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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: wmv

Prices: $29.95/30 days

Review of Home Cumers:

In baseball, everybody wants to hit a home run. Nobody really wants to hit a triple. A double is OK, and who would want to hit a double? When you step up to the plate, you just want to send that ball flying over the fence. Then everyone will cheer for you, the guys will want to be you and the girls will flat out want you! Well, in porn, you want to find some home cumers.. some beautiful yet amateur girls who aren't afraid to do anything for your pleasure! The site being reviewed today is Home, focused on "the nastiest amateurs they can find."

I would consider Home Cumers a video site. It doesn't really have the setup or the theme of a reality site, but it is also not a traditional site either. Hell, it doesn't even have pictures. They try to sort themselves out as a reality site, but it's an out and out video site and I can get into that more later, and you will understand. There is not much of a theme here, the biggest "theme" I guess they have going for them is that the girls are amateurs.

When you first sign into Home Cumers, you are given a front page of content with 12 sets on the page. Each girl has one thumbnail, which is kinda small, almost like a normal photo thumbnail. The thumbnail is good enough to give you a decent idea of what is going on, but at the same time its not the greatest indication of the action. From this page, you select the girl and then move on to her video page. It's a very simple, clean site design. I wish there were a few more thumbnails per girl, but once you get to the individual girls site there are more thumbnails so I can't even complain about that too much! The site design here isn't mind-blowing- but it is very effective for what it is. Which is all you can really ask for, right? It just works good and therefore it is good.

The videos here on Home Cumers come in the WMV format only. You have the option of downloading six small segments of videos, or one large full size video. It's really awesome that they do have the full length video option. I like that so much better than having small segments, just because its easy to download this way, and also easy to horde all the videos. The segments are of different lengths, as each set has six, they have to split all the sets different ways to achieve that number. I only downloaded full videos, but the file sizes were managable yet somewhat large. You would expect that with full videos. There are lots of 100 and 200 MB files on here, so it will take a little while to download even on broadband. It's totally worth it, but this is definately not just a bang and run away quick-download site. The movies themselves are also fairly long, the ones I watched ranged in the 20-30 minute are for most of them. Also, on the front page, it says what kind of video it is in the thumbnail. IE, lesbian, blowjob, fucking,etc. I just forgot to say that earlier icon_smile.gif

The video quality is 690K. Those of you who know numbers know what that means- a pretty decent video quality. In fact, it's very good. You can full screen it almost flawlessly. There is a little loss of quality, but it's very very insignificant. The videos here are just great. The quality is great, and the camera work is great too. The videos seem like they are done professionally.. although I don't know what to say for sure. I'll get more into that later. But the camerawork is really good, and the video quality is also really good. So you are in a win-win situation here, which is what you really need to make up for its lack of pictures.

I like pictures on porn sites. To me, thats where it all started. And it can continue as well. I always get mad at sites with shitty pictures, saying they shouldn't bother with it. Well, Home Cumers DIDN'T bother with it. And that, I think, bothers me a little bit too. I know- I'm not being consistent here. Obviously, this is a video site- and the pictures would be vidcaps. But I really, truly believe that vidcaps can be OK as long as they are done right, just like any other aspect of a porn site. Yes, I am being incosistent, but I am just striving for the best porn site, and I think that one includes well-done pictures!

The action here on Home Cumers is varied. Theres some lesbian stuff, some blowjob stuff, and also some straight fucking stuff. There is no real theme. The girls on Home Cumers are supposed to be amateurs. Well, I know for a fact that I have seen many of the girls on other sites as well as in professional porn. In fact, one of the girls on here, Jessica Dee, was one of the porn stars who got HIV. She's fucking hot. So the amateur label may not exactly fit perfectly here. But it begs the question, do these girls LOOK like amateurs. And yes, if I had not been such a porn guru (hehe) then I would probably be fooled and think these girls are amateurs. They are very hot and nice looking. Back to the action, I'm really not sure if this is originally shot exclusive stuff or taken from porn videos already existing. I will say, that so far into this site, I haven't seen any videos I've seen anywhere else. But I've never seen EVERY porn video either. By the same token, the ones I did watch were set up like reality sites and would almost have me believe that they were reality sites, if I had not known that these were real porn stars. So I'll have to shrug my shoulders and say "check out the previews" as they do show everything the site has!

The site is just becoming available to the public. Therefore, I cannot say how often they update the site. But at the same time, when it gets released, it will have 91 sets of girls! Which is just a huge, awesome number for a rollout. So you definately get your bang for your buck. There aren't any non-leased bonus sites, but the leased content you get is the Teens For Cash network which is actually a really really good selection of leased sites.

The sites that are included are:
* note that the names are changed, but they are the exact same sites we reviewed here ealier. Nice reality extra content for those who want that here.


Awesome video content site a lot, lot of content and a really good quality and girl selection. The only thing I'd say is if you watch a LOT of porn; make sure the girls here won't bore you and maybe the content isn't so new- although I didn't run into these problems.. maybe you will.. Still, a great video site with more videos than you could ask for- awesome!


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