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Pictures: No Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.97/2 days, rebills at $39.97
$29.97/30 days
$59.97/90 days

Review of Jerk Me Now:

Jerk me now. What a command. It's not a question, like, "could you please jerk me now?" It's more like a demand. Like a man speaking to a dog. Just barking out orders, without being nice, just being demanding. Reality porn is funny, because it is very far from reality sometimes. If you said jerk me now to any woman on the street, your face would be red from a slap and your balls would be hurting from a kick. But when you have a reality website, you can call it Jerk Me Now and keep your face and your nuts intact!

Jerk Me Now is a handjob oriented website. Although I used the reality tag in the intro, this is more of a straight video site than a reality site. Reason being, theres not a whole lot of beef to the reality aspects. The site is more a presentation of the videos over being an actual reality site with a big focus on setting up the scene, talking about the models, talking to the models, etc. It's more like, heres my dick, heres your hand: do the math. I actually prefer it this way, but it would be misleading to call it a reality site. I'd say more of a reality-like video site.

The site design of Jerk Me Now is comparable to modern reality sites. When you log into Jerk me Now, you are given a front page which is the only page you'll ever be on. Everything is located right here on the front page. This makes the front page a little cumbersome, as there is a bit of content all jammed into the page. The thumbnailling is very good here. You get twelve thumbnails for every girl. There is one big thumbnail of the girl and then 11 smaller ones. These thumbnails are very effective in getting the sites content across- they look great, they are clear, and most of all they show different parts of the action so the movie is laid out very nicely in the thumbnails. However, the fact that there are 12 per girl kinda bogs down the main page a little bit. I'd be all for splitting it into two pages, just to keep the pages a little more managable. Other than that, it's a clean, no-frills site design. I'd say good work for this site design and thanks for that!

This is an all video site. There are no pictures at all here on Jerk Me Now. The videos here come in full video, MPG format. There is one set that offers a lower quality download, but thats it. The full videos here are usually over 100MB in length, so it's very broadband friendly. Dialup users will not like the site, I'll tell you that right now. It's just not made for you guys. And unlike some sites, you can't look at crappy vidcaps, swear at the universe and think about what you are missing. Instead you can only look at a download bar which will take forever and ever! Even at broadband, these movies will take a little while to download. But you will enjoy them when you do finish downloading them, I will tell you that.

The videos here look great on the small screen. They are very crisp and clear. When you full screen them, there is a little bit of visible pixelation. Still, these videos are very good and pass the grade easily. There is only the one quality except for one video, so this is what you will get across the board. These are MPGs, which can sometimes be a little more sluggish than WMVs, but in the end, these are still some great looking videos here on Jerk Me Now!

As we mentioned before, there are no pictures on Jerk Me Now. The girls on Jerk Me Now are very, very, very good looking and attractive. I liked a lot of these girls because they are more from the "cute" subset of girls, over the "hot/beautiful" subset. These are attractive girls, but they are more cutesy than beautiful- I'd like to be their boyfriends over just screwing them. Ok, maybe that is not true... but I think you get my drift. Although this is another handjob site- the site is not all handjobs. There is a little bit of oral in some of the sets, and an extended introduction section. It is a handjob site- but there is a little variety. The action involves one guy and one girl uniformly... and she's usually stroking the meatstick!

At the time of review, Jerk Me Now had a total of 15 girls. This is a nice number for the site and with the networks update schedule, hopefully some of that will trickle to Jerk Me Now. JMN has actually been updated A LOT in the past month.. but they could still use more content. The network as a whole updates almost daily, although theres no real schedule that each individual site is on as far as updates go. You are buying a network here more than any individual site, so I guess we should talk about the network!

A membership here nets you a ton of sites: Gag School, Gag On My Cock, Leaking Liquids, Jerk Me Now, Just Creampie, Handjob Spectacles, Handjob Models, Asian Massage, Jizz On Glasses, Look At Me Bitch, Daily Fresh Movies, Suck My Dick Now, and Teens Turn Whores. This is a big deal, with lots of good sites with good content. And with almost daily updates, it's an impressive deal and definately worth it!


Jerk Me Now is one of the better sites on this network with a good quality and also a decent amount of content. This network and site is a must for handjob fans, with three handjob sites to it. Great for yous who like to watch the girlies stroke the sausage! Tough for me to have to find another intro to another handjob site! And quite tough to find a category for, I've seen like 4-6 of these handjobs only sites, enough for a new category....? I'm giving it the fetish label just to make people aware right away that the niche is to be looked at.


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