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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $39.95)
Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $39.95
$49.95/90 days
$59.70/180 days

Review of Round and Brown:

First Impressions:

Reviewing porn on the net got a lot harder this last year. After a regular onslaught of multi-site networks all peddling "reality porn" of one stripe or another, my hard drive and my head are fully overloaded with original content. This is a good thing for you, the savvy porn consumer, however, so I'm going to give you a quick rundown on this very large recent network that I encountered first through the big booty loving site, The "ethnic" content rounded on this network is rounded out by a Brazilian on-location site and a Latina site, but there's a bit of everything else from big-boobs and mother loving to anal, lingerie, gays, lesbians, and orgies. Here's the complete current list:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and last but not least,

Checking it out:

As I've noted, I joined this network to scope the action at Round and Brown, an all-black site with an unsurprising emphasis on the backside. Compared to some of the other sites in the list, this one's not huge. There are ten models here each with a photo gallery and full movie, averaging about 45 minutes or so. It's not an anal theme site, despite the focus on butts, and even though it's clearly in the hardcore category, it's a little nicer in its tone than a lot of the (pardon my French) shit about bitches, sluts, and dirty cunts I've seen in recent reality porn networks. On the whole, women in this network are a full cut above the average in the looks department and get a fair bit more respect (or less abuse anyway) than many of their fellow web sex workers.

Movies at Round and Brown are offered in a choice of two streaming and two download qualities. We're talking your standard small in-screen viewer window on the short streaming segments (1 to 2 minutes per), but all sites in the network also offer the option of streaming the longer (10+ minute) Windows Media clips in the stand alone player. You've also got the option to skip within the clip when streaming the longer segments, but at 350kb/s or thereabouts, dialup ain't gonna cut it. The higher quality of the mpeg downloads play back at more like 950kb/s, making them very decent even in full screen mode. I always have a bit of a gripe about the quality of the high-bandwidth downloads from networks like this one, but the quality here is up to the current standard. I'm not sure if it's a question of not using the latest compression technologies, but just don't expect so-called DVD quality with the high bandwidth content. Much more annoying is this network's habit of cutting a 40 minute movie into 40 high bandwidth clips. Even with a good download manager, we're talking about a fair bit of clicking around and maybe even an .mpeg editor application to rejoin the clips into one full movie. Perhaps there are better media players out there, but I'm getting tired of watching real player and windows media player hiccup and then resize the screen every time the next clip in the playlist loads. Of course, you're given the option of downloading three or four .wmv clips rather than 40 mpeg files, but the compromise in quality makes that a pretty unattractive option for cable/DSL users. While I'm harping on, I might also add that the photos are really quite good all around and the zipped folder downloads are a bonus, but at 640X420, they're not exactly ready to be printed to posters and hung above your bed.

Minor criticisms aside, the content at Round and Brown is really quite hot. I found this to be the case for nearly everything in the network. Granted, I took a pass on the street blowjobs and first-time gay sites, but I did have a quick look to confirm that there is well and truly a massive haul of original content available here. The excellent lesbian site, WeLiveTogether dot com, has over 50 full movies and pic galleries as do a number of other sites in the network. Further, each and every site seems to be updated on an almost weekly basis. Given that none of these sites seems older than a year, I was truly impressed by the speed with which they've produced new content. Again, there's less emphasis on conning, misusing and abusing the models, so the sex isn't bogged down by the increasingly annoying premise of shooting with hidden cameras and fooling the ladies into signing contracts that deny them all rights to the content. In most of the sites, however, there is some emphasis on meeting the latest models and having a bit of a chat (and, gasp, even some foreplay) before the penetrating begins. I'm happy to admit being old fashion enough to really appreciate that in my porn, even if it's occasionally overdone as in the endless bump and grind at the tacky clubs and frat houses that seems to bog down a fair bit of the reality porn genre.

Final Words:

I always wait until I'm done reviewing a site to look at the price. Kind of keeps me from getting worked up about how much I'd be spending on any particular site if I actually was spending my own money. With Round and Brown and its parent network, I was very pleasantly surprised to find a very modest price tag of $24.95 per month. I've looked at a lot of big networks with less content than this one that cost a full $10 more per month, and the quality here is fully up to speed. This one does lack the over-the-top comic elements commentary that seems to characterize a lot of stuff in the genre, but I actually found that refreshing. This is a no-nonsense package of original content covering a wide range of porn niches, and an unparalleled value. My main complaint is that the high quality films are split into way too many segments, but other than that, this one is near flawless. With its enormous stash of material and its competitive price, this one gets my Smut Surfer's Buyer's Choice Award for excellence in recent adult networks. Okay I just made that up. In a nutshell: Not the nastiest thing going, but a incredible value.

Photos: none

Videos: .wmv and .mpeg, streaming and downloadable


Reader comments:

Comment by: Trulyyours Rating: 07-07-28

Higher quality than most sites I've seen. And the girls are actually enjoying it and not faking. The men are fairly attractive. I recommend.

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