file sizes are very small and managable. One of the best things about the small sizes is that the videos download really fast. One of the worst things is that it usually leads to weaker file quality. We'll get into that now.

The quality here on Girl Fun is passable. I'm mainly going to talk about the 300k WMVs since they are the most popular best quality. The 700K ones are nice, but they don't show up too often. Anyways, the videos are just passable. At small screen, there is a little bit of distortion and lack of quality. I wouldn't call it major at the small screen. But when you full screen these movies, they begin to look a little ugly. I personally still enjoyed the videos. Sure, they weren't perfect, but they were somewhat good and also really fast to download. It's just a balance you need to make. Quality freaks need to go somewhere else, but everyone else can be relatively happy here on Girl Fun, even though 300K isn't a good video, its what they have here right now.

The pictures here on Girl Fun are nothing special either. They are vidcaps taken directly from the videos being offered on the video section. The vidcaps themselves are kinda weird. The pictures are pretty good, but sometimes they can be pixelated. They look nice and clear, and then you catch some pixels, and you're like, what? It just doesn't make sense. Well, it's not a site for picture fans, but it's nice that the pictures are nice and decent.

The girls on Girl Fun are very attractive bisexual women performing acts on each other. The lesbian theme is stuck to hard here, there are no dicks allowed for sure. The actual action is pretty good, with the sex not getting very boring throughout the video series. Sure, it got a little bit boring here and there, but they never got too bad. The videos here are taken from DVD porn, so you lose a lot of the exclusivity factor as well.

At the time of review, Girl Fun had a total of 88 video sets. That is a huge number and is a big incentive for the site, even though its missing some quality and site design. You also get a network of like minded sites, which includes a lot of blah sites, but a lot of blah all added together can make "eh" sometimes!

This network includes sites such as, Hooking For Rent, Girl Fun, Club Flashers, Cum Eating Job, Big Tit Adventures, Big Butt Backdoor Babes, Two Fast Two Furious, Anal Show, Wild Wett, as well as two Buttman sites. I'm guessing it's an all unexclusive network, but still it's a network and should be looked at as a whole package as well as just an individual site. The pricing is terrible, it's price just like a crappy spam site. I think they are taking advantage of people more than anything, but if you are smart, you can take advantage of the webmasters as well, which I encourage. There is a trial, and if you are bored and broke one day, take advantage of that, just do not, and I repeat, do NOT forget to cancel immediately! Otherwise it won't work!


The videos can be enjoyable, but all around the site is kind of a disaster. It's not a total loss, but with so many better deals out there- I'd only do this one if you are strapped for cash and can put a full day into downloading!


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