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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $30.00
$24.95/30 days
$49.95/90 days
$95.40/365 days

Review of Teen Hitch Hikers:

Sometimes I'm driving down the road, and I see a hot girl. I, of course, slow down a little bit, and try to make eye contact. I want to toss her a wink, maybe she will stick up a finger and tell me she is hitchhiking. That would actually be great. Picking up a hot hitchhiker, especially if she was a ripe teen, ready to do anything for a ride. Well, on the reality site Teen Hitchhikers, that is exactly what happens, so get ready to live the fantasy!

Teen Hitchhikers is a reality site with the theme of teenage girls. They idea of the site is that these teens are hitchhikers, but in the truest sense of the genre, this is a "pick girls up in the car and have sex with them" type reality site. Not the most original site out there, but the additional themes of teens and hitchhikers make the site a little better, and also very much more focused. I like focus in a genre, so this worked well for me.

When you first log into the Teen Hitchhikers website, you are given a mess of a webpage. My biggest problem with the site design is the leased sites. They are put all over the site. Leased sites on the top, bottom, both sides... it's just ridiculous. It's like those TGP sites that put ads all over the place. It looks bad, and it can be hard to navigate if this is one of the first porn sites you've signed up for. The original content is placed in the middle of the page. Each girl has one big thumbnail, and then links to download/view videos and also a link to the pictures section. It's pretty cut and dried simple when it comes down to it. The design is one of the weaker elements of the site, and it just needs a complete overhaul with more focus on the original content!

The videos on Teen Hitchhikers are done in the WMV format. Each video has several segments worth of material. These segments vary in length, but I could count on at least five minutes for most of the segments. Each girl has a lot of segments, so the videos here are pretty long. On top of it all, the videos are also pretty good quality. At regular size, they look great. When you full screen them, there is a little loss of quality but not much. The camerawork is great on Teen Hitchhikers. When they are actually in the vehicle, sometimes the camerawork is a little dark. I know that makes it more realistic, but I'd rather be able to see what is going on over having it be realistic. I'm exaggerating the problem though, it's really not all that bad. When everything else is this good, theres not much to complain about! The videos here are high quality, and run great, but there is a little issue with them.

I must now put the hugest asterik in a review I have ever put. The videos here are done with DRM, which stands for Digital Rights Management. Which is a system that only allows the content to be viewed while you are a member of the website. You are prompted for a password at the beginning of a movie. Even if its saved on your computer. Now, this could spark a big debate and I'm not going to use this review to push my opinion either way. Thats what the message board is for, and if anyone wants to discuss I'll be glad to talk about it there. But for now, lets just say that this feature is here, so unless you are planning to be a member of these sites for a long time, you will not be able to keep any of the content here on Teen Hitchhikers.

When you consider it, there are three options when it comes to video content now. You can download the videos, stream the videos, and now there are the DRM videos which you can do either one but you can't keep them. Where does DRM stand, in my book? Well, I think that DRM is probably the least desirable of the three options for me right now. When you can download the videos, that is the best. You save them, burn them on a CD, and break them out a few months later and its like new porn content without having to pay for a site all over again. Streams are effective too, and thats because you can go on there, watch in your browser and not have any real "mess" left in case you are on a community computer. Also, there are ways for you to save your streamed videos. You may have to be more computer saavy to do it, but thats why there are places like Pornliving to gain that saavy! Streaming movies were originally (and still) meant to prevent people from saving the movies. I think in some twisted webmasters minds, they think that will keep people members longer and save them bandwith. Lets face it, the average membership to a porn site is one month or a trial period. People download all the content, and then move on. You really need something special to stay a member to a site. It has to hit you in a certain way, it needs awesome update schedules, and it needs lots of content. With all this said, DRM just doesn't stand up to your other two options. There is no trick to get around it (afaik) and that just ruins the whole thing for me. When I pay for a porn site, I pay for the content. I should deserve to keep it, and watch it at will. $40 is damn high for a porn rental, if you ask me, and thats what I consider this DRM business.

Well, after the DRM issue, one would expect a decent photos section where you could at least savor some bit of the site on your personal hard drive. Well, sorry. The pictures section here just doesn't do it. They are absolutely terrible. They look like you were watching a tv show at home with a very bad screen. But unlike the TV, you cannot just hit it and make these pictures better. The thumbnails look like absolute garbage as well. I just don't know why they made the pictures so bad here! They could use some more work, thats for sure. Like the site design, this could use a major overhaul keeping NONE of the original elements.

The girls on Teen Hitchhikers were a tossup for me. I started from the bottom of the site and moved up here. Well, the first two girls didn't impress me at all. In fact, they kind of sickened me to be honest with you. They did absolutely nothing for me. But then the rest of the girls I found to be really, really attractive. However, the girls didn't seem too "Teeny" to me. Sure, they were young, but I would consider most of them early twenties over teens. This is always shaky ground, though, so I'm treading with care. The action on Teen Hitchhikers is your normal porn fare. However, the scenes tend to run long. THerefore, there is lots of different positions and action on here. The sex is also more drawn out than in an average porn. Not good or bad, I'm just trying to describe what you get here!

I usually don't touch on price in the review, unless it is ridiculously cheap or ridiculously expensive. Guess which one it is here? With the entire DRM issue, at least offer a discounted membership! Instead, these guys are asking for a cool ten extra dollars a month. I just don't understand it. The trial is extremely reasonable, but thats it! Cut the price down, fellas!

At the time of review, there were 13 girls on Teen Hitchhikers. Considering the length and quality of the episodes, this is a decent number. There is no timestamping or mention of how often the site is updated, so I can't help you with that aspect of the site. You do, however, get lots of bonus content. Specifically you get 5 other reality sites; Girls Hunting Girls, MILF Cruiser, Nude Beach House, Euro Bride Tryouts, and Big Sausage Pizza (that one sounds cool, hehe). A nice reality package, but they all have the DRM issue.


This site is sort of in the middle. It doesn't have enough "WOW" for me to recommend it despite the DRM issues. At the same time, the site is good and has really good videos, action, and girls. It might be worth a look, but its design, pictures, and DRM problems really hold it back from being a top shelf reality site.


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