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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
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Review of Dave Cummings:

Dave Cummings is billed as the oldest active male porn star in the business. Now thats a great label to hav. I mean, shit, being like a billion years old and still getting to bang young girls and get paid for it? I hope my older years are this healthy! I'm a big Dave fan for several reasons. He was originally born in the same area as me. He was in one of the first porn movies I ever bought. He's old and cool. Theres a guy I know that looks like him. A lot of people might think, ewww flabby old man penis. Dave is not the best built guy ever, but he has the same thing going for him that Ron Jeremy has going for him, and thats that the average joe, you and I, can relate to him. He's not a musclebound stud with a trophy wife. He's just like me and you, and that is great for us! When I found out Dave Cummings had a website, I of course wanted to check it out. And now with the opportunity, I will share my findings!

Dave Cummings is a mixture website with a focus on the male porn star, Dave Cummings. Dave, although not being a newcomer to life, is a relative newcomer to porn. His porn career didn't start until he was aging. His website features information about him, videos from his porn movies, and pictures as well. So it really is a mixture, although I'd label it a traditional site if I had to. Dave is the man here, too, so don't expect the site to have lots of different actors. You can see him banging mainly younger girls here on Dave

The site design here is a little strange. When you first sign on to the site, you are taken to a page that has the latest news and site updates on it. Theres a toolbar on the top of the site that allows you to move around the site. Theres lots of options and different things to go to within the site. Unfortunately, when you are selecting videos at least, the thumbnailling is poor to useless. The box cover is all you have to go by when downloading the movies. Furthermore, theres tons of links to nonimportant leased video sites on the sidebar of the video page. Basically, the site design could use some serious work, it's very traditional, and not very sleek or stylish at all.

The videos here on Dave Cummings are all over the place. In general, you get three qualities of WMV files to download. Certain movies also have a Real Video download option. A couple of the series, Kneepad Nymphos and Sugar Daddies, take youto a leased-like site with a streaming video player in a popup window. I think these are actually leased onto other sites. So like I said it's all over the place. I'll talk mainly about the downloadable movies. These are available in different quality formats (usually two or three) and the quality formats are not very impressive. The highest quality they offer is 250k here. If you are going to offer three different qualities, it'd be nice if they at least spread them out quality wise a little more. The ones I am looking at now are 56K, 100K, and 250K. Those are all about the same quality to me in my head. Sure, 250 is a little better than 56, but still... The videos are also heavily segmented, in most cases are two minutes each. Combine that with the low file quality, and you get movies to download very quickly but in the end being very unsatisfying.

The quality of the videos is a mess. 250K is the highest quality, need I say more? These videos look grainy and just plain bad at REGULAR size. Don't even think about full sizing them. This is a quality freaks biggest nightmare.. the quality freak actually is awakened by this nightmare. On top of all that, some of the lighting in some of the scenes is really bad as well. When it rains, it pours I guess. Well, it would take a miracle for the pictures section to redeem the awefully bad videos, lets see how they do!

The pictures here are not vidcaps. Thank god. The images range in size but the two examples I found were 750 x 563 pixels and 950 x 703 pixels. The picture gallery is also a bunch of text links, and then clicking on a text link will take you to the relevant gallery. Again, not an ideal setup but its an ancient design just like it's ancient star! The pictures here are actually really good. Dave gets some good galleries with all of the girls, and there are a ton of pictures to sort through. The quality is really dependent on the set, some of these sets look beautiful while others look hideous. Just inconsistent, really. One cool thing about the site was that Dave has a really good listing of the girls he's been with, and each girl has her own page with links to the picture galleries and also the names of the movies she has appeared in. This also has some nice descriptions in it. In my opinion they should have taken advantage of this format more as its really not bad.

The extras on Dave Cummings site are kinda cool. There is the Dave Around Town section which has a lot of outside porn pictures of Dave, just a cool little addition. Theres a cool filmography, and an article on how to become a male pornstar. My favorite is his column though. Dave chirps in with a column of stuff every month. He shows himself as being very likable and down to earth, and just a cool guy. And the stories are usually interesting as well. Just a cool little addition to the site.

The action on this site is primarily boy-girl, old boy young girl action. It doesn't get much more simpler than this. There are some scenes with a little kinkiness involved, but for the most part it's like watching a porn movie. Well, because, thats what you are doing. To touch on the exclusiveness, each and every one of these videos are out there on DVD/VHS somewhere. It never claimed to be exclusive and it's really not. The pictures can be counted as exclusive, but thats about it. Otherwise it's all stuff available elswhere, and of course you can buy it on-site as well.

If anything, Dave Cummings doesn't lack for content. You get a total of 20 full porn videos here in their different formats. Figure 5-7 scenes per video, and thats good content. The pictures date back to 1999 and they seem to do weekly updates, but without perfect execution. And the site hasn't been updated since July either. Theres also no bonus sites for you to enjoy, except for the few leased on the videos page.


As much as I love Dave's work, I'd have to suggest going out and renting some of his movies over this site. It's design is weak, the videos are horrible, and the pictures are just ok. The saving grace here is that theres a lot of content, but instead of saving the site it just makes me slag it a little less.


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