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Review of Asian Sex Trip:

My friends, it's time for another sex trip. Where in the world do we get to go today? How does the wonderful land of asia sound? Not bad, huh? Where the women are beautiful and the men are ill-equipped, or so they say.. how about we go there and find out if the various myths are true? When I was younger, I would have killed to go on an Asian Sex Trip. I wish the website Asian Sex Trip was around back then. Now, as I get older, I'd rather just go on any type of sex trip! So Asian will be just fine for me!

Asian Sex Trip is a reality site with a focus on asian women. That is more of a type of model style focus than an action focus, so with the name you get a good idea of what the girls on the site are going to be like. And that is asian. As far as reality sites go, this is pretty much a pure reality site. While some sites are a nice mixture, Asian Sex Trip is pure reality. With reality sites, you pretty much know what to expect by now. And Asian Sex Trip does reality and does it like you would expect it to be done. I'm blabbering here, so let's get onto site design!

The site design of Asian Sex Trip is what I would classify as subpar. It looks like a spam site sometimes, with lots of links all over the place, and its kind of hard to figure out where the good original content is and where the crap links are. When you first sign onto the site, you get the bonus original stuff in text links on the top. Then theres a bunch of paid/leased links, and then the exclusive content. After that there is more crap. While the site design itself isn't too bad, and the banner actually looks really cool, just having all the extrenous crap is what soured the design for me.

The video section on Asian Sex Trip is pretty uniquely set up. When you click on a girl, you have the option of going to her pictures page or going to one of the three videos pages. Each girl has five segments per video page, with a total of fifteen segments. Or you could download a longer video, a full video of each page, which will give you a total of three segments per girl. I know, it's kind of complicated; but ultimately, it comes down to three segments of fifteen segments, either way there is no full video download. You can either stream the videos or download them, and there are two qualities, High and Low. The videos only come in the WMV format, no matter which quality you are selecting. The video length seems to be close to 30 minutes per set. Not much time is spent with talking and "setup" like in some reality sites. They jump into the action here pretty quickly. By the same token, I thought the action here got pretty dragged out and stagnant. Having more variety, or shorter videos, would take the site much further in my opinion.

I didn't even touch on video quality yet. Well, the video quality here on Asian Sex Trip is good. These are not the best quality videos I have ever seen. They are by far also not the worst I have ever seen. They are on the lower end of the good side. At regular size, the videos look pretty good. When you full size them, they still look decent, but lots of pixelation and bluriness is apparent. These are still good quality videos, don't get me wrong. They are just a little flawed on full screen but still very acceptable in general!

The pictures here on Asian Sex Trip are just vidcaps. And when I say just vidcaps, I mean just vidcaps. Some of the pictures here are blurry and pixelated, while others don't look half bad. It's just a mixture, but as far as pictures go.. they aren't original pictures, they are just vidcaps, it's expected from a reality site but it won't help get the picture fans to buy the site.

The girls here on Asian Sex Trip are asian girls. As far as asian girls go, I only picked out a few that I thought were particularly hot and attractive. I'll admit my years of admiring asians has passed, but that doesn't mean that I can't appreciate a nice piece of ass when I see one. And I didn't see too many here. To be honest with you, I only found a couple I wanted to download and save to my own hard drive. Thats not to say it isn't a good site for asian fans: just check the previews first to see if you agree with me on the hotness issue! The action here is pretty much one on one, and its all asian. The guys are asian to from what I saw. And let me make a comment here, if you are a guy, and your in porn, nobody wants to see a closeup of the cut you have on your leg. Thats just gross and disgusting, and I really couldn't "perform" to a video because of it. It makes the site look dirty and disgusting, and I'm sorry. As far as the rest of the site goes, it was your regular porn fare. Nothing too kinky or exciting here, just basic sex with the twist being that the actors are asian. It's good for asian fetish fans, but anyone else might look the other way!

Asian Sex Trip does not give you a solid update schedule. On the side, it shows thumbnails of the latest updates and when they are coming. But all the ones I saw were for the unoriginal dvd content on the bottom of the page, and not the actual Asian Sex Trip content. And with no timestamping I really cannot tell when the site is actually updated. At the time of review, there were a total of 14 girls on the site. In addition to the leased/bonus/dvd type bonuses, you also get access to four reality sites: TgirlIsland, Black Ass Busters, Got Fooled, and Creampie Surprise. While I have sorta slagged Asian Sex Trip, this network is actually pretty good with some decent sites. Creampie Surprise is a really good site actually with timestamps and weekly updates and everything!


This is a decent reality site for fans of Asian women. I'll be honest and admit I didn't get much satisfaction from it- but the network it's on is pretty good, there is a cool trial offer and boiled down to the basics there are a handful of really good sets on this site, combine that with the network and a trial (a rarity in reality porn it seems) I'd say this is a site to take a look at despite its flaws!


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