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Review of Sick Chixxx:

Darkness and evil. Evil and darkness. Thats what some girls are all about. There are some girls who are all about looking pretty, dressing up in cute little outfits, and prancing their little bodies on display all over the place. And there are some girls who wear black head to toe, like skulls, death, and darkness. Now I like to date the cutesy girls.. but sometimes you just need an evil, dark girl to excite you a little bit. Persephone from SickChixxx is one of those evil, dark girls who excite me.. and maybe will excite you as well!

Sickchixxx is primarily a single model site with focus on Persephone, who is your goddess and will bring you through the crypt to a chamber of horrors! I'm using terminology used here on Sickchixx, so you get an idea of what this is- a gothic horror site with some focus on porn as well. The theme here is almost like a horror movie, and the site actually does a good job in getting the theme across. The site is not even as much gothic as it is just "evil" and "horror" in my book. Which makes it kinda of refreshing over the typical "girls in black" gothic sites you see around here and there.

Sickchixx has a really cool web design. As I mentioned, the site has a major horror movie type feel to it, and the site design really helps get across that feel. The site has a basic type layout when you sign in, with updates in the main window and buttons for the various sections on the left side. The buttons are unconventional in that they don't just say "pictures, video, forum" they use terms like "Chamber of Horrors, Screaming Videos, Freaky Forum" to get across the theme even better. My favorite would have to be "Splatroom" for chatroom. Kinda cool and interesting, and it fits with the theme well. Otherwise, everything runs pretty smoothly, the only real complaint I'd make is that theres no in-page navigations, but with there being the static frame of buttons, it's still easy to navigate the site.

The pictures on Sickchixx are divided into two different sections, one of the newer ones and one archive section. When you go to the picture section, you are given a listing of categories with one thumbnail each. Then when you select the categories you get text links to each actual picture set. Not the best site setup in my opinion, but it's not a huge deal. The sections of pictures are not your typical ones. For example, theres the "For The Love of God" section where Persephone is dressed like a nun in the sets. Then theres the Necro-Files were she does some naughty things with skeletons. Basically, it's a lot of dark horror fun. Image dimensions are 600 x 872 pixels and I thought that the pictures were really clear and cool when I checked them out.

The action on the pictures is what I would consider pretty softcore. Thats not to say that theres no hardcore shots whatsoever, but the focus was obviously more on the artistic content of the shots and scenery over the idea of getting you off. Which is fine, people like that, and it's particularly cool if you are into the whole horror culture. Because thats what a lot of these pictures are all about, getting across the whole horror/gothic/evil scenarios. And it works good, don't get me wrong, it's just that I personally didn't find much "wackability" because as cool as I think a girl naked next to a skeleton is, I want to see more! Of course your thoughts may be different!

There are videos on Sickchixx as well. The videos are streaming Quicktime videos, and they come up in a popup window when you click the preview thumbnail. Now, I couldn't get most of the videos to run due to my computer, so keep that in mind when I'm talking about these videos. Which is my first complain, freakin' quicktime? This is always great for mac users and so it should cover any compatibility issues I just have trouble with it from time to time and an alternative would have been nice, wmv,divx,mpg you name it, at least have some sort of Windows Media on the site, even if its just streaming. But anyway, they are all in full movie format. They are also sectioned off into sections, but unlike the pictures, you get one thumbnail of each set before you watch it. The videos are a combination of cheesy horror and cheesy porn, so if you like either it's cool, if you like both it's godly! It kind of reminds me of a bad Cradle of Filth music video, but thats just me.

The girls on Sickchixx are decent to good looking girls in the gothic category. None of these girls would really be appealing in mainstream porn but I think that might also be part of the general idea, but they do have their good qualities and those stick out well. The girls are gothicy of course, they dress and look the role. If you like those types of girls, you'll like the girls on the site- if not, sorry, but you won't. Simple as that! I mentioned before that Sickchixx is a single model site, thats a little misleading because there are quite a few girls on here. It's a tough balance to call but I called it single model due to its setup.

Sickchixxx doesn't have any bonus sites or leased sites, but it does have a ton of features in addition to the traditional pictures and videos. Persephone has a lot of cool personal stuff on the site, like a diary, a videography, poetry, etc. There is the Crypt Cam and the Splatroom, as well. Theres also a fully functional forum for you to post messages to Persephone and the rest of the members on site. You get a lot of extras here, they just happen to be on-site extras and not off-site.

It's too hard to get an accurate count on the amount of content on Sickchixxx, but I'll make generalizations. I'd say that the pictures section is relatively bulky, when you consider all of the archives and the different sections. There is also a realtively bulky video section with all of the sections. You can definately get a months worth of material here! A trial is also available (6.66, heh nice touch) so if the topic interests you I'd definately consider it based on content.


Sickchixxx is a good fetish site, which will not appeal to everyone. Gothic/horror fans will think it's cool, but the rest of the web community should just bypass this one. Now even though I might be a bit biased by my lack of knowledge about this particular niche, as it's not one that I'm particularly into I have to admit that when it comes to mood setting and dedication to it's niche, this site does its best. Goth fans, and you with a desire to explore the different, go see if this does it for ya.


2 Day Trial- $6.66
30 Day Membership- $21.95

Chamber of horrors Screaming videos Goddess Temple
Chamber of horrors Screaming videos Goddess Temple


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