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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of Frank Wank:

A guy dresses up like a jackass in order to get laid. Not exactly a new revelation, is it? It seems like it happens all the time. Hey even I do it once and a while. Ok, often. When I say jackass, I don't mean like a clown or anything.. although that would be cool. Clowns get all the ladies. I just mean dressing as something your not, trying to impress people who just think you are a big jackass. I see it all the time, and finally I see it in a reality site!

Frank Wank is a reality site where Frank is a "pimp" And by pimp, I mean a middle aged lanky white guy who is about as much of a pimp as whitefolk! It's kind of a lame concept, because there is no focus on the women, other than them being "ho's" and "biatches." And the focus on the guy is really weak, basically we need to see a guy who is about as cool as my father dressed like a really bad halloween pimp. So yeah, lame concept, but we don't watch porn for the stories do we? If it's a good site, the fact that the concept is lame will be easily forgotten.

When you get into the Frank Wank members area, you are greeted by updates. Frank Wank has all the updates right there on the front page, and you can download all the videos from there on the front page too. The only thing you have to go off the page for is the pictures. I like it when everything is compacted like that, even though it can be the result of lazy web design, it is also good for lazy porn downloading! And the design here wasn't lazy at all- it's very effective. Each set is thumbnailled well enough for you to make the decision whether you are willing to download the videos or not. My decision was usually a yes! As the page goes back in time, and the updates got older, I found that the design changed a bit. At first, you had to open a new page to get into the downloadables. And then near the end, you had to open a page for the girl, and then another page for pictures and videos. Kind of inefficient, so I'm glad they changed it.. wish they went back and made the site all the same.. but thats life! The pages are split in groups of 10, so the first page is girls 48-39, etc.. The site is otherwise designed pretty well, I don't really have any complaints and think they did a good job with this one.

The videos available on Frank Wank are WMV and MPGs. They claim that the MPGs have a better quality but a longer download. They are available in high bandwith and low bandwith. As you go back to the earlier sets, you find that there aren't any WMVs and it is exclusively MPG. That's not bad, but the segmentation is what kills it. The WMVs are segmented into 15 minute chunks, whereas the MPGs are in 5 minute chunks. Now, 5 minute chunks is usually very acceptable as far as segmenting goes, but in this case, where the movies are 45-60 minutes long, it gets a little more annoying. It's still not bad by any means, just a little more time consuming for the older sets. As I mentioned, the videos are pretty long and there usually ends up being 3-4 of the WMV segments and 9 or so of the MPG segments. Quality wise, I've seen better. I guess I could have expected that when a 15 minute WMV was only 39MB! In normal size the videos are fine but you get quite a bit of pixelation when the movie is full screened, and hopefully there aren't too many quick camera motions- because thats just a mess! It's not horrible by any means.. but I'd rate it a little under average as far as reality site quality goes.

As I mentioned, the videos are pretty long. Luckily, for me at least, there is not a lot of time set on setup or pickup of the girl. For most of the videos it's just a minute or two before the girl is out of at least part of her clothes! I could do without watching Mr. Wank dance, but I guess that goes along with the theme. With such a short time spent on pickup, you get a huge amount of sex content here! The stuff here is shot pretty good, with multiple angles used and some nice variety. At the same time, I did find myself fast forwarding through these videos a bit more than I normally do. I think they just need a little work with the camera as far as close ups go. Gotta zoom in and out of the action a little better, but all in all the videos are pretty good.

There is also a pictures section here at Mr. Wank's. The pictures are, like in many cases recently, vidcaps. The vidcaps are good and bad. The good thing is, the vidcaps section is not chock full of pictures that all look the same, which could have very well happened considering the sheer length of these movies. There is a good picture selection, not a whole lot of throwaway pictures, just a good selection that a lot of vidcappers don't bother to do. On the minus side, the pictures are very blocky and pixelated in some cases. So the quality isn't there as far as the actual picture clearness, but the whole concept as a whole isn't bad. I can't picture too many people going for the pictures here, but some people like to keep them as mementos!

The girls on Frank Wank are primarily younger girls. Not teens, really, but not mature either. Pretty much in that 20-30 bracket. I didn't notice it when I was downloading the videos, but as I was watching through them, I found a lot of the videos to feature spanish and spanish-looking girls. This is really prevalent in the newer videos.. not as much so in the older videos but it's apparent enough for me to mention. If you like that type of girl you will like Frank Wank even more. The action is your basic porn stuff, although they do get a little more hardcore than basic porn. There is lots of anal, and apparently this fake pimp likes to get his ass licked quite a bit. Thats one thing in porn I just do not like to watch, but if you're a fan of ass licking, girl on guy- definately check out Frank Wank!

This site was very good at time stamping the next update. Right on the top, in big letters, it tells you when the site will be updated next. Frank Wank had 48 biatches at the time of review. With nearly weekly updates (this one is taking ten days) there will be more content for you to feed on as time goes on. The content here is all completely exclusive, but some of the girls I've seen on other sites before. Finally, there is the excellent bonus site package.

The MeatMembers network includes the following sites: Blowjob Quickies (read review), Cock Brutality, Frank Wank, Meatholes, Midnight Prowl, Nuts on Sluts, Piss Mops, Porn Jackass, Teen Slam, White Meat on Black Street, and new additions Cum Farters, POV Pervert, and Young Ripe and Ready. 13 sites for the price of one!! The one downfall of this network compared to others is that a few of the sites might not appeal to some people at all. But still, it's a killer deal. The MeatMembers site also has some cool stuff, like webmasters favorites and behind the scenes videos. Each of the sites on the Meatmembers page has a thumbnail of the latest update and date, so you can easily track and get the latest material when it's posted.


Frank Wank is a good reality site with tons of content, a slight quality problem that might throw a few folks off, but for the most part it's a solid site that holds its own as neither spectacular or completely terrible. The big network makes it a good deal, and worth checking out for sure!

Listing of episodes A photo shoot The network main
Listing of episodes A photo shoot The network main


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