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Review of Ebony Next Door:

Everybody needs a sista. Theres a running joke I've got going with my friends. And that is that we all want to take a taste of the darker meat before we commit to marriage, engagement, and all that. While there are a whole ton of white girls who are dying for a black man, the number of white guys going for black girls seems drastically smaller. Even so, I'll be glad to raise my hand and bang one out with my black neighbor. Which is what this site, Ebony Next Door, is all about. Sit back, enjoy the ride and get into one of the biggest fantasies of white men, whether they want to admit it or not.

Ebony Next Door is a video site. The focus on the site is black women with white men. I actually think this is a pretty good focus. Let me tell you why. I'm actually a pretty big fan of interracial sex when there is a black girl and a white guy. So naturally, I seek out sites much like this one. And I am often disappointed. That is because the lions share of interracial sites out there deal with black men and white women. And then when you check out the "ebony" sites, those are usually black women alone or with black men. And that doesn't really do it for me either. So usually when looking for videos like this, I just have to put up with the one or two black girls some reality sites happen to throw up. Well, this is an entire site of interracial sex like this- so as a theme, I enjoyed it a lot and thought it was pretty fresh as well.

The site design of Ebony Next Door is pretty simple, straightforward, and all around good. When you first sign onto Ebony Next Door, you are given a page full of content. On the top of the page there are the more traditional reality type setup for videos, with thumbnails and descriptions and whatnot. On the bottom of the page, it's like a "lite" type setup. One thumbnail, and links to the videos and to the pictures. It really works out nicely, as it incorporates two different schools of web design, both are done nicely. Other than that, no real design qualms other than a shitty toolbar on the top which has some borderline advertising links. Still, that is pretty unobtrusive, I just found it a little offensive because people pay money to get on the site. Still, this is a solid site design and holds up well. Nothing too fancy, nothing too simple, and lots of options make this a cool site design.

The videos on Ebony Next Door are available in several different formats. You can download a full MPG, a full WMV or AVI, and also segmented versions of each video. Lots of different options here. And yes, there is that full video option which is really cool. Less cool is the idea that there is segments, but the segments are done tastefully, and they complement full video downloads, so it all really works out. You just get the feeling that the webmasters here were trying to satisfy everybody. I would call that a success. At highest quality, these videos look pretty good. They aren't the best I've ever seen, I will say that. At the same time, they are pretty damn good. One possible pet peeve is that at full screen, the fullest screen you can get, there are still bars on the top and the bottom like when you get a DVD in widescreen format. I really don't like that on DVD and don't care for it much in porn either. With the full video, there is a little pixelation and bluriness. It's not perfect, but it's still pretty good quality and should satisfy all but the greediest quality freaks.

The camerawork on Ebony Next Door is also very good. A lot of these scenes seem like they could have came straight from a real porn, which is cool. Another good thing about these videos is that they use the "POV" perspective in some cases. This perspective is not used sometimes in some videos, and there are groups of people out there that love this perspective. It's not used enough for me to recommend this site to those people, but it is something I felt was worth noting as an extension of the camerawork. The camera flows crisp and clean throughout, although some of the MPGs I had played slowly when you tried to fast forward them. No biggie really, but worth mentioning as a slight annoyance.

Ebony Next Door has pictures as well. As a video site, you wouldn't expect the pictures to be very good. Well, in this case, you are correct. Sure, the thumbnailling was really good- and the gallery layout was also really good. But on the bad side was the actual pictures. They were just weak vidcaps, and I would like to spend no further time on them icon_smile.gif

The girls on Ebony Next Door were mild to hot black women. That was the theme, not a hard theme to follow and the follow through. The action here was a little different from normal porn. I would say that they spent a little much time in the "foreplay" stages, with oral and whatnot, and not as much time in the actual sex stages. Still solid action, but there were some videos which were only oral.

This site employs a network schedule of updates, where every page on the network is updated daily, which puts this site into a cycle. The other pages on the network are Fuck Next Door, Hot Mom Next Door, and Blowjob Next Door. A solid network of OK sites, with this one standing out as the most unique and best fitted for a custom membership in my opinion!


Ebony Next Door is a great site with a focus on black women and white men. It's nothing too special, but if you like me are a fan of this type of action, its definately worth a look,


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