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Review of Selena Luv:

Sometimes, an actual website is made good by the bonus content. The site I am reviewing today, Selenaluv, was one of those sites for me. The actual site content was ok, I'm not slagging it at all. It's just that the bonus material made the site a good site, not the actual site content. It's not leased bonus material either, it's original stuff. Selenaluv herself is a spanish looking teen model. The sites content itself is not very bad, it's just not very bulky and in my eyes Selena is not a girl that can carry a whole website by herself. But I'm going to give away my whole review here in the introduction if I'm not careful. So let's get on to my review!

Selenaluv is a single model website focusing on Selena, who is a spanish looking teen model. See, I told you i was giving it all away in the intro! Selena is a real cute girl, but when I say cute I mean in a sort of girlfriend cute kind of way, not "damn I wanna bang her" kind of way. Thats not to say she is anything short of stunning. She is just a girl that looks good, but she also looks like someone you could see out there in the real world everyday.

When you first log into Selenaluv, you are given a pretty bare-bones index page. On the left are a two pictures of some of the series. On the right hand side, there are text links to the video and pictures pages. These text links are somewhat descriptive, saying things like "Flowery Pink" and "Sweet." I still must say that I prefer seeing thumbnails of the series instead of text links. Sure, they load a LITTLE slower, but even that is not a big deal to me. So the text links are bad. When you go to the individual pages, both video and picture, the thumbnails used are pretty effective. The pictures pages use the bigger thumbnails whereas the videos page has the smaller, more squished thumbnails. They both look good, but the pictures page obviously is better and more worth it. The site design is pretty simplistic, but at the same time there aren't any glaring problems with it either. It's easy to navigate, and easy to use, it's just not the sleekest looking website out there!

The pictures on Selenaluv seem to have a slightly bigger presence. The pictures here on Selenaluv are shot really well. The pictures are all done professionally and it shows. You can tell these are shot well, and while they may come across as being a little unnatural, the quality really makes up for that. It's like porn magazine type pictures. The picture sizes are 736 x 1090 pixels for those of you who are interested by those numbers. The pictures are pretty crisp and clear, and while I've seen better quality in pictures, Selena Luv matches up pretty well as far as quality goes.

Now onto the action of the pictures. Well, like a lot of the FTV girls (which this site is associated with) the pictures are hardcore pictures, but the galleries tend to have lots of softcore and posing pictures and then near the end, just a few truly hardcore shots where you see puss n penetration as I like to call them. The pictures are shot really well and look really good. It's just that I think the pictures will tend to please the softcore fan a bit more than the hardcore fan is all. I would also like to say that the galleries don't seem very big compared to some of the other picture galleries I've seen lately. Maybe thats just because theres less hardcore, or it might have something to do with the picture size.. or maybe theres just not enough pictures for me to be satisfied. You can download zip files of all the pictures if you find Selena extremely appealing, and have them all.. so there is that nice option! All in all, the pictures section is good and cool but it could be better in my eyes.

The videos section is smaller than the pictures section. Each video series has a few video clips, and those clips are downloadable in either the WMV or the AVI format. Each clip has a small blurb by Selena and a bunch of small thumbnails which give you a good idea of whats going on. The quality of these clips is pretty good. They can be full screened, there is some pixelation and bluriness, they might not be perfect but they aren't bad at all. They also download pretty fast, which is also a big plus. As far as the action on the videos, it's pretty much the same as what I said for the pictures. Theres a lot of softcore action with some hardcore action thrown in. Basically you need to respect the balance.

With all single model sites, the girl being featured really needs to step up to the table and make the site interesting. This is where I found Selenaluv to have a bit of a problem. First of all, while she is a pretty girl, I didn't think Selena was the type of girl to pull off a single model site. I just don't think she has the variety to pull off lots of different sets sucessfully. You might think differently, of course. But at the moment, there aren't even a lot of sets to pull off!

At the time of review, Selenaluv had 9 picture sets and 7 video sets. These numbers will not really knock the socks off of anyones ass, but the video sets are kind of bulky for what its worth. The updates are not time stamped or anything. That means I can't really give you an accurate description of how often the site is updated and all that good stuff. Sorry about that. I can talk about what I thought was the best part of the site, and that is the bonus material you get when you sign up. You get one bonus site, but it's the actual FTV (First Time Video) site. This site has TONS of girls with tons of sets, and is well worth a look. I actually spent the majority of my time with this extra as opposed to the actual site. Very cool bonus site.


Selenaluv is a decent single model site, but it just didn't do it for me as a whole. You might really like Selena and have a different view, but the low content and the actual series just didn't work for me. As I said, I found the bonus site much better than the actual site.


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Main entry page A video set A photo shoot


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