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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
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Review of Vivid:

I have visited Vivid's pages before but last time I visited them I really felt disappointed with the site and frankly forgot all about, even to post a review at the time. The reason that it came to mind again was that I saw the documentary from Vivid called Porno Valley. If you, like me, scan the channels for programs such as these then you probably caught it as well. I have only seen the first episode in a series of 13 but that was enough to get me very interested in some of the Vivid girls such as Mercedez who did her first anal in this one. I got so hooked on the girls that I decided to go join their website right away, not for a review at first, just for fun. I did find movies and pictures of all the girls I had seen in the TV show but still I'm left with a bitter taste and thinking "This site could be so much more".

You ever get the feeling that the big companies out there, I mean the really big ones like Hustler, Playboy, and so on really don't take the internet industry seriously? These companies have unheard of resources compared to people who just shoot for the internet and that gives them an edge, however it seems they use this edge to be more hesitant about how much they give us surfers. For example, on each of these companies' sites you can bet your bottom dollar that they will never let you download their videos to your hard drive, no they'll stream it for you and given their big name and frequent visits you'll experience speed issues a lot of the time. These are my experiences any way and Vivid seems to do the exact same thing.

Ok so we all know that Vivid has made tons of movies by now and the website promises us countless hours of exclusive movies here and that's no lie. When you go to their feature film section you can see right away how many movies they have online to view, at the moment it's 537, nice little chunk of porn ey? It's probably not the entire Vivid video archive brought online but it seems fairly close to me. Besides their feature films they have lots of other video viewing options like "behind the scenes", "bloopers", "webcast archives" and "boxcover shoots" all of which are quite interesting to go through.

When it comes to the videos we get a lot of them but the thorn in my eye is medium quality we have to settle for and strickly streaming formats. The formats you can stream the videos in are Real format and most of the time also Windows Media, and on a few clips by now they also have Quicktime available. I really really hate the Real player and I go as long as I can on a clean installation of Windows without installing it but to watch a lot of the movies here I had no choice. There were a lot of movies (older ones) that were only available for the Real player and in only one quality level, poor. That's a shame I think as the older ones were the most fun to dig up.

To save the day I dug my way through a lot of behind the scenes movies and blooper takes, this can make even the most grumpy old reviewer smile and I'm really glad Vivid has decided to put these sections in, instead of just their main features. And navigating through all the extra features here is quite easy.

If pictures are what turns you on about Vivid then don't worry there are tons of picture shoots for each and every Vivid girl you can think of, well at least I couldn't think of any that weren't here ;). But lucky us we can't right click the pictures and actually save them wooohooo. I've encountered this before but it still manages to make me very angry that I can't even save a picture and I can't see the logic behind it, also don't think that you can drag the picture to the top of the browser and then save it because the picture is link so that's what the browser will follow. The pictures too range from medium to really low quality. It's very kewl with a right bar from where you can choose all your favorite Vivid girls, but it is a bit disappointing when you stumble on 300*200 resolution pictures all the time.

How of then site is updated is really anyone's guess but I don't think they have a schedule like we are used to. I do think they update quite a bit but since they don't show when anything was added and don't claim to have an update frequency then it's just guessing at this point.

This is Vivid, they have what we want and they know it and to make sure we stay as members they stream their movies and save-protect their pictures. This makes a great "rental" site, you can come here whenever you wanna see a Vivid movie in medium or sub par quality, go behind the scenes and check pictures of your favorite Vivid girl. I dig the content and I love Vivid's search for quality in their movies and girls if only they would extend this to include their internet site this could be one of the best sites out there. I probably won't come back here, but the bulk video content makes the site worth consideration. I must admit I was disappointed with this one.


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