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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: Yes Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
$89.50/365 days

Review of Brain Pass:

We all know the debate around reality porn and professional porn. Which is more entertaining? While most network passes stick to one flavor, Brainpass sets itself apart by offering a refreshing mix of single model reality sites and pro content. Let's face it : surfers have varied tastes and Brainpass caters to them.

The sites have consistent features. The videos come in WMV and MPG formats with three options each for high and low bandwidth. The highest data rate produces a sharp image, near DVD quality. Every scene is represented by a selection of 800x600 screencaps. There's also very professional 800x600 picture sets. The network is updated daily and already has built an impressive archive. It offers the usual extras, just in case you need more porn.

Brainpass also offers interactive features, like message boards, live shows and email. Their broadband live shows using Windows Media Player supports audio and yields a fluid image. It's a real kick to hear and see your favorite model talk to you live. I believe it deepens the attachment we feel for the girl and that it proves the involvement of the model in the projects. Members can also email the models. The replies are nice and fast. Of course, the reality sites have more interactive features and you get to see more of the model's daily life.

The design and the general navigation are consistent and clean. You won't get lost or wonder where to click. This says a lot of the production values of Brainpass and the quality of the experience they wish to offer. Both content and container are impressive in their quality. No surfer could ever complain about the professionalism and seriousness that's poured into this network of sites.

As for problems, I guess download management or other efficient methods would simplify the surfer's life. This is particularly true of the picture browsing which could benefit from an upgrade. Otherwise, Brainpass does an excellent, glitch-free job of providing porn to surfers.

The Sites
Here's a little breakdown of the official sites you get with Brainpass. Most of them have already been individually reviewed so feel free to browse if you need more information. - The official Peter North site.
Just in case you need your memory refreshed, Peter North is the absolute cumshot legend and this is his only official site. If you're looking for good solid porn with beautiful women receiving a
fair amount of cum, you'll just love this site. It features Peter North's three main series : Deep Throat This, Anal Addicts and North Pole.
Plus : The exclusive internet source of Peter North content.
Minus : It would be great to have the man more involved in the site.
For fans of very young-looking, natural girls, Christine Young's in a class of her own. Not only is she very cute, she's also quite a kinky girl. The site features her in a variety of scenes : lesbian, solo masturbation, hardcore, blowjobs and threesomes. Christine is a very entertaining performer, with a lot of humor and dedication.
Plus : Christine's personality.
Minus : As with most single model site, it helps to love the model.
This is a very professional single model site. Sweet Amylee is quite a performer : she's flexible, funny and kinky. The scenes features her in solo action, lesbian settings and a diverse array of boy/girl configurations. The boy girl scenes are really good, with lots of variation in the sex and Amylee really gets into it.
Plus : Amylee's flexible and kinky performances.
Minus : As with most single model site, it helps to love the model.
We've warned you before and will warn you again : this in the only official site for Shelby. If you're a Shelby fan, you'll appreciate the relaxed and entertaining mood of the site. You can watch her fool around with boys, girls and herself in cool scenes. You really get the impression Shelby gets the chance to express herself in her own official site.
Plus : Getting to see Shelby in a relaxed context.
Minus : Shelby's scheduling needs to be tighter.
The videos are very well done, action-wise. The action is typical porn fare, nothing overly kinky or special here, but done really well. The girls and action on the site are very varied. Just in the six videos I could see, there was a lesbian set, an Asian set, and a bukkake set. It's a pretty good mixture of styles and women.
Plus : High quality and diverse scenes.
Minus : Maybe a little too linear.

Silverstone are pioneers in bringing you East European and Latina girls. A lot of today's stars got their break through one of their series : Pick Up Lines, Pick Up Babes, Peeping Tom and Latina Eye Candy. As far as the actual content, expect a professional porn extravaganza. Everything is polished and scripted. With the number
of titles they produce, you need standards. As long as these standards include Tera Patrick, I'll be happy.
Plus : Pornstar hardcore heaven with interesting new-comers.
Minus : Maybe a little over-produced.

The Final Word
To conclude, Brainpass offers an incredible value for such quality experience. At only 24.95$ a month, you get a diversity of sites no other network offers. The quality -and quantity- of the content, the fun of the interactive features and the big names like Peter North assure days of horny discoveries for members. Overall,
Brainpass could be the best balance between pro and amateur porn available on the market.

Price: 1 month - $29.95


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