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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, Windows

Prices: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$39.95/60 days
$54.95/90 days
$74.95/180 days

Review of Porn Newcomer:

Everyone needs to start somewhere. Every baseball player has to begin in little league, and work his way up through the ranks. Every company president has to begin at the bottom, as a computer operator or something, and work his way up to the high position he is at. Well, perspective porn stars also have to work their way up through the ranks. They need to condition themselves in front of the camera, and get their sex game right. Porn Newcomer is a website that is supposed to condition these young girls into becoming the big time porn stars that they want to be!

Porn Newcomer is basically a reality site with the idea that these girls are new to porn.
The site is built on exclusive content that the site owners shoot themselves, but to sweeten the deal here they have chosen to update more frequently and then use un-exclusive movies to keep their customers happy. This is basically a nice idea, one that I would applaud had it only been possible to actually tell the exclusive movies from the fillers. It's not that hard for me in this case as the filler movies were very recognizable to me, but I think it could have been clearly marked on each movie so you can actually determine wether or not the exclusive ratio is to your liking and you find it worth the money. The owners run a sister site which we will be reviewing shortly that does just that, would be great to see this implemented for as well.

When you log in to Porn Newcomer's main page, you are given the updates in the main part of the screen, with one thumbnail and a little generic description. You also get the impression here that all the content is original, which we now know it isn't, again it would be nice if they were more upfront about which is which I really don't think it could hurt them in any way. Anyways, on the topbar there are some pictures of the future updates, and on the sidebar there are ratings for each girl and then a little further down there is some leased content links. On the bottom there is another navigation bar. The updates are split into three pages of girls, so if you do sign up don't miss that part of the site. These are naughty amateurs born for porn, folks!

Each girl has a set of movies and pictures. As a reality site, the videos are given the most focus here. When you click on a videos link, you are taken to a seperate page which allows you to see a thumbnail of each segment, and allows you to download the segment in either 56K or Cable/Dsl quality. There is also an option to download the full length movie, which is cool and actually really useful. These videos only come in the WMV format. The bio page also tells how long the movie is, just so you know. At the highest quality, the videos are looking pretty good. I usually note problems with pixelation when you full screen the movies. That wasn't really the case here, but I did notice some odd bluriness. I don't really know what that was all about, but the video quality here is really good. Considering the source material, I wouldn't expect any less.

Those of you (like me) who don't like the ultra artsy-ness of the professional shot stuff may not like the work done with the camera in the movies. On the other hand, those of you who do like having the art in your porn will love it. There also isn't a huge variety of interesting stuff done camera wise, but it isn't boring either. The camerawork is just sort of there, I can picture whoever shot this just doing a good job but not getting overly excited about anything or really trying to break the mold. People don't understand I want these camera men doing backflips when they are filming my porn, lol! Overall, the videos get the job done very nicely- they look good, the action is filmed well, and it all comes together nicely.

Porn Newcomer also has a pictures section. Now, not every girl that has a movie has a pictures section. It's just a selected few girls, really not that many to be honest with you. Probably about 10-12 girls have picture sets. Those that do look ok. The galleries are set up nicely with an easy navigation and great thumbnailling, but the big size picture just doesn't do it for me. The pictures here are 640 x 480 pixels. All in all, this is a decent pictures section for the girls who have one. You also notice that the picture quality has improved over time, the newer pictures sets are very sharp in medium resolution wherein some of the older one look a tad grainy.

The girls here on Porn Newcomer are one of the biggest highlights, for me. Even though I've seen some of the girls and the videos around before, seeing them again made me happy. Thats because they are some of the hottest girls and most pleasing girls I've ever downloaded off the net and not to forget I found a lot that I had never seen before.

Porn Newcomer says that they update daily. In fact, the actual site content is updated about every four days. The rest of the daily updates are in the bonus leased sites that they have. Which I guess is a daily update schedule, but it does seem a bit misleading. There are no bonus sites, but Porn Newcomer does give you a large selection of leased material that you can feast your eyes on when you're not downloading from the main site. Right now, there are 39 girls on Porn Newcomer so there is plenty of content to be worth a membership.


Porn Newcomer is a good site all in all. I'd recommend it but even more so if you yourself is a PORN NEWCOMER, as some of these videos are flying around on other websites. If you are a frequent porn viewer, I'd proceed with caution and look at the preview material carefully. Ultimately, Porn Newcomer is a good site, and it's a real shame that they don't let us know what they produce and what they choose to sweeten the deal with, seriously it wouldn't hurt them at all, it would just make the users feel more like they know what they're getting. Overall I enjoyed my stay here and hope to come back later and say that they have made it easier to tell the movies apart.

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