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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
$89.50/365 days

Review of Melissa Doll:

Awww, she's such a doll! Thats what a lot of older people say to young little girls when they are kids. Such a doll, such a sweet, pretty little doll. Well, to me, I say.. give me a call when you turn 18. Because you gotta respect the beautiful ones early! And you know, the pretty little dolls will turn into the wet and wild sluts. One of these beautiful, wet and wild sluts that probably was called a doll when she was younger is Melissa Doll, and today we are reviewing her porn site! Where oh where did mommy and daddy go wrong? Let's not complain!

Melissa Doll is a single model website with a focus on videos. The focus is also on Melissa Doll of course, as she is in every set in one way or another! While it is a single model site, it's not an amateur single model site. I doubt that Melissa got her hands dirty very much in designing this site. I'm sure she got her hands dirty in the videos, but thats a completely different story! Anyway, this is designed sort of like a traditional site, the only real single model aspect it has to it is a diary section where there are stories. There is a focus on videos here, although they also do treat pictures with quite a bit of respect.

When you first enter Melissa Doll (or her webpage anyway), you are given a bit of a portal page where you must select where to go without seeing much content. Sure, there are little bits of the latest updates, but you really are not seeing that much. It works out really well, though. Each of the individual section work really well, as they are thumbnailled really well, organized good, and give you lots of clarity while still looking good to the eye as well. A really professional web design that I cannot display any harsh feelings towards whatsoever!

The videos section is the most important section to Melissa Doll. The videos here are downloadable in either WMV or MPG, in a range of quality formats in both low and high quality. The highest possible quality is 700k for a WMV, and 650k for an MPG. Both of these formats give you a superior video quality. You can full screen these movies without very much loss of quality, and the movies look really good in full screen. No hesitation, very little pixelation, just all around good movies. They are segmented movies, with most of the sets having four parts. The first part is usually a really small one, just an intro, with the later parts getting to be the beefy stuff! I normally wouldn't mind segmented movies unless they are rediculously segmented, but here its a pain due to the downloading problems on the server. For some reason, the server wouldn't let me download more than a couple segments at a time. I have my queues set up so I can do lots of them, and have never ran into this problem anywhere else except for this network. The download speeds are BLAZING fast though, so maybe that is how they maintain such great speeds for everyone. The length of the movie clips are competitive, I'd say they are long enough to get everything done, but short enough where theres not a lot of boring repetition either. Just an all around good video section on an all around good site!

Melissa Doll also has two pages of pictures, seperate from the video sets. These pictures are professionally done pictures, not vidcaps, of Melissa in various poses in various places. The pictures here are very well done, and I creamed my pants just knowing that the webmasters had enough respect for their customers to put more than just vidcaps on the site. Of course, there are vidcaps too for every video set. So if you like pictures as well as movies, Melissa Doll might be high on your possible visitation list. The galleries are nicely set up and there are some good sized thumbnails on it as well, so you will not be disappointed with the pictures section here on Melissa Doll.

The action here on Melissa Doll focuses on Melissa Doll. With that, you really have to be a Melissa Doll fan to enjoy most of the content, as she is in every set, Melissa is a young brown haired beauty. While she is really cute and I enjoy all of her scenes, she doesn't emit as much of that "amateur wholesomeness" that I and a lot of other guys like. Theres another girl in the network, Christine Young, who does that for me. Still, she is an amazingly pretty girl with an awesome body and she does awesome things to that body! There are a lot of different types of sex here on the site. Theres boy on girl. Girl on Girl. Girl on two boys. Girl alone (want some help from me?) And theres just a lot of variety so it never really gets boring, even though the focus is just on one girl.

At the time of review, there were 17 sets of videos and 12 sets of pictures. While this isn't the hugest amount of content ever, they do have an already sufficient database. The site updates weekly it seems, but there is no solid timestamping system in place. But they do have every leased site in the world on here, so if you haven't seen them before, this alone will keep you very very busy. Theres also an awesome number of cool bonus sites, including Peter North, Christine Young, Silverstone Video, I Want Latina, Sweet Amylee, Peters Cumshots, Shelby Bell, Real Squirt and Hardcore Fiesta. With the addition of some newer sites including this one, this has become a package to reckon with and one of the best deals on the net. Worth the membership for the network alone to be honest!


You get a cute girl, part of a huge network with lots of video content. Alone this site would be great, but along with the network... I just think its a force to reckon with and it's one of the better deals out there on the net, so set some computer time aside in case you have the same kind of downloading problems I had, and just have fun on Melissa Doll and her affiliated sites!


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