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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
$89.50/365 days

Review of I Want Latina:

*note* We link to where you can get a complete overview of all the sites in the package *note*

I Want Latina. I used to want latina. I documented that in these very introductions for several other latina sites we have reviewed here. This was one hot mama. I still see her around once and a while, and honestly, sometimes I think of what might have been. But snap back into reality, and I see that I have a great life now.. and wouldn't trade it for anything. Well, except maybe Julianne Moore.. but thats a different story! Anyway, latinas are always touch and go for me.. they are either superhot, and deserve a quick and proper banging, or they are complete dogs, and need to be put back into the pound. Theres really no middle ground with latinas.

I Want Latina is a video site with a focus on latina girls. I call it a video site, even though it has pictures and videos. Why, you ask? Well, the focus is obviously on videos, and the videos are really good. SO its not really a traditional site. There is no real reality element to it either, even if it is themed (That seeems to be what defines them now a days). So it lies in the middle as simply a video site. As such, its pretty good and down to earth.. the theme is latinas, and they have lots of nice latina ladies for you to check out here!

When you first log into I want Latina, you are given a well organized front page. Unlike many sites, there is not much content on the front page. Instead, you must navigate to the subpages to get to the bulk of the content. The front page is like a nice portal. Moving into each section is a breeze, and everything is very well organized. The front page does have the latest video set and the latest picture set. But thats about it! The site is designed very well though, it runs smoothly while still being very pleasing to the eye. You really couldn't ask for much more out of a site. Just an all around good site design that I can't really tear down at all, except for a few minor issues I will discuss in their more relevant sections.

The videos, as mentioned before, are the standout here on I Want Latina. The videos are available in either high or low format, and you can also do either WMV or MPG. Each movie is split into three or four segments here. I'm not a big fan of segmentation, but if theres only a couple of segments, I guess its ok. Each segment is about five minutes long, so these aren't the longest videos ever but they get the job done. The video quality here is also pretty great. At highest quality, the videos are done at 700K which means that they can full screen very nicely. They do indeed look really good. The only technical problem I'd like to bring up is with the actual video download process. For some reason, on this site and this network, it only allows me to download a video or two at a time. On top of that, sometimes if I dont have anything going on, it still has something queued. This was just a little annoyance, but its one of those things that becomes a big annoyance and may stop you from downloading as much as you normally would. Worth a mention.

The action on the videos is very, well, hardcore pornoish. You might say, well yeah it's a porn site stupid. But what I mean is, the video is very much like the type you can go in a store and rent. Nice camera work and angles, and a very big production. These are scenes taken from actual porno, and you can tell that. Its not a bad thing by any stretch, but some people like watching their scenes a little more amateur. The camerawork and action is exquisite, and I have to commend them for that. Lighting is perfect, just really cant complain about the videowork here at all except for the traditional porn factor.

The pictures on I Want Latina are also very good. I was expecting vidcaps of the video series. What you get instead is some beautiful standalone pictures which I can give nothing but praise for. Sure, theres only 6 sets and around 33 pictures each, but it really beats the shit out of having vidcaps on the site. The pictures are 600 x 800 pixels and are perfectly crisp and clear. I must say that this is a great balls move by a site, and also a breath of fresh air to see some good pictures on a predominately video website! Still more would surely be appreciated.

The girls here are definately Latina girls. If you like Latina girls, you will love this site. If you're like me, you will pick and choose a bit, but the bonuses here make the site more than worth it. I'll get more into that later, but the girls here are good looking to fair looking latinas. I'm not the biggest latina fan so I cant judge too much on the looks of them. The action is very varied, but they seem to get all of the elements of hardcore nailed down. Theres some single male female scenes, some male male female, some female female male, etc etc. It will follow what you tend to expect from porn movies, and each set has a good description of the action as well.

At the time of review, there were 20 sets of videos and 6 sets of pictures. While this isn't the hugest amount of content ever, they do have an already sufficient database. The site doesnt have timestamps for me to tell you how often the update. But they do have every leased site in the world on here, so if you haven't seen them before, this alone will keep you very very busy. Theres also an awesome number of cool bonus sites, including Peter North, Christine Young, Silverstone Video (they produce these latina movies as well so more of the same here), Melissa Doll, Sweet Amylee, Peters Cumshots, Shelby Bell, Real Squirt and Hardcore Fiesta. With the addition of some newer sites including this one, this has become a package to reckon with and one of the best deals on the net. Worth the membership for the network alone to be honest!


I Want Latina hits all the positives and very few of the negatives. I wish the server didn't queue on me as much, that is my only real complaint, this is a must for latina fans and the network should be on the list of any self-respecting porn fan!


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