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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
$89.50/365 days

Review of Lex Steele:

The plot thickens people, as this site is the actual official Lex Steele homepage. Lately we've reviewed another Lex Steele page that hit the net just a couple weeks ago and that was definitely a decent effort. Now the same people behind has been chosen by Lex to make his official page and at the moment it's hard to see which company would do a much better job. Brainpass already includes a wide selection of sites that range from single girl sites to porn star sites like Without any exceptions any new sites that they produce will always be included to any member of any of their sites and so far they have been a roll with their high quality sites, so how does compare?

Lex in the City

Some of you may never have heard about Lex Steele, that is if you are not one of the 21 million viewers of his show on Playboy TV called Lex in the city. Because I don't get the Playboy channel I have been deprived of this pleasure as well so I have only heard about it, never seen it. And right here is where the official Lex page starts to stand out. This is the only page for example where you are able to download his TV shows.

Lex videos

As with all other Brainpass sites the videos are available in 6 levels of quality, 4 of these are .wmv format and the remaining 2 are .mpg format. If we look at the quality of at the best of those available we see that has managed to do the job a little better. The quality is definitely in the best end of the scale and even in full screen resolution mode the sharpness is great making the videos very enjoyable to watch.

The videos are all sorted by what Lex series they belong to. There are 8 main series and you might recognize the names of these:
Pole Position – This series seems to always feature Lex himself doing the girls.

Black Reign – A series that put focus on black chicks.

Heavy Metal – Starring Lex in anal scenes.
Lexsteelexxx - This series seems to always feature Lex himself doing the girls.

Lexonblondes – Pretty self explanatory, but yeah it's all about the blondies.

Top Gun – Procuded by Lex this series features other male actors as well.

Man Hammer – Featuring Lex and others focusing on the big dick niche.

Superwhores – Produced by Lex seems this is focused on the sluttiest girls.

I always want to be able to download a scene/movie in one sitting, I never enjoy having to download in segments only to put them together myself if I want to watch them interrupted or making queue files. Though the movies are all 100% downloadable they are also split up into segments of 5 minutes. This means that a typical Lex movie scene will be around 6 maybe 7 segments to download. I believe that if they made the scenes available as one big file to download this site would be over the top for Lex fans.

What? There's pictures?

Yeah this was quite a surprise. We've seen video site after video site pop up the last 1-2 years because videos are the only thing we porn hungry peons are after right? Well I for one still enjoy high quality still photos instead of the usual screenshots we have to settle for and I got them here. Sure every scene has belonging screenshots which aren't bad, infact they are probably as good quality as you can get out of screen capping movies. These aren't really that important though, the high resolution photos are on the other hand. To kick the site off there were 30 sets available from the get-go and it sees to be the still shots from the movies Lex produces. The quality of the pictures are good, high resolution and fairly sharp, to get an idea of the quality of these check out the samples for this review, the quality level is kept throughout the sets.

Yeah yeah, but where's the rest?

As I mentioned in the beginning of the review this site is produced by the Brainpass guys and they are starting to have one of the most varied networks out there. Sure they have their porn star movies and tons of them but the fact that they also feature hot single girl sites like,, and makes it more interesting to keep up with. With your membership to you also get access to all these sites, bonus content and occasional live shows with the girls in the network.


It's hard to put a finger on what to be discontent with about this new Lex Steele release. He is known for his huge dick and good taste in picking out girls and after going through this site I would say this reputation is fitting. Besides wanting the movies available as 1 file instead of segmented I have no real complaints about this site. The site is great and fans would be content with just getting this, but with the network one gets so much more, it's a good buy and I highly recommend it.


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