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Review of Willy Spanker:

I've decided to change the words of a famous Christmas song to fit the idea of this review. The original goes, "I want to go skating with Willie, because Willie is such a good skate." Just a basically cool, cheesy, fifties Christmas song that has the dust blown off of it every year and is played a few times around the 25th of December. Now for my version, sorry if I don't sing as good as Patti Page: "I want to go spanking with Willie, because Willie is such a good spank!" You like my version just a little bit better, huh?

Willy Spanker is a website with an old school look to it. The previews page will lead you to believe that this is organized almost like a reality site, with girls names and stories and all that. Not so, I will get into that a little bit later. Willy Spanker isn't even close to a reality site, more like a niche site with content that is just there. The pictures and the videos are just about even, I wouldn't say there is an emphasis on one or another. The theme here is spanking. As in, guys or girls spanking a girls bare ass. Kind of misleading, as the name kind of makes you think the site is about jacking off. Nope, it's about spanking.

As I hinted at earlier, the site has a bit of an older feel to it. On the members page, there are the "top" pictures from the different areas. You can check those out, or just go to the areas and see whats what. Although it lists many different areas, the only ones really functionable right now are the pictures and the movies sections. The site just looks old, with small thumbnails and no descriptions of the action whatsoever. Kind of weak, actually. Even the sets are not named to describe anything, it's basically just a name/number combo. Like I said, it's basically looking like it's the 90's again. While the site design is pretty simple and clean, its far from effective.

The pictures section on Willy Spanker is done fairly well, albeit extremely simply. On the front pictures page are some tiny ass thumbnails with the series name (rxp### format) and then the number of pictures in the series. As I said before, very jurassic and simple. Although the setup is kind of weak, the actual pictures were pretty good. They were all sized well, nice and big. They also came across as being pretty clear, not grainy at all. The images were 768 x 1024 pixels. Thats what I liked about the pictures.

What I didn't like about the pictures were two things really. The first is that, while they weren't vidcaps, they reminded me of vidcaps by the way they were taken. I just think there were too many pictures of action that was similar. I just think some of the pictures could have been cut out, and maybe some others added in, to make this more effective. And while I sung the praises of the pictures before, I want to really note that I think the pictures could have been a little more bright. I mean, they just had that "dull" look to them. Kind of like the difference between flat paints and glossy paints, if that makes any sense to you. Those were my only real issues with the site's pictures.

I would like to add that there are two features to the pictures section that I really like. You can download the whole set of pictures as a zip file. I've always liked that feature, it saves a lot of pointing and clicking in the sets that you really like. And another cool feature is a slideshow presentation of each set. This is nice for some easy wanking, if you ask me. Two cool features that should be heralded.

Willy Spanker also has a videos section. When you go to the main videos page, you get the same small thumbnails that you saw on the pictures page as well as the main page. You can then click on the thumbnail to get a bigger (crappy) thumbnail and also a link to view/download it. The download link for every video says Low Speed, but thats the only option you really have here. The videos come in the WMV format, and they are not split up into segments. Then again, that is not really too neccesary as the videos are only about five minutes in length as an average. The videos download nice and quickly, and with the way the site was setup and the Low Speed BS, I was expecting some shitty, grainy videos. NOT TRUE AT ALL. The videos are actually really good quality, they full screen nicely and look pretty good. The only real complaint I'd make is the same as I made with the pictures, the whole "dullness" factor. But even that will not bother your enjoyment too much of these videos.

Now it's time to talk about the action here on Willy Spanker. Well, as I mentioned before, this is an all-spanking site. And thats what it is. Expect spanking and lots of it. Lots of red asses and not much more. This is good if you like to see spanking stuff, but it doesn't hold up the normal "oral penetration cumshot" portions of porn that most sites have. So if your a casual porn fan not really into spanking, this might not be for you. The pictures might be OK for you, but the videos would be a little less interesting. I found the women on this site to be a mixture. Most of them were VERY attractive, and I found myself liking them a LOT. Some of them looked like 80s girls, which I don't dig too much. And finally there was one bigger woman who would show up here and there. I didn't like her too much. The girls didn't really fit into any set genre, other than being pretty attractive.

Missing from the site are stories, faqs, and bonus material. All of this is listed on the main members page, but when you click on it you are taken to a section of nothing. So that means no real bonus material for members. The site is updated with a new picture and video set every week, however. At the time being, there are 22 sets of content. Thats a nice number, but not as impressive since the sets aren't as long as some of the other sites out there nowadays.


This is a good site for spanking fans. Its design sets up a bad website, but the content shines through as being pretty good. It's nowhere close to great, but spanking fans might wanna check this out.


30 Day Membership- $19.99

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