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Review of Porn Jackass:

Sometimes, you just need to be silly and stupid. On MTV, there is a show called Jackass, which brings out the silly, stupid side in everybody. Jackass is a show that has a group of guys doing some of the stupidest things imaginable, just for a laugh. They try to be shocking in and sometimes vulgar in doing it. I personally don't watch the show, and don't like the show, but it does have a huge fanbase. So as with everything that is popular, there just has to be a porn version of it made at some point!

Porn Jackass is a site which features videos of people doing some stupid stuff in the realm of pornography. There are pranks, and just otherwise amusing stuff. I like the theme as a filler site, I think it fits right in here with the network and it makes the network stronger. When used as just a part of a whole, the idea of a Porn Jackass works really well. However, when standing alone, the idea becomes a whole lot worse and the site becomes poorly executed. I will explain all this later, but first things first, lets talk about the site.

Porn Jackass actually has a really good site design. When you first log in to the members page, the latest five episodes are displayed right on the front page with a few thumbnails and a little description. If you want to see pictures you'll have to go to a seperate page, which contains them. You get eight thumbnails per episode on the first page of updates, and then one thereafter. The thumbnails really can't get across what is going on in the videos, but at least they give you an idea of who the actors are and a slight idea of what the set is all about.

The videos on Porn Jackass come in either WMV or MPG format. They are segmented rather erraticly, with some videos having short segments and some having some long segments. In a normal site this would be a bigger deal, but since it's basically a site of joke extras it's not so big of a deal. The videos, surprisingly, seem to be a little better in quality than most of the meatholes network. Which is kind of funny, since it's basically a joke site that most people won't get off to. The videos look quite nice in full screen, not perfect by any means but it's better than a lot of the sites out there. They run smoothly, and sound good. And sound is an important part to a lot of these videos, as hearing what they are saying is what makes the movies funny.

There are also pictures here at Porn Jackass. The pictures are kind of useless, however. First of all- they are vidcaps from the movies. You wouldn't expect much more from a site like this. But even with that said, the scenes are mainly non-sexual, so the pictures are just like.. I don't know.. dumb? Like theres one scene where a girl gets put into a cardboard box and shoved into a pool. The picture series for this shows a few shots of the nude girl (who is very hot) but is mainly pictures of a box. Not really the kind of pictures people are going to be saving. Still, it's nice to have the pictures section for the off chance that there will be a nice girl here and there. But for the most part, it's pretty useless but its there.

In this part, I usually like to talk about the girls, the action involved in the scene, all that good stuff. It's pretty much irrelevant here at porn jackass. The truth is, you will probably not be masturbating to the majority of these videos. You won't care about the girls, and most of the stuff we normally write in a review will not be pertinent or valid. It's all about humor. And I said I was not a fan of the jackass type of humor, so I won't even comment on how laughable the stuff is. But I will give you some examples of what happens in the videos.

In my favorite video, a guy puts a real doll on a webcam and chats with the literal flood of guys wanting to talk to this "hot chick" with big tits showing on her webcam. Then he shows them that it's a real doll, and fucks the girl he's with to make up for it. The girl is extremely hot, by the way. Theres a "Cock Roulette" series, where I guess two girls blow a guy to see who he cums on. I didn't quite understand that one. Theres one series, which I talked about before, where a hot redhead is put in a box and thrown into a pool. Theres nude bowling too! Theres more like this, but you get the general idea of the stuff being done on the site.

At the time of review, there are fourteen series. Porn Jackass is on a semi-weekly update schedule, so you will get lots of updates with a membership here. Furthermore, you will get access to the meatholes network of sites.

The MeatMembers network includes the following sites: Blowjob Quickies (review), Cock Brutality, Frank Wank (review), Meatholes, Midnight Prowl (review), Nuts on Sluts, Piss Mops, Porn Jackass, Teen Slam (review), White Meat on Black Street (review), and new additions Cum Farters, POV Pervert (review), and Young Ripe and Ready. 13 sites for the price of one!! The one downfall of this network compared to others is that a few of the sites might not appeal to some people at all. But still, it's a killer deal. The MeatMembers site also has some cool stuff, like webmasters favorites and behind the scenes videos. Each of the sites on the Meatmembers page has a thumbnail of the latest update and date, so you can easily track and get the latest material when it's posted.


Porn Jackass is a good site to have as part of a network. The site itself has some hot women, but it is so aimed away from porn and towards laughter, that it wouldn't be worth the membership as a stand alone site. But as a part of the network, you can go to the site, have a few laughs, and then continue downloading porn from the network. It's not bad by any means, it's just not full enough for a porn site. Like I said though, it works really well as part of the network and I would recommend it if only for the laughs when you aren't downloading from the Meat Members network.

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Episodes list Pics from episode The network main


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