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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$39.95/60 days
$54.95/90 days
$74.95/180 days

Review of Nachos Killer Pussy:

Right now, as I am writing you this article, it is 10:40 am and I am very hungry. I can go across the way and pick up some nachos. And after seeing this site, I am very tempted to do that. Not because of anything on the site, just because of the name. But thinking of nacho's killer pussy reminds me of two of my favorite things, food and pussy. I shouldn't spend too much time on this site, as I will have a permanent tent in my pants and a rumbling stomach! This site is about a man name Nacho, and the awesome pussy he gets!

Nacho's Killer Pussy is a video site with a lot of focus on the videos. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a reality site- in reality, there isn't too much of a theme to it. It's basically a site with a ton of good videos, and Nacho just happens to be involved with them. So I'd call it a video site over a reality site. And as such, there is really no particular genre/niche that it really caters to. Instead, it caters to a broad category of people who just like porn and want to see good porn. It is very successful in doing that! First, let us touch on the site design of Nacho's Killer Pussy.

The site design is very simple. One thing I really liked about it was that there wasn't much BS to the site. You login, theres about 10 sets per page, right there on the main pages. They are all numbered and dated so you can easily find out where you left off from the last time you were on the site. It's really a no-frills website. Theres no ads anywhere, theres just a little text on the main page. I like that aspect of the site. One of the things I didn't like was the thumbnailling on the site. The main page only has one thumbnail for the whole set, and that one doesn't represent the set very well in my opinion. When you get into the videos, each segment has a thumbnail which helps a little bit, but I'd really like a bigger thumbnail or maybe just a portrait of the girl or something, anything.

I already gave away a little bit about the videos here on Nachos Killer Pussy. The videos are all in the WMV format, and you can get three quality levels: low, medium, and high. As most people do, I went for high quality. At this quality, the videos were really really good. What I liked most is that when you watch in normal size, the picture is already pretty damn big. That is really cool. And when you full screen these suckers, they still looked really good. Really clear and crisp, I just cannot complain at all about video quality. Just a nice clear, crisp quality that really stands up to the best sites out there. The camerawork here is done really well too. The people behind the site are New Sensations, a professional porn company from what I hear. Well, that kind of shows, as the videos here give off a professional vibe even though they look amateur like a regular reality type site.

My only complaint about the videos here on Nachos is the way they are presented to download. First of all, the videos are all segmented with no options to download a full video. At three minute segments, that is borderline for me. Most of the videos have a lot of segments, (5-12) and are therefore long and also tedious to download. I prefer five minute segments if any at all, just because I don't like to spend my entire night pointing and clicking. Which is what I do here. Speaking of which, theres even more pointing and clicking here, because when you get to the video page, you have to open a new window for every segment you download, and then click the download link. Just a tedious extra step. While not a huge complaint, it is a valid one and something that the webmasters should look at to make a great site even greater.

Nachos Killer Pussy also has a pictures section. Like many video heavy sites, the pictures are all vidcaps. Vidcaps, as a review, are pictures taken from the movie. Basically, it's like watching TV and taking a picture of it. If you've ever done that, you know the pictures don't come out too great. And if you were taking a picture of a whole movie, you wouldn't be able to capture the essence of a movie. And vidcaps don't really capture anything. With that lecture all over, I must say that the pictures here are so-so as far as vidcaps go. Definately not the worst I've ever seen, but in the end they are still just shitty vidcaps.

The action here on Nachos is pretty varied. While there is no specific niche for the site, they do capture a broad range of sexual acts here. But they will only do some of them once. Like theres one set with a footjob, but thats it. In the end, you find yourself with a good variety of porn. They seem to lean more towards the hardcore type of sex as well. The girls here are very hot, and they fit into the site very well. The preview will give you a good idea of the girls here, but there is no particular type of girl, just hot ones!

At the time of review, Nachos Killer Pussy had a HUGE 66 video sets on the site. With weekly updates, that number will grow and grow as time goes on by. As if that wasn't enough to warrant a membership, you also get access to the 4 Finger Club, Papaloads, both similar sites with similar content. Just an awesome deal here, and you also get access to XXX Movie Files. This is all exclusive content as well, so you won't find it anywhere else!


Just a great site, it's few slight flaws have been noticed, but I highly recommend this site and consider it one of the best sites I've seen in a while. I haven't heard much about it on the net either, so perhaps you have a hidden jewel if you haven't either.


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