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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of Super Glam:

When I see the word glam, I immediately think of one thing: glam metal. The glory days of bands like Poison, Warrant, Kix, you know the bands. So I was expecting to find the Bret Michaels and the Vince Neil porn videos on Superglam. Luckily, I was wrong, so wrong. Glam apparently has other meanings too... but to a fried out metalhead, it only has one! Now, some of these girls on here might dress and sorta look like Jani Lane in the glory days. Thats not an insult (except to maybe Jani, hehe.) The truth of the matter is, Superglam is a cool porn website that unfortunately does NOT have Nelson music playing in the background!!

Superglam is a website focusing primarily on beautiful, beautiful women. Thats where the glam really comes in. While it is a hardcore site, the work on the site is primarily solo stuff. It has a mixture of pictures and videos, with neither section seemingly taking any precendence over the other. The focus on the site is babes, just hot girls who could probably pass as models if they had their clothes on!

When you enter the members site, you get a pretty cool layout for the main page. It looks really modern and sleek, but at the same time it's easy to navigate and get around. All the relevant, important links are put in three places: a top bar, a side bar, and the main meat of the section. Pretty cool and it makes it nice and easy to navigate. The main meat section is made up of lots of little sections detailing the latest updates, the important sections and some miscellaneous material. I think this site design was really good, it was really easy to navigate around. The thumbnails look great, the logo is cool, and theres no unneccesary ads on the front page even though the webmasters do sell DVDs. I only have a problem with the way they handle movies that are not posted yet. The ones that are available are clearly marked. But the ones that aren't, still show up in thumbnail previews and have file names ready for them. However, clicking on the file saves a file on your computer thats a movie. This movie just says "coming soon" or whatever. I'd rather not have a link at all, because it mislead me to download a few files I didnt need on my computer. But other than that, just a real professional web design that I liked a lot.

I will talk about the pictures first, because it seems like there are more pictures than movies at this point. Each model has five sets of pictures, four are normal and then one with "backstage" material. The pictures are very high quality! They look great as far as digital quality goes. The poses are also good, they seem like spreads for a porn magazine or a similarly done professional website. It's not just thrown together crap for the sake of having pictures. They are very well thought out poses, taken well and thumbnailled great. However, the pictures section does not go without having any flaws. My first issue would be with the size of the actual pictures- these pics are huge. I had to downsize them to about 30% to get them to fit on my screen vertically. It's a fine line you have to cross... when you scan or take these pictures, the better quality is when the pictures are huge. But at the same time it's nice to have a full screen picture instead of having to scroll a lot to see some pussy! The second issue is with the thumbnailling program.. each sets index allows you to check on ten pages, even though some don't fill the full ten. It's hard to explain but you will see it and dislike it once you see the site. All in all, though, you do get satisfaction from the pictures section.

The videos are on each models main page, in a small corner. In that box, it says whether the video is available for download yet or not. There is one small thumbnail per video. Upon clicking that thumbnail, you are taken to a pop up window with the option to download the video. One click too many in my book. The thumbnails don't really help you that much either. Each video is a full, different scene lasting fairly long (the ones I checked out so far were five to ten minutes.) The videos are in the MPG format, so expect a slightly higher file size but a more universal file extension! The videos themselves are good quality, but nothing spectacular. You can full screen them, but expect some pixelation. It won't bother you unless you are a complete quality freak. What might bother you, and bothered me, was the watermarking used on the videos. It's a big, ugly black bar across the bottom that really throws off the viewing of your video, especially in full screen mode. Other than those two minor problems, I considered the videos here good quality wise.

One might wonder what is contained in these picture and movie sets. Well, let me say first and foremost that it is all solo female stuff. It's also kind of artsy, well done, not really sporadic at all. When you watch, you know your watching a performance.. and for me, I enjoyed it because the performance was really good, and the girls were really hot. It's not all light stuff though, these girls do introduce dildos into the equation and play with them. There is penetration and it does look nice.. very cool stuff. It's really good as far as solo stuff goes, very cool.

The girls on Superglam are mainly your hottie European types, they are hot-looking, no doubt about it. They could easily pass as professional models or porn stars. However, everything here is done tactfully... While the girls are very beautiful by themselves, the classiness of the picture sets and the videos also go a long way in making the girls seem more upclass and hotter! It's good stuff, and it's classy.

One weak point of the site would have to be the content at the current time of review. There are twenty girls on site right now, and with each having four or five galleries, thats a decent amount of pictures. But only ten girls have videos at the time being, and only a few of those have all three videos. It's not a horrible amount of content, and they are working really hard on updates, so it's not as big a factor as if it were one of the left-for-dead websites there are out there now. It's decent on the pictures side, but I'm not sure if the price is justified quite yet.

Superglam does, however, update daily. They update at least one thing each day. Awesome update schedule here, and if they keep on it the problems I talked about in the last paragraph will soon be behind them! There are no bonus sites with Superglam, but there is a section for live chats with the models on the site as an extra. I would also like to mention that Superglam is really good with charities, and for this month they are donating 10% of every membership signup to a good cause. Definately a great idea for a site!

Conclusion :
With high quality pictures and movies, Superglam gives us great original content with a great site design and some smoking hot ladies. The site is not without its faults, and as it grows the faults will seem even less and less important. For right now, if you like solo stuff, and if you like dig women, I can recommend superglam, it's a decent sized picture site for now.
Also we didn't categorize this site as hard/softcore because in this case I think it's a defitinion question. Alot, probably most, people think that hardcore is as soon as there is penetration of any kind, I stick to calling it hardcore when there are boy/girl action involved though, so shoot me ;)

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Pick a model Video listing A photo shoot


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