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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
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Review of Butt Lounge:

Whats round, fun, something guys love to push themselves into? The butt, of course! There are very few guys out there who do not respect the butt as a instrument of desire. In fact, many guys tend to look at asses before they look at faces and tits. Trust me, I did it today! I went to get some pizza from the place up the street, and boy oh boy I wish I had a camera to show you the ass I saw today. It was like, woah. Just great. Almost perfect.

Butt Lounge is a website by George Picasso that focuses on the female ass. Like the other George Picasso sites, there is a focus on videos here on Butt Lounge. However, this site is far from reality in mold. It is also not quite a normal pictures and videos website either, especially since it doesn't have pictures! Instead you get a unique site with some faults, but at least it isn't like everything else out there!

When you first sign into Butt Lounge, you are given a page that shows thumbnails of all the girls on the page. The thumbnails here are done really well, they are crisp and clear and really portray whether you'd be interested in the girl or not. The flipside to this is that when you go to the actual videos page, you get smaller thumbnails where you cannot see the action nearly as well. Oh well. Otherwise, the site design is pretty good. They have an annoying thing where windows open every time you click a link, and I've never been a fan of that. But not a huge deal. Basically the site is very clean, crisp, and runs smoothly. A good but not great site design.

The videos here on Butt Lounge are done in the Quicktime format. They are segmented files, however, there is not really a rhyme or reason to the segments. Some are longer than others, some girls have more segments and some have less. If there is a constant in them, I could not find it. The segment lengths are all pretty managable, in fact, they are all pretty short and easy to download. Combine that with a fast server, and your downloads are quick and painless. The same could be said about the actual video clips. At normal size, these video clips look and sound great. They are very crisp and clear at normal size. Bring them up to double size, and you still have really good quality but you can notice a little loss of quality. All around, these aren't the best videos you'll ever see, but they are far from the worst as well. I'd love to see a format change to WMV however. Just my personal preference.

The action and camerawork on Butt Lounge is second to none. This whole network of sites prides itself on having awesome camerawork, great shots and just being overall one of the best sites camera-wise on the net. And on Butt Lounge, as always, they do not disappoint. Their style is not exactly the norm on most porn websites. Instead of trying to pack in tons of action on their videos, they instead step back, slow things down a bit and try to focus on one area. On this site, that specific area is the butt. This is an absolutely awesome thing for fans of asses in classy positions. Thats not to say that this is softcore or anything like that. No way! They just present the sex in a more, well, artistic way without making it too artsy. Its still porn, just better porn than you are used to seeing! Thats about how I can describe it. Not everyone will dig this style, but give it a chance and you might find yourself enjoying it!

As I mentioned, Butt Lounge does not have a pictures section. It's no great loss, if you ask me. I'm sure their pictures section would be awesome, but if you think about it, there are tons of sites out there with completely horrid pictures sections. They are thrown together, just for the sake of saying "hey we have a pictures section too!" Why settle for that, when you can just not have pictures and thus make the site look stronger? I'm sure some will miss the pictures, but hey, too bad. I'd prefer no pictures to crappy pictures, so it doesn't bother me at all.

The girls on Butt Lounge are impressive. First of all, on a site named Butt Lounge, you better have some nice asses. The girls here simply do not disappoint. You see some very nice asses here. The girls look classy, not quite like your typical porn star, I'd describe it as a porn magazine model. Theres a variety of girls, but they are all white and pretty much follow along that mold of girl. The action here is actually a little more typical than the other Picasso sites. I'd say this is the closest this network goes to being regular porn material. It's actually pretty cool to see this networks take on that, and it makes for a really cool varied video as well. Moreso than some of the other sites, which is just endless minutes of watching a finger go into a pussy. So this site might appeal to the broader audience where some of the other network sites are more pigeonholed.

At the time of review, there were 13 girls here on Butt Lounge. Thats an OK number for most sites. Compared to some of the other sites in this network, it's a little low on content. But when 13 is low on content, you know you're getting a good value in a package. What worried me more is that this site hasn't been updated in months. I hope this is just a temporary setback, as I really like the site a lot and hope it can get back to a normal update schedule.

As part of this porn package, you get membership to Sybian Lounge, Sybian World, Just a BJ, Her Sweet Hand, Butt Lounge, and N My Face. These are all like-minded sites, but with different themes. The execution is pretty much all the same though. Very nice package in my opinion, with lots of fun porn for everyone to check out and a nice twist from the norm!


I think that this is the site in the network that will appeal to the most people. With that said, its sad that it hasn't been updated in a while. This would do really well as a flagship site with all the other ones exposing regular porn fiends to some new fetishes and types of porn. As it is right now, you still get a semi good value with very little filler. Definately worth its weight in the network, and the network put together can justify the price of $32, but each site on it's own do not all make it. This one is a bit low on content.


30 Day Membership- $31.80
90 Day Membership- $59.95
6 Month Membership- $89.95
1 Year Membership- $120.00

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