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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
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Review of Facial Abuse:

There are many different styles of pornography. I have two subcategories under the bigger category of "hardcore." One is regular hardcore, and the other is super-hardcore. Super hardcore, for me, is when the action is rough. The girls may not enjoy every second of what is going on. The thrusts are more violent, the screams are more in pain than ecstacy, and the end result is not only a relief for the man but a relief for the women, as her abuse is over. Facial Abuse is a website that leans towards that super-hardcore side of things.

Facial Abuse is a reality website. The theme here is face-fucking. If you're not familiar, face fucking is when instead of a blowjob type action, the guy actually sits the girl still and thrusts in and out of her mouth.. sometimes violently, as in this site. It's oral, with the guy doing all the work. The theme extends to having multiple facials, and the girls faces being almost completely covered, almost like a bukkake video. Since the theme is action oriented, the girls don't have to be pigeonholed into a certain look. The site theme isn't the most original out there, but I don't think it's been covered too extensively to say its overdone. So here it is!

The site design here on Facial Abuse was pretty nice. Once you sign onto the main page, you are given a very reality-esque page. It has ten of the latest models. For each model, you get one large thumbnail depicting the aftermath of the cumshot, and six smaller thumbnails of the action. Very nice system and it's easy to tell whether you will like the set right from the main page and save you the trouble of downloading movies you will not like. The front page also provides some essential information that many sites forget, like scene time, file size for all formats, and number of pictures. There are ten sets listed on a page, which kind of bogs down the page a little bit, but I'd say more content is better and less browsing is better, so bring it on!

You have three options of video download here at Facial Abuse. You can download a complete broadband, high quality version. This is usually around the 300MB mark. Some push higher. You can download a complete 56K version as well. These land around 50MB or so. You can also download 56K clips. Thats only good for dialup users. I like the fact that they focus on full movies here. I also like that they offer a no-frills downloading system. You can download full videos right from the front page, easy as cake and just as tasty! The files can take a bit to download due to the size and easiness, but I'd rather click a link to download movies and then go take a nap over spending the entire night clicking links and having faster downloads. I'm sure everyone else will feel the same as well.

The video quality here is pretty awesome, at high quality. You can easily full screen the videos and they look great. They are not perfect, but they are close enough and will please everyone but the finnickist DVD qualitist porn watcher! They run smoothly, and most of them clock in at the 30 minute mark. Plenty of time to get everything done, and the site just churns out some good porn that cannot be ignored!

The pictures on facial abuse are merely vidcaps of the action portrayed in the videos. However, for vidcaps, these pictures are pretty damn good! The number of pictures is good, the vidcaps are still repetitive but all in all, these vidcaps are the best I've seen in a while with minimal bluriness and a pretty good picture quality. On top of that, there is also a section for high resolution pictures, where the pictures are just awesome!

The girls here on Facial Abuse are very attractive amateur girls. They are all relatively young looking, and relatively amateur looking. Theres a nice mix of ethnicities with some Indian girls, some Latinas, and more! Most general sites don't do that, but Facial Abuse does! Kudos to them. The action here is as expected, face fucking, rather violent, and then multiple cumshots. Thats the theme of the site, if you don't like that, you probably won't like the site. If you are a fan of bukkake videos, this site might be something for you to look into even if you don't like the face-fucking aspect of it! There is also regular sex parts as well, so it's not just a blowjob-exclusive website!

With your membership to Facial Abuse, you are given a membership to Ghetto Gaggers as well. You are also given weekly updates in addition to the 50+ video sets you already have here at the time of review. Awesome number of sets here on the site, and while the number of sites is not as big as a lot of the reality networks, you still get a LOT of videos and a good value for your dollar.


Great content, and an awesome site for those who like the theme. A great site worth checking into! The category "Blowjobs" might not exactly cover this one because as mentioned earlier it's a bit more extreme than that, just so you know ;).


29.95 One Month membership

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