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Review of Suck My Dick Now:

Suck My Dick Now! It's one of the demands that many guys would like to lay upon their women, but most know that they would get the shit slapped out of them if they did. Some of the others are, Make me a sandwich now woman! Anal, now! You work, and I sit around and watch TV all day! But as nice guys, we don't say this. Instead, we visit porn sites named this and have just as much fun getting out minds off of our women for a while!

Suck My Dick Now is a reality-esque video site with a focus on blowjobs. The focus is very apparent in the title of the site. Even though this is a focus, they do go away from their focus in some videos. It's a pretty hard site to review, because it's not a real reality site. It's more like a video site that is trying hard to be a reality site. Either way, here comes the review of the site that is hard to review!

The site design of Suck My Dick now is kind of weird. You first sign onto the site, and you are given a page of all the network sites. Then you can select Suck My Dick now and it takes you to that page. On the Suck My Dick now page, you are given one big thumbnail and four smaller ones of the girls. It gives you a somewhat good idea of what you are looking for in the video, but I also would say that the thumbnails could be produced a little bit better. With that said, the site design is just sorta eh. All the files are right there on the front page. It leads to a pretty big, messy front page. You can also download the videos right from the front page. So it's pretty much a one page deal here. So a simple site design, which doesn't do much either way.

Suck My Dick now is a video site. As such, the videos are the focus. The videos come in mixed formats.. there are some MPGs, some AVIs, etc. The files are all segmented to some extent. Some have three segments, some have five, some have like twenty. It's all across the board here. The reason it's all across the board will be revealed later! Anyway, the segmentation is just irregular. Some segments can be short, some really long. It's just a giant mix here. I did have one technical problem downloading the videos, and that was that it just seemed to take a long time for the video to start downloading. They went pretty fast after they started, it's just the start time that was long.

As the videos range in segmentation and length, they also range in quality. Some of these videos look great, are full screenable with very few flaws. Others are kind of weak, with pixelation even on the small screen not to mention the big screen. As a general rule, I'd say the videos on the top of the site are better than the ones on the bottom. It's not an update issue at all. Overall, I'd call the videos passable but they really need to consistency factor for me to be real impressed.

I'd like to now touch on the reason why I think this site is such a jumbled mess. And it is: unexclusive videos. I've seen some of these videos before, and it wouldn't surprise me if they were all available elsewhere. I normally don't mind as long as they don't try to pass off as being original. These ones are passed off. In fact, in some of the descriptions, the writer says "I slammed this chick so hard" for example. But the problem is, in each video theres different guys- so how is it all supposed to be the writer? Either way, the videos could still be good even being unexclusive... but as far as I'm concerned, they really don't pass as far as quality goes to make this site worth looking at twice.

The girls on Suck My Dick Now are all fairly attractive porn-looking girls. They look like the porn stars that you see on a lot of the video type sites. Malezia, whose site we reviewed, has a set on here. Theres also some more amateur looking girls. All in all, it's a nice combo of girls.. I just wish I hadn't seen them all elsewhere before. The action on Suck My Dick Now is primarily blowjobs. Due to the nature of the videos, they do branch out quite a bit but I'd still say the focus is on blowjobs. The action lasts around 30 minutes for each video, with some shorter and some longer. It all depends, really. With a mixture site, it's hard to really generalize.

A membership here nets you a ton of sites: Gag School, Gag On My Cock, Leaking Liquids, Jerk Me Now, Just Creampie, Asian Massage, Jizz On Glasses, Look At Me Bitch, Daily Fresh Movies, Suck My Dick Now, and Teens Turn Whores. While this site is not exclusive, I think some of these other sites are exclusive making the deal much sweeter. This is a good additional site to the set of sites here- but just with a quick look it seems like one of the weakest ones. I recommend the network but not this site. It also doesn't appear to be updated regularly.


This is a decent site for those of you who haven't seen these videos before. The network as a whole is impressive, and this site boasts 31 videos that's good un-exclusive bonus content to support the other sites exclusive sites. It's a nice throw-in but on it's own this is a cookie cutter site that isn't, as it states, exclusive.


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